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Scottish Sprint Champs 2012

Congratulations to both Carolyn McLeod W45 and Sasha Chepelin M16 who won Scottish Sprint Champion status at St Andrews Uni Campus over the weekend. Katrina was also on the podium, 2nd equal in W18, having kept up the McLeod family tradition of racing each other over the same courses and beating Mum by 55 seconds.


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    How do Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland do this? Follow the Live blog by Jan Kocbach From Monday August 24th until Wednesday August 26th Worthwhile following, great material and ideas. What could Scotland take from this and implement?
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    Johannes Felter, the SOA Regional Development officer (Highland), was 13th at the inaugural Glen Coe Skyline race. This is 52.96km with 4,256m of climb, which he did in 8:33:10. The winner, Joe Symonds, did it in 7:36:21. The route features long and sustained sections of scrambling terrain, which is roughly equivalent to moderate standard rock climbing. […]
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    5-6 September. The initial online entry closing date was Sunday 23rd August, we are still taking online entries but they will incur an additional late entry fee and map availability can’t be guaranteed. Start times will be published this weekend and more details about distances to start etc. in the next few days. Entry via and details on the BAS […]

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