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Mulloch Forest Sprint – Friday 25th April

An eggsellent opportunity to run off those Easter egg eggsesses!

A quick blast around a 3km orange grade course at Mulloch, a small woodland just SE of Banchory. Will feel quite different from the last event at Tullohill. A good eye for vegetation changes will help.

Registration 18:00 – 19:00. Starts from 18:30 – 19:15. Course closes 8pm.
Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.  £4.00 Senior  £2.50 Juniors/Students.
Parking quite tight so please car share as much as possible.
Cagoules may be compulsory if weather bad, please come prepared. Always good to carry a whistle too.
Can follow brown road signs for Knockburn Loch to get on right road for Mulloch Woods.

Q: What do you get if you pour hot oil down a rabbit hole?
A: Hot cross bunnies

Wednesday Training

Pace counting, keeping track of fiddly contours, attack points and compass accuracy so far….

What’s in store for Wed 23rd back at Balmedie? Keep tuned to find out.

Aberdeen Mountian Rescue Team Sponsored Walk 7th June

AMRT are organising a sponsored walk again this year on 7th June and would like to invite you all to take part, sponsor someone if you can’t make it yourself or help spread the word.

23km mostly on hill tracks from Deecastle (nr Dinnet on south side of Dee) up over Black Moss then swinging round to descend Glen Tanar finishing at the Braeloine Visitor Centre making a grand day out with spectacular views en route. Entry is free and transport and refreshments are provided.

You can enter at www.amrt.org.uk or use this entry form.
Can you put up a poster too?

We’ve never needed their assistance at an orienteering event yet and hopefully never will but think of it as an insurance policy and go for it!


Tullohill Forest Sprint – 11th April 2014

What a pleasant evening for the first Forest Sprint of the series of 6 races throughout Deeside this year.  The views from the hill over Aberdeen harbour were great.  Here are the results and splits:

Results    Splits

Thanks to David for planning a smashing little course that avoided the nasty stuff in the north!

Ever been asked “What’s orienteering like?”

Next time you are, point the enquirer in the direction of this dynamic piece written by Mike Rogers. Evocative stuff, eh? Could you use it somehow at work or with other circles of friends and acquaintances to entice others to come and try orienteering sometime sooner rather than later?

Do you have any other ideas to get the idea across? Something a bit more dynamic and engaging than the rather static descriptions of the technicalities we normally tend to use?
Sam and Jess would love to hear them so don’t be shy and share your inspiration next time you see them.

GRAMP Annual Dinner – Friday 16th May Raemoir House Hotel


GRAMP Annual Dinner  -  Friday 16th May
Raemoir House Hotel (yes the Raemoir map)
£25, 3 courses (dining not orienteering)
7pm for 7:30 (ie start(er)s from 7:30)

Let Lesley know if you want to come along.  ‘Entries’ close end April.

Christmas puzzle

If you get bored over the hols here’s a wee orienteering puzzle to keep you occupied.

Print out the AGM O Starter map which has Start, Finish and 3 controls already marked on it.
Using the info contained in the control descriptions and the given distances between some pairs of controls, see if you can recreate the complete course with a total length of 5km and all the controls in the right places. At the AGM we did this offline with the aid of a ruler to measure distances but you could ‘cheat’ and use Condes (which will take some time to set up and thus keep you occupied for even longer if you’re really, really bored!!)


AGM O starter map.pdf
AGM O control descriptions and distance info.pdf

AGM O answer map.pdf

Moray 2013 – wish you were here!


Day 1 was a wet one but after that we’ve been sunbathing most of the time when not doing battle on Lossie, Carse of Ardersier and Culbin so far.  If you’re stuck back in Aberdeen, chained to your desk, but want to see what we’ve been up to then check out the Moray 2013 website results and reports etc.

A lavish prize awaits the first person to spot a GRAMP in Chris Spencer’s photo galleries and tell us which day and which photo via a comment added to this post.


Orienteers and tree diseases

You’ll all have heard about Ash Dieback by now and seen the round robin from BOF that Ian circulated a while ago with advice on how we can help prevent the spread of this and other tree diseases. Here’s a little reminder of how we as orienteers (who are therefore more likely to visit parts of the woods most others never reach), can help prevent the spread – and it’s really worth paying more attention this time as the spring/summer weather tempts us all out and about and especially as Glen Dye has been confirmed as victim of an outbreak of a similar disease affecting larch.

You can help by following these guidelines whether orienteering or just out for a walk:

  • If possible, thoroughly wash all footwear, paws and bike/buggy tyres before leaving the area – the spores are carried in clods of mud and leaf litter stuck to these – but don’t just dunk your shoes in the nearest stream as this will simply disperse any contamination all the more effectively!
  • Alternatively, wash footwear, paws and tyres when you get home and using a garden fungicide will make this more effective (but not on the paws please)
  • Thoroughly wash and dry any clothing especially if it’s clarted in mud – preferably give it 48 hours before reuse if possible. Spores are wind-bourne before they get into the mud so you may pick some up while running around. (Even if you haven’t, it’s common courtesy to other orienteers down-wind of you at the next event!)

If you want more info on tree diseases then here are a few links or you can ask our resident biosecurity expert, Gen.

Poster showing spread of identified outbreaks throughout Britain as of Feb 2103
Juniper Dieback – many of the areas we use have juniper
Phytophthora ramorum – Latin for “the larch one”
Chalara fraxinea – Latin for “the ash one”

Unlike Foot and Mouth, the effects of these diseases aren’t so easy to see so easily forgotten about. Please remember and help orienteering to maintain its good reputation with landowners by doing your bit. Thanks.



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British Orienteering

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