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CompassPoint SOL4 – Glen Dye – 3rd May

mini-glen-dyeThe fabulous Glen Dye area is the setting for CompassPoint SOL4

Entries are open for SOL4 here: Oentries
Closing date 26 April 2015
EOD for non-league runs, as maps allow.

Event details

Annual Dinner 2015 Sat 9th May Raemoir House Hotel

We have arranged the annual dinner at Raemoir House Hotel for Sat 9th May. Excellent food and a chance to natter with your clubmates.
Format is the same as last year: 4 courses + tea/coffee, £25 per person plus drinks.
Let Lesley Gomersall know if you want to book a place. £10 deposit per person to Lesley required.

Raemoir can also do rooms for £110 (2 people B&B), contact the hotel directly 01330 824884.

CompassPoint SOL4 – Glen Dye 03/05/15

Glen DyeCompassPoint Scottish Orienteering League Race 4, Glen Dye, 3rd May 2015

A heady mix of fast, open woodland and lower visibility intricate contour detail, Glen Dye has been described as one of the best areas in Britain: Come and experience it for yourself!

Glen Dye, nr Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Lat, Long (WGS84)                            56.992188,-2.578468
OS Grid Reference (centre of area) NO649891
Nearest postcode                                AB31 6LS

Entries via Oentries. Closing date 26th April 2015. Entries on the day subject to map availability (non-league).
Seniors on TD5 courses £12 (£2 supplement for non BOF members). Juniors/students and seniors and non-TD5 courses  £5
Please see SOL rules page for more information of class eligibility.
As some longer courses cross roads no runners aged under 16 on day of event may run short brown, brown, or black courses (British Orienteering 2014 rules 14.21 & 14.22).
Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

Why not make a weekend of it and also run at Maroc‘s bto SOUL 3 event in Aboyne on Saturday 2nd May?

Emit timing will be used – no charge to hire a brikke – but lost brikkes will be charged at £40.
Video guides on how to use emit

Courses as per SOL rules. Length and climb to be confirmed, string course to be confirmed.

some longer courses will cross roads. No runners aged under 16 on day of event may run short brown, brown, or black courses (British Orienteering 2014 rules 14.21 & 14.22).

Course Technical Difficulty Class Length (km) Climb (m)
Black 5 M-E
Brown 5 W-E M18 M20 M21 M35 M40
Short Brown 5 W21 M45 M50 M21S
Blue 5 W18 W20 W35 W40
M16 M55 M60 M35S M40S
Short Blue 5 W45 W50 W21S
M18S M20S M65 M45S M50S
Green 5 W16 W55 W60 W35S W40S
M70 M60S M55S
Short Green 5 W18S W20S W65 W70 W75 W80 W50S W55S W60S W45S
M75 M80 M70S M65S
Light Green 4 W14 W16B M14 M16B
Orange 3 W12 W14B M12 M14B
Yellow 2 W10 W12B M10 M12B
White 1 W10B M10B

ROAD CROSSINGS – longer courses will cross roads. No runners aged under 16 on day of event may run short brown, brown, or black courses (British Orienteering 2014 rules 14.21 & 14.22).

SHADOWING – parents are reminded they should declare if they are actually helping a Junior competitor as opposed to following. Assisted juniors are competitive in their colour course (e.g. White) but not in age class (e.g. W10B). If you are the ‘shadower’ then you must have completed your own race before undertaking any shadowing.

PRE-O – between assembly and start (free entry)

STRING COURSE – to be confirmed (free entry)

Organiser – Helen Rowlands and John Lang (GRAMP)
Planner – Ian Hamilton (GRAMP)
Controller – Brain Bullen (FVO)

Parking on forest roads. Large vehicles (including minibuses and motor homes) will need to use public parking area on roadside, approx 800m from assembly area.

Start/Finish Not far from assembly.

Dogs Must be kept under close control at all times. Lambing fields border the forest and it is imperative that the animals are not disturbed.

Toilets Portaloos near assembly. Nearest public toilets in Banchory

Acknowledgement Many thanks to Fasque & Glen Dye Estates for permission to use this wonderful area.

Things To Do Visit Scotland information on the area.

Cancellation In the event of cancellation of the event for whatever reason, the organisers reserve the right to retain all or part of entry fees paid to cover expenses incurred or committed up to the point of cancellation.

GRAMP Data Privacy Policy

Balmedie DNC 14/1/15 Results

Turned into a real wild, wet and windy night although most of us managed to get round before it really set in. Commiserations to John for having to earn his 50 planner’s points the really hard way collecting in! Just when I thought I was getting to know Balmedie in the dark well enough to relax a bit, John caught me out with some tricky controls on knolls where if you turned your torch away at the wrong moment you ran straight past. Aagh! Must get the distance judgement thing sussed.

Ice rink in the car park added to the fun but what I really wish I’d seen was the chillimobile squeezing between the posts guarding the entrance to the car park. Are they still there I wonder?

20150114 Balmedie DNC Results.pdf
20150114 Balmedie DNC Splits.pdf

Have you read this month’s CompassSport yet?

Couple of GRAMPs featured. One you can’t possibly miss in the Know Your Class Leader section where he describes his initial reluctance to get out into the woods (you’d never know it to look at him now!) and the other is hidden away in a crowd (the way she likes it) despite being a Legend.

Ever been asked “What’s orienteering like?”

Next time you are, point the enquirer in the direction of this dynamic piece written by Mike Rogers. Evocative stuff, eh? Could you use it somehow at work or with other circles of friends and acquaintances to entice others to come and try orienteering sometime sooner rather than later?

Do you have any other ideas to get the idea across? Something a bit more dynamic and engaging than the rather static descriptions of the technicalities we normally tend to use?
Sam and Jess would love to hear them so don’t be shy and share your inspiration next time you see them.

Christmas puzzle

If you get bored over the hols here’s a wee orienteering puzzle to keep you occupied.

Print out the AGM O Starter map which has Start, Finish and 3 controls already marked on it.
Using the info contained in the control descriptions and the given distances between some pairs of controls, see if you can recreate the complete course with a total length of 5km and all the controls in the right places. At the AGM we did this offline with the aid of a ruler to measure distances but you could ‘cheat’ and use Condes (which will take some time to set up and thus keep you occupied for even longer if you’re really, really bored!!)


AGM O starter map.pdf
AGM O control descriptions and distance info.pdf

AGM O answer map.pdf

Orienteers and tree diseases

You’ll all have heard about Ash Dieback by now and seen the round robin from BOF that Ian circulated a while ago with advice on how we can help prevent the spread of this and other tree diseases. Here’s a little reminder of how we as orienteers (who are therefore more likely to visit parts of the woods most others never reach), can help prevent the spread – and it’s really worth paying more attention this time as the spring/summer weather tempts us all out and about and especially as Glen Dye has been confirmed as victim of an outbreak of a similar disease affecting larch.

You can help by following these guidelines whether orienteering or just out for a walk:

  • If possible, thoroughly wash all footwear, paws and bike/buggy tyres before leaving the area – the spores are carried in clods of mud and leaf litter stuck to these – but don’t just dunk your shoes in the nearest stream as this will simply disperse any contamination all the more effectively!
  • Alternatively, wash footwear, paws and tyres when you get home and using a garden fungicide will make this more effective (but not on the paws please)
  • Thoroughly wash and dry any clothing especially if it’s clarted in mud – preferably give it 48 hours before reuse if possible. Spores are wind-bourne before they get into the mud so you may pick some up while running around. (Even if you haven’t, it’s common courtesy to other orienteers down-wind of you at the next event!)

If you want more info on tree diseases then here are a few links or you can ask our resident biosecurity expert, Gen.

Poster showing spread of identified outbreaks throughout Britain as of Feb 2103
Juniper Dieback – many of the areas we use have juniper
Phytophthora ramorum – Latin for “the larch one”
Chalara fraxinea – Latin for “the ash one”

Unlike Foot and Mouth, the effects of these diseases aren’t so easy to see so easily forgotten about. Please remember and help orienteering to maintain its good reputation with landowners by doing your bit. Thanks.



Then try a Permanent Orienteering Course in a local forest or park or try one of our Street O maps for a taste of urban O.


Scottish Orienteering Association

British Orienteering

British Orienteering

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  • bto SOUL 3, Aboyne, May 2
    MAROC are hosting this in a new area that is a mixture of old/new housing, with open areas, some intricate path networks, and surrounding mature woodland. Entry via oentries.com. There is also a forest sprint at Tilquhillie the evening before, details on the MAROC website. GRAMP are hosting SOL 4 is at Glen Dye the next day.

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