Temporary O Courses (TOCs)

20/8/20: We have organised two more TOCs for those of you who prefer trad O in woods to the urban variety while we wait for the local Lockdown to be lifted.
Please observe current travel restrictions/distancing guidelines, i.e. don’t go en masse and be your usual courteous selves to other forest users.

Please note also that these are not official events so you take part at your own risk.

Tapes will be collected in on both areas by 20/9/20 (if the dog walkers or Wombles don’t beat us to it) and remember to look up and around as well as closer to the ground.

Loop 1 2.4km
Loop 2 1.6km
Both Yellow/Orange standard (easy/medium difficulty max) if you go via paths etc, or Light Green (medium) without paths.
Both marked by brown duct tape that has a funky orange and yellow pattern on it (pictured above) and rather than numbers it says “Loop 1 Control 1” etc. Maps with paths Maps without paths
Parking w3w silks.cooled.dared

Dunnottar Woods
Easy Yellow 1.8km
Hard Light Green but physical 3.3km
Controls are marked with bright orange tape streamers tied to branches etc with the control number on them. Maps
Parking w3w
The Hard course involves some short but steep banks and burn crossings so do not attempt after heavy rain or if the burn is still in spate.

Maroc have done something similar and intend to hang proper controls for 2 weeks at each location. Visit their website for information on what courses are currently out in Deeside and to download the maps. (Thanks, Maroc!)


2 thoughts on “Temporary O Courses (TOCs)

  1. Thank you, I look forward to the Tyrebagger challenge. If you need any course on Glen Dye or Scolty I could oblige.

    Posted by Paul Duley | July 15, 2020, 10:12 am
  2. Thanks for setting this up. Tried the Cheyne Hill one and it was pretty good fun, although we couldn’t find a few of the controls and the armpit high ferns made some of the off-path areas challenging to say the least. Still, got us out in the woods again which is always nice.

    Posted by Iain Shanks | July 15, 2020, 10:04 am

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UPCOMING EVENTS (click series or event names for details link)

This is what we’re currently planning…. (fingers crossed everybody please!) Things are going to look  a little different now due to Covid-19 precautions, most important being pre-entry only and allocated start times even for local events.

See our Covid 19 page for more info.

Wednesdays Urban Sprints
9th Sep Danestone
16th Sep Westhill
23rd Sep Duthie Park/F’hill
30th Sep ABZ Uni
Look out for an email or a post for each event with details and how to pre-enter. No entry on the night.

9th Oct  Glen Dye
At least 4 courses – more details to follow very soon.

If you can’t make any of these events or prefer to avoid others fo the time being, you can join the Mobile O revolution  and download the MapRun app and have a go at some local courses using your phone to time yourself and even navigate with. Visit our MapRun page for instructions and a list of maps.
Or do one of our Temporary Orienteering Courses – see the TOC post for info.

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Then try a Permanent Orienteering Course in a local forest or park or try one of our Street O maps for a taste of urban O.

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