Autumn Urban Sprint Series, Events/Results

Urban Sprint Duthie Park and Ferryhill 26th Sept

We’re really pleased to invite you to the fourth of our Urban Sprint Series races. Needless to say it’s still going to be a bit different from last year as we need to take precautions against the inadvertent spread of C-19 and these are detailed below.

Duthie Park and Ferryhill – Wednesday 26th Sept  – 6:00 -7:00 pm 
Parking at the boating pond south end of DP. Look for the Gramp banner for Registration. w3w:

One course, approx. 3.3km at orange (medium) standard, Juniors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult – no exceptions or long-distance observing, please!!!  There will be minor road crossings 30mph limit but still watch for cars going faster than they should and cyclists.

The event will be Pre-entry only  (to comply with latest COVID related rules). Enter by using the contact form – click here.
Tell us
– your name(s) indicating if you are running as an individual, pair or group if there’s more than one of you, and
– preferred start block 6:00 to 6:15, 6:15 to 6:30 and so on

Ros Nicholson (planner) will reply with your start time (between 6:00 and
7:00 pm at 2 minute intervals to aid distancing). Please report to registration 10 mins before this to allow time to pay and download your MapRun course to your phone and get a quick lesson on using it if required.

£3 adults, £1.50 juniors/students –  we hope to be able to take contactless card payments, otherwise we will ask you to make a bank transfer and provide details if necessary.

COVID Considerations

DO NOT ENTER OR RUN if you are suffering from Covid symptoms or are isolating or shielding or in quarantine post-holiday.

The event is designed to minimise the risk of spread of the virus – hence the staggered starts and there will be no results published at the event, we will upload to the website later. Do not crowd around each other’s phones in lieu of a results screen.

Before, after and whilst on the course participants should maintain a minimum social distance of 2m from others not in their household/bubble (whether competing or not).

This year we’re trialling the use of the MapRun app for timing – one of the advantages to this is reduced risk of Covid-19 transfer from person-control-person and no download queue or splits handed out – basically avoiding anything that might cause too many people to congregate in one area.
For the same reason, if you do arrive early please resist the urge to socialise en mass before reporting to registration. The last thing we want to do is recreate the Soul Bar scenario on the doorsteps of the residents!
Full details on how to use MapRun can be found on the MapRun page here on our website or see the quick summary at the bottom of this post.

MapRun or MapRunF
To use MapRun(F) you need to download the app to your phone – it’s available for free on your phone’s app store. The F version allows you to amend your splits to account for controls that didn’t register for some reason.
Follow the instructions for setting up your personal details (for online results).

You can download the course to your phone before arriving if you want but won’t be able to activate it until you get the PIN code from Registration. Alternatively, wait until you arrive and then look for “Courses near me” for a quick way to find it.
Once downloaded, click on Go To Start and then physically do that.
As you pass through the Start, all controls and the Finish your phone will beep. The phone usually registers a beep within 10 metres of the ‘control’ after a few seconds sometimes depending on satellites/GPS/phone.
As soon as you get the beep, head off to the next control.
If you don’t get a beep after a few seconds, carry on and use the HITMO function to adjust after you’ve finished.

As soon as you go through the Finish circle, your splits will automatically be uploaded to the MapRun server for the results table and RouteGadget.

Although the phone displays the map and course as well as doing the timing we will be providing paper copies of the map to navigate with you if you prefer (recommended).
If you do not have the app or aren’t too fussed about the splits etc we will trust you to self-time and include you in the overall results if you want.


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UPCOMING EVENTS (click series or event names for details link)

This is what we’re currently planning…. (fingers crossed everybody please!) Things are going to look  a little different now due to Covid-19 precautions, most important being pre-entry only and allocated start times even for local events.

See our Covid 19 page for more info.

Wednesdays Urban Sprints
9th Sep Danestone
16th Sep Westhill
23rd Sep Duthie Park/F’hill
30th Sep ABZ Uni
Look out for an email or a post for each event with details and how to pre-enter. No entry on the night.

9th Oct  Glen Dye
At least 4 courses – more details to follow very soon.

If you can’t make any of these events or prefer to avoid others fo the time being, you can join the Mobile O revolution  and download the MapRun app and have a go at some local courses using your phone to time yourself and even navigate with. Visit our MapRun page for instructions and a list of maps.
Or do one of our Temporary Orienteering Courses – see the TOC post for info.

SOA events calendar


Then try a Permanent Orienteering Course in a local forest or park or try one of our Street O maps for a taste of urban O.

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