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Next GRAMP Social Thingy Wed 17th Feb

First we had a mish-mash evening of questions, puzzles and a very popular round of AnswerSmash© (see our Facebook for examples and thanks to Richard Osman’s House of Games for the inspiration).
Then the inaugural meeting of the GRAMP Online Escape Committee enjoyed an hour or so pitting our wits against a series of puzzles to help a wise-cracking robot get out of a lab.

And next week, Wed 17th Feb. 19:00, we’ve decided to go back to the quiz format but this time we’ve applied a bit of tech to it (so it’ll look good if nothing else!) and help us keep score.

As it’s multiple choice you’ve got a 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 chance of getting the right answer by fluke so don’t worry if you think your quiz knowledge isn’t up to much, you can always guess or use a process of elimination and who knows it might be your lucky night. It’s also got a timed element to it: the faster you are to click on the correct answer, the more bonus points you can win. (But those most points-hungry amongst you should be careful you don’t get caught up in a Quick Click contest and risk misreading the questions!)

You’ll need to visit and enter the code we’ll give you on the night. We’ll give you the code over Zoom after we’ve given everyone time to log in and get comfy. Once you’ve entered the code you’ll be prompted for a name so we can see you on the leaderboard and when we know everyone has joined we’ll kick things off.

To join in you’ll need the Zoom link which is in the reminder email Rachel sent round yesterday (10th).
I’m not going to broadcast it again here for obvious reasons so if you don’t have it email me:

PS If you don’t have the technology or really, really don’t like using Zoom how about sending us suggestions about what sort of ‘offline’ social you would like to see as we’re sort of stumped on this at the moment but don’t want you to feel left out.


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