Ideas and feedback please

I’m about to try and revamp our website taking into account various points raised in a report by the BOF Newcomer retention Group who reviewed all club websites and ‘marked’ them on various criteria particularly how we signpost beginners towards information, resources and events, clarity, ease of use and things like “Is a sense of adventure, challenge, excitement, enjoyment created?”

Lots to go at and first I want to suss out which parts of the existing website you use regularly, whether you find it easy to navigate on both phone as well as desktop, what do you think of the menu system and do you have ideas for improving user-friendliness in terms of layout? Do you regularly use another website that you think I could pinch some inspiration from? Have you spotted a really good video on YouTube about orienteering that we could link to to cut out some of the wordiness?

I’m interested in feedback from anyone and everyone not just my regular readers and fan club 😉 so if you’ve just visited to try and get info on an event or starting orienteering then please don’t hold back.

Drop me an email please webmaster@grampoc.com.

Ta! Rachel


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You can join the Mobile O revolution  and download the MapRun app and have a go at some local courses using your phone to time yourself and even navigate with. Visit our MapRun page for instructions and a list of maps. Or do one of our Temporary Orienteering Courses if we've got one out at the moment - see the TOC post for info.

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