That nice welcoming ‘ding’!

The Gramp MapRun Factory (Rachel) has been busy over the last couple of weeks and we now have several more courses uploaded courtesy of Sarah Dunn. From Aberdeen Uni and Perwinnes Moss (4 variations Easy to Tech) down to Stonehaven via Cove. Or a novelty twist based on and Aberdeen Street Art Trail. You paysContinue reading “That nice welcoming ‘ding’!”


In anticipation of Phase 1 and greater flexibility meaning we can get out and further about, here’s a wee reminder that starts about 1 min 40 secs in on BBC’s Out of Doors Out of Doors – Archaeology, Cloud Gazing and Wildlife Watching – BBC Sounds

Abz Uni Kings Campus virtual O answers and winners

Answers Congratulations to Helen and Stuart for winning the “answer them all” category gaining 980/1000 points in a time of 4:00 GMT (Gin Mit Tonic) and I know they will now be puzzling over how they got that now they have the answers to check as it doesn’t match up. (Clue: arbitrary bonus points awardedContinue reading “Abz Uni Kings Campus virtual O answers and winners”

Abz Uni Kings Campus virtual O

Take a virtual tour of the Abz Uni Kings Campus map using Google Maps/Streetview to “visit” controls and have a look around to find the answers to questions in this Score event. The questions are all based on what’s visible in the latest Streetview imagery so don’t bother visiting on the ground as the sameContinue reading “Abz Uni Kings Campus virtual O”

Answers – Gramp map sprint recognition – 8 Apr 2020.JPG

Answers to the Orienteering Puzzle 1. Aberdeen University, building: new library 2. Seaton Park and Hillhead, building: ‘the boiler room’ 3. Hazlehead Park, building: café 4. Westhill, building: shopping centre 5. Danestone, building: Grandholm dental clinic 6. Cove, building: Altens hotel 7. Duthie Park, building: toilet block 8. Westburn & Victoria Park, building: toilet blockContinue reading “Answers – Gramp map sprint recognition – 8 Apr 2020.JPG”

Gramp map sprint recognition – 8 Apr 2020.pdf

Hello, Sprint map recognition brought to you by Sam, they are all from Gramp Sprint area, and there’s a bonus point if you guess correctly the function of the building shown in each extract. 😉 Prizes for all…! See attached PDF. Answers in next week. Posted by Jeremy. Gramp map sprint recognition – 8 AprContinue reading “Gramp map sprint recognition – 8 Apr 2020.pdf”

All orienteering suspended due to Covid 19 coronavirus

Those of you who are British Orienteering members will have received an email this morning (17/3/20) announcing the suspension of all orienteering activities with immediate effect on the advice of PHE, WHO and others. All bets are off as to when we can recommence but I think you’ll need to find alternatives for your exerciseContinue reading “All orienteering suspended due to Covid 19 coronavirus”

SOA Gift Aid declaration

Just before Christmas SOA’s Finance Director, Ben Hartman, sent round an email asking any tax-paying members to complete a Gift Aid declaration. As the SOA is a registered charity, Gift Aid allows it to claim extra funds from HMRC on any donations made – including our membership fees – as long as we’ve completed aContinue reading “SOA Gift Aid declaration”

Rachel ha ganado tercero W50 en El Trofeo de Las Pueblos Blancos

Three events of very different natures, in or close to 3 of the typical Pueblos Blancos in Andalucia, go to make up the competition. Typical Spanish organisation which means very relaxed but it all comes together in the nick of time even if it means some nifty improvisation like using oranges straight off a treeContinue reading “Rachel ha ganado tercero W50 en El Trofeo de Las Pueblos Blancos”

GJO news and congrats

Firstly, congratulations to three GJOs who have just achieved milestone awards (or should that be kilometrestone in Ospeak?): Olivia Coman – 50 events Lachlan Kirk – 25 events Isobel Anderson – 10 events And congratulations to Jeremy and Pamela who have a new born son, Magnus. “Not long before he’ll be running in events! TimeContinue reading “GJO news and congrats”

Summer Series Glen Dye 24/7/19

Results From comments at download and earwigging conversations it seems most folk who took on the contour only map challenge for Long and Short Tech enjoyed the novelty factor and surprised themselves by managing to get their head around all the squiggles more easily than they thought they would and Katrina said she actually enjoyedContinue reading “Summer Series Glen Dye 24/7/19”

Summer Series Dunnottar Woods 17/7/19

Results    Apologies for the delay. Work getting in the way as usual. “Wow! That was fun! Just think – some folk pay £50 for the Banchory Beast when they could come to Dunnottar for £4!!” One family said they wanted to give orienteering a try after seeing the Adventure Show coverage of the JOK ChasingContinue reading “Summer Series Dunnottar Woods 17/7/19”

Summer Series Tyrebagger 10/7/19

Results Apologies for the control in the wrong place. Clearly those who read the warning note on the board were less likely to waste time but that is no excuse for my mistake, sorry. Thanks to David, Hugh, Jeremy and Bob for taking in controls as well as to Matthew Thompson an ex-Grampian Junior whoContinue reading “Summer Series Tyrebagger 10/7/19”

JOK Sprint on The Adventure Show Live

The JOK sprint on Friday 28th June was broadcast live on the Adventure Show and can still be viewed on BBC iPlayer nationwide for a while yet. It was held at Callendar Park, Falkirk. There is a good write pre-race up here: mentioning our very own Sam Griffin. 3 Gramps entered – Rory HallidayContinue reading “JOK Sprint on The Adventure Show Live”

Gramp Junior success at the Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival 2019

Three GRAMP juniors attended the Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival held at Hopetoun House. All three represented Aberdeen Grammar school and ran really well to get second place S3 boys team . Sam continued his good form of the last few weeks to win overall and retain his title from last year. Patrick came 4th andContinue reading “Gramp Junior success at the Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival 2019”

Scottish Orienteering Champs 2019

Solway Orienteers hosted this year’s Champs way down in the southwest corner if Scotland and several GRAMPs made the long trek down to compete. We have three podium places – congratulations to Neil, Sam and David! Neil McLean M75L 1stKatrina McLeod W21E 10thLindsey Esson Yellow 7thSam Griffin M16A 1stDavid Esson M40S 3rdTim Griffin M50L 13thBobContinue reading “Scottish Orienteering Champs 2019”

Proof of the Pudding – WSOC 2019

Remember all those cakes we’ve been eating recently? Here’s photographic evidence from the World Schools Orienteering Champs of Sam Griffin during the warm up day. Long race Wed 1st – starts from 11am Estonia time – that’s 9am our time. More happening throughout the week and no doubt Zoe will keep us posted via comments below.Continue reading “Proof of the Pudding – WSOC 2019”

Junior Sprint Selection – Go for it Sam!

GJO Sprint Maestro Sam Griffin is going down to Lancaster University this weekend for the BOF Junior Sprint Selection Race where M/W 16 – 20s from all over the UK will be competing. It’s a fantastic location to test aspiring squad members, with multiple complex route choices on a very busy map so full onContinue reading “Junior Sprint Selection – Go for it Sam!”

Think Fast | Run Hard | Go Orienteering – coaching videos

Even if you can’t manage the Run Hard bit it’s definitely worth taking a look at this suite of 8 coaching videos funded by Sport England and produced by SLOW Orienteers along with GB Team members explaining and demonstrating various techniques to help you plan your routes between controls and nail them more accurately thusContinue reading “Think Fast | Run Hard | Go Orienteering – coaching videos”

SRUC tick research project has recommenced for 2019

The idea is to build up a database to help estimate the risk of exposure of humans to ticks and tick bites in Scotland and many of you helped this citizen science project by Scotland’s Rural College last year by reporting the presence, or absence, of ticks after you’d been orienteering or doing other outdoorContinue reading “SRUC tick research project has recommenced for 2019”

British Night Champs 2019

Well done to assorted Gramps for braving a looooooooong walk in and out as well as the technicalities of Dinnet to contest the British Night Champs over the weekend.  Congratulations to the medal winners and commiserations to those who ran out of steam/brainpower especially after helping at the SOUL at Cove earlier in the day. W21L KatrinaContinue reading “British Night Champs 2019”

2019 Scottish Night and Sprint Champs

We can’t claim any champions this year but we can claim some near misses. Pete, Rachel, David and Katrina ran at the Night Champs held at the John Muir Country Park just outside Dunbar 2/2/19 – very flat and fast compared to most DNC fare but good fun and an amazingly clear and starry nightContinue reading “2019 Scottish Night and Sprint Champs”

DNC Glen Dye 6/2/19

Results  Splits   RG (sorry – georef’d version of the map isn’t playing tonight so you’ll have to adjust your GPS tracks manually) Thanks to Sam for planning and the family for assisting on reg and anyone else who helped collect the controls as that was the final Gramp offering for this year’s DNC. Only 2Continue reading “DNC Glen Dye 6/2/19”

Hazlehead Hogmany Hangover Handicap 2/1/19

Another fiendish brain bending scheme has been hatched for the HHH by George Esson so better start reading the details and inwardly digesting now… Norwegian Master Maps – with a twist On a Norwegian Master Map course, at the Start and at each subsequent control, the competitor finds a small segment of the map showingContinue reading “Hazlehead Hogmany Hangover Handicap 2/1/19”

Gramp Post AGM Christmas Score 2nd Dec

Many thanks to Family Griffin for providing the post-AGM orienteering activity to run off all the delicious food from the night before. They even managed to persuade Father Christmas to take time out from seasonal preparations to lend a hand as roving bonus control 129 worth 30 points and a chocolate from his sock. SlightlyContinue reading “Gramp Post AGM Christmas Score 2nd Dec”

So how do they orienteer?

According to Space Weather News for Sept. 6, 2018 JUPITER HAS AN EXTRA MAGNETIC POLE: NASA’s Juno spacecraft has discovered something extraordinary about Jupiter. There is an extra magnetic pole near the giant planet’s equator, dubbed “The Great Blue Spot” by researchers who identified it. Jupiter’s unexpected magnetic morphology is a sign that strange thingsContinue reading “So how do they orienteer?”