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GRAMP Gossip and socials

Did you get an email on 20th Jan from our new Secretary, Zoe Griffin, with the title ‘GRAMP Gossip’?

She’s started up a monthly(ish) missive partly to inform you of up-and-coming events, what’s going on behind the scenes and to set a monthly(ish) challenge, and also partly so you know that the club is still ticking over despite enforced hibernation right now and wants to keep in touch. Hopefully you do too.

(Some people have let us know that they didn’t get anything from Zoe but did get the forwarded version from me or they didn’t get anything at all – if you fall into those categories please let me know and I’ll try again. One of the things I’m going to finally get round to looking at is an alternative method of distribution so if there’s anyone out there using MailChimp or similar and can offer opinion or advice then email me soon and save me a bit of legwork. Ta! Rachel

Still no orienteering events on the foreseeable horizon but we’d love to catch up with everyone’s news so we’ve decided to try out some socials via Zoom instead of shivering in a car park, knackered, hungry and secretly wanting to just get home at this time of year. Got to be better sat in comfort and warmth with a mug or glass of something to hand, chatting to other little boxes of comfort and warmth?

Rather than just sit staring at each other’s little boxes though we wanted make these socials activity-based to ease the spotlight effect especially on those that don’t find it so easy to chat away. As there’s no such thing as a standard orienteering personality we’re going to throw some things out there, see what gets a thumbs up and then organise more of the same for you until we can go back to shivering etc.

Wed 27th Jan. 19:00
Quizzy sort of evening with a bit of trivia, scavenger hunt, puzzles, some orienteering themed questions… whatever else Ros and Rachel can dream up and implement in a week. Bonus points for inventive answers, unusual headgear, bad jokes, or anything else we like the look/sound of.

Wed 3rd Feb. 19:00
Online Escape Room – B.R.U.C.E Project
“A freak accident results in Dr. Wilder Snr becoming little more than a brain in a jar. You must help his son to uncover the secret that will let him resurrect his father’s mind and plant it into an adorable little robot.
The puzzles are deliberately made so that your team has to work together to solve them with a mix of deciphering code, symbol/colour matching and pathfinding.”
We’ll group players into smaller teams of 2 or 3 households and need to gather names so we can arrange sufficient entries. Please reply to by Tues 2nd if you fancy this.

Wed 17th Feb. 19:00
Not sure yet but either something like Pictionary or Bring-a-Quiz-to-a-Quiz night where other members can contribute rounds/activities and gain themselves an automatic bumper bonus point haul (like DNC Organisers get 50 points for planning and organising an event in the series.)

To join in any of these you’ll need the Zoom link which is in the GRAMP Gossip email.
I’m not going to broadcast it again here for obvious reasons so if you don’t have it email me. Rachel

PS If you don’t have the technology or really, really don’t like using Zoom how about sending us suggestions about what sort of ‘offline’ social you would like to see as we’re sort of stumped on this at the moment but don’t want you to feel left out.

Covid 19 info

Check our C19 page for info on how orienteering events will look as we start to come out of Lockdown and get out into the forests again.



stopwatch_311691...FOREST SPRINTS
...(in conjunction with Maroc)
...One course TD3/medium difficulty
...Four courses from easy to hard

Urban Series...URBAN SPRINTS
...One course TD3/medium difficulty

Deeside Night Cup...DEESIDE NIGHT CUP
...(in conjunction with Maroc)
...Two courses both TD5/hard




green_tick_symbolTicks (no not this kind, the bad kind) just love to move in on unsuspecting orienteers. Here's a brief guide on what to look for and how to remove the wee critters.
Scotland is still suffering outbreaks of tree diseases and we can do our bit to help stop the spread and also continue good working relationships with landowners whose land we use by following the guidelines given here.


UPCOMING EVENTS (click series or event names for details link)

Wed 27th Jan 19:00
Quizzy sort of evening

Wed 3rd Feb 19:00
Online Escape Room
B.R.U.C.E Project

Wed 17th Feb 19:00
Watch this space…. !


All physical events and activities suspended again until further notice.

You can join the Mobile O revolution  and download the MapRun app and have a go at some local courses using your phone to time yourself and even navigate with. Visit our MapRun page for instructions and a list of maps.
Or do one of our Temporary Orienteering Courses if we’ve got one out at the moment – see the TOC post for info.

SOA events calendar


Then try a Permanent Orienteering Course in a local forest or park or try one of our Street O maps for a taste of urban O.

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