Westhill 17th Aug 2022 Urban Sprint results

Here are the results for last night’s tour around Westhill courtesy of the Grassies. Hope you’re all getting the Urban bug as there are two more events lined up for you, at Aberdeen Uni/Old Aberdeen and Seaton Park. Watch this space for details soon. Westhill Results – 2022-08-17.pdf Westhill Results – 2022-08-17.xls

Urban Sprint @ Westhill 17/8/22

Next up, the Grassies are hosting us at Westhill. One course 3.4km   Orange/Medium standard with an option to shorten it to 3.3km (That’s as the crow flies – actual distance covered in urban is about 1.5 times further and Donald tells me optimum route at Westhill is 5.1km) MapRun so you’ll need a phoneContinue reading “Urban Sprint @ Westhill 17/8/22”

Westburn & Victoria Parks Urban Sprint 22/9/21 Results

Wow! Never seen the Westburn so burny as tonight or the grass so waterlogged. Almost needed a snorkel in parts. Thanks to Sam and Tim for doing the soggy honours tonight. https://www.sportident.co.uk/results/GRAMP/2021/WestburnUrbanSprintResults I also uploaded to RouteGadget to see what it would make of the voided section for the road crossing and seems to copeContinue reading “Westburn & Victoria Parks Urban Sprint 22/9/21 Results”

Westhill Urban Sprint 15/9/21 Results

Thanks to Oonagh and Donald for organising the Westhill leg of the series. Donald is so taken by the ease of making courses and timing etc that he’s going to introduce his DofE group to MapRun. Results – not sure but I think the folk recorded as mispunches are self-declared rather than just failing toContinue reading “Westhill Urban Sprint 15/9/21 Results”

Cove Urban Sprint 8/9/21 Results

Seems like everyone enjoyed themselves this evening even if one or two got fooled by incoming texts or emails making them think they had hit a control when they heard a ping. Others said they couldn’t hear the pings very well at all but we’re reliably informed that bluetoothed ear phones solve that problem –Continue reading “Cove Urban Sprint 8/9/21 Results”

Aberdeen University Urban MapRun 30th Sept 2020 Results

Here’s the results from tonight’s MapRun Event. Great to see so many folk turn up on such after such a wet day, although it did stop raining in the end. Shortest distance covered was 3.1km (I think I measured the shortest route would be 3km) whilst others got more km for their money, some runningContinue reading “Aberdeen University Urban MapRun 30th Sept 2020 Results”

Urban Sprint Danestone 9th Sept Results

Results MapRun results pageClick on anyone’s “Track” link next to their name to get through to the MR RouteGadget and you can replay the race. If you’re wanting back into the MapRun event to adjust your pings (now there’s a phrase you don’t hear very often?) in MapRunF HITMO function the code is 9183. TheContinue reading “Urban Sprint Danestone 9th Sept Results”

Urban Sprint Cove 2nd Sept Results

ResultsMapRun results/RouteGadget I’ve tried to adjust the times for those who were affected by number 8 being in the wrong position by looking at the traces on RouteGadget to see who obviously spent minutes wandering back and forth. Later starters were tipped off and self-timers would have been blissfully unaware anyway so rather than tryContinue reading “Urban Sprint Cove 2nd Sept Results”

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2019 Final Results

Final points and here by category     Big thanks to all our organisers and everyone who came and ran too. Need both to make a series! . CONGRATULATIONS TO CATEGORY CHAMPS FOR 2019: Samantha McDonald    JU16 (Under 16 and shadowed) Olivia Coman and Sam Griffin           J  (16 – 20) James BallContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2019 Final Results”

Urban Sprints 2/10/19 Aberdeen Uni

Final points and here by category Results and SplitsThese are the right set of results and splits not the Cove ones which I somehow managed to copy across last week. Oops! But nobody said anything so maybe I should have just kept quiet? Thanks to Dennis for leading us round some of the trickier cornersContinue reading “Urban Sprints 2/10/19 Aberdeen Uni”

Urban Sprints 18/9/19 Duthie Park and Ferryhill

Results and Splits Urban Series points after 3 eventsGood to see so many AUOC runners earlier in the series again this year so you can get 3 counting events. Welcome to Aberdeen!  I’ve lumped you all into the Men/Women Open categories but technically you might be in the Junior categories if still under 21? If you spot any mistakesContinue reading “Urban Sprints 18/9/19 Duthie Park and Ferryhill”

Urban Sprints 4/9/19 Westburn and Victoria Parks

Results and Splits Looks like a good turnout, hopefully the rain held off for you all or maybe you like the water cooling while sprinting flat out?  Resident (in every sense of the word) Sprint Champ, Sam Griffin, is off to a flying start in this year’s competition with Katrina McLeod now back in town leadingContinue reading “Urban Sprints 4/9/19 Westburn and Victoria Parks”

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2018

Apologies for the delay (folk working abroad or otherwise engaged) final rankings now calculated: Rankings incl 5 Wed eve events + SOUL ¬†¬†¬†¬† Big thanks to all our organisers and everyone who came and ran too. Need both to make a series! Many folk commented on the friendly nature of our series, despite the intenseContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2018”

bto SOUL 8 Danestone 15/9/18 Results

. Results by Class Results by Course ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† Splits by Course RouteGadget bto SOUL points BOF Ranking Points (will be calculated overnight 17th/18th))   Lovely day to belt round Danestone and we didn’t really need the hall although it made a great spongey football pitch at the end. Good to seeContinue reading “bto SOUL 8 Danestone 15/9/18 Results”

Urban Series Abz University 19/9/18

Great sprinty course from Sam which kept everyone concentrating right to the end and a fitting finale to this year’s series. Perhaps only to be expected from one of our juniors who is proving to be rather nifty at Urban Sprint races recently coming 2nd at the British Sprint Championships in Bath. Sam says “ThankContinue reading “Urban Series Abz University 19/9/18”

Urban Series Westburn and Victoria Parks 5/8/18 Results

In’t technology brilliant?! Helps us to “void” leg 10 – 11 or in other words, subtract the time it took you to cross the road but throws a real spanner in the works when it decides to die on us mid-event. I’ve guesstimated a split time for all of us affected by 248 keeling overContinue reading “Urban Series Westburn and Victoria Parks 5/8/18 Results”

Urban Series Seaton Park 29/8/18 Results

Results Everything went well apart from the control on the Tower going for a bit of a walkabout. Do you get tungsten tie wraps? And as the sun was setting¬†on Seaton¬†Park the feedback was….Urban hmmm…… hills, mud and nettles!Thanks to all who turned up and special thanks to Ian McLeod for collecting controls. Dennis ThanksContinue reading “Urban Series Seaton Park 29/8/18 Results”

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2018

One course of TD3 (Orange) standard about 3 – 4km long in streets and parks. Rankings incl 5 Wed eve events + SOUL ¬†¬†¬†¬† Big thanks to all our organisers and everyone who came and ran too. (Need both to make a series!) Final rankings have now been calculated and posted above. CONGRATULATIONS TO CATEGORYContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2018”

Aberdeen Uni Urban Sprint 27/9/17 Results

Results   Splits A great lesson in reading your control descriptions carefully tonight (Team JFF had photographic evidence of number 5 skulking on the wrong side of the fence to where they were) and if that didn’t catch you out then the straight line belt from 11 to 13 missing out 12 did. Thanks to DavidContinue reading “Aberdeen Uni Urban Sprint 27/9/17 Results”

Balgownie Urban Sprint 20/9/17 Results

Results   Splits Couple of folk got caught out by the loop from 10-11-12-13 and  forgot one of the controls. Oops! The rest of us just caught out not reading the map properly around that area and at least two of us realised afterwards that we used key alleyways once but then promptly ignored them a secondContinue reading “Balgownie Urban Sprint 20/9/17 Results”

Westhill Urban Sprint 13/9/17 Results

Results  Splits As always, any spelling mistakes or other corrections please email webmaster@grampoc.com asap. OK, hands up all those who got caught on the wrong side of the fence between 9 and 10? Thanks to Mark Stockton for another great wee course with some interesting route choices all the way to the end. (And thanksContinue reading “Westhill Urban Sprint 13/9/17 Results”

Duthie Park and Ferryhill Urban Sprint 6/9/17 Results

Results     Sorry, no Splits this week as the laptop was playing up. Hopefully business as usual next week. Thanks to John Lang for several interesting route choices tonight leading to differences of over 500m recorded on different folks’ GPS. Do you take the time to eyeball the differences accurately before committing or do you justContinue reading “Duthie Park and Ferryhill Urban Sprint 6/9/17 Results”

Westburn & Victoria Parks Urban Sprint 30/8/17 Results

Results  Splits (If I’ve mispelled a name or mis-guessed an age group let me know webmaster@grampoc.com. Age groups are used for trophies at the end of the series, best 3 results from 5 count towards your total. I’ll post more on that after a couple of events when I’ve calculated points to date.) Thank youContinue reading “Westburn & Victoria Parks Urban Sprint 30/8/17 Results”

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2017

One course of TD3 (Orange) standard about 3 – 4km long in streets and parks. Wed 30th Aug  Westburn and Victoria Parks Wed 6th Sept Duthie Park and Ferryhill Wed 13th Sept Westhill Wed 20th Sept  Balgowniel Wed 27th Sept Aberdeen Uni Kings Campus . Congrats to the following folk who either retained or gainedContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2017”

Urban Sprint Aberdeen Uni 28/9/16 – Results

Last in the series using a newly refurbished map courtesy of Janne Heikkinen of AUOC.  Thanks to the Gomersall family for planning and running the event. Here are the Results ,  and Split Times Please enter your routes on Routegadget   so we can see the answer to the most asked question last ight, “Which way didContinue reading “Urban Sprint Aberdeen Uni 28/9/16 – Results”

Urban Sprint Westburn & Victoria Parks 21/9/16

Here are the results for the 4th in the urban sprint series: Results    Splits   Routegadget The split between 12 and 13 (crossing Westburn Road) has been removed when calculating the Results. Congrats to the joint winners Angel and William. W & V Parks are very flat and direct line running was possible for many legsContinue reading “Urban Sprint Westburn & Victoria Parks 21/9/16”

Urban Sprint Duthie Park and Ferryhill 14/9/16

Results  Splits     Routegadget  Overall points The Jury decided we should void the leg from 4 to 5 as he control description for 5 didn’t include the vital bit of info as to which side of the uncrossable fence the control was placed and was therefore unfair. The results have therefore had that leg deducted fromContinue reading “Urban Sprint Duthie Park and Ferryhill 14/9/16”

Autumn Urban Sprint Balgownie 7th Sept

Thank you Gordon for a much appreciated course judging by the buzz of conversation comparing routes at download and a few “DOH!” head slaps too as folk realised they’d missed a trick. Quite a few mispunches not least punching 6 instead of 16 in the mad rush to get to the finish although the twoContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Balgownie 7th Sept”

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2016

One course of TD3 (Orange) standard about 3 – 4km long in streets and parks, using detailed ISSOM standard maps. Wed 31st Aug Westhill    Results , Splits , Routegadget Wed 7th Sept Balgownie    Results , Splits , Routegadget Wed 14th Sept Duthie Park and Ferryhill   Results , Splits , Routegadget Wed 21st Sept WestburnContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2016”

Aberdeen Uni Urban Sprint 30/9/15

Wow! That was a blast! Never-ending route choices and plenty of twists and turns not to mention furkling in bushes and round the back of buildings in the dark towards the end. A big thank you to our guest planner, Janne, for cramming so much fun onto a piece of A4 paper. Funny how manyContinue reading “Aberdeen Uni Urban Sprint 30/9/15”

Urban Sprint Hillhead Campus 23/9/15 Results

Nice to see lots of new faces from AUOC. Bit of an in-at-the-deep end experience for some with 3km packed into the Hillhead area by using a double-sided map (although some old hands didn’t listen to that bit of the instructions…!) but some very good results none the less. That’s what young legs do forContinue reading “Urban Sprint Hillhead Campus 23/9/15 Results”

Urban Sprint Balgownie Wed 16/9/15

Results¬† Splits¬†¬† Ranking points “That was quite good considering I don’t like pavements!” Another convert to urban/sprint orienteering?¬† Hope so. Thanks to Rachel Salway and her team for rescuing no 12 from a bin later on during the race. Better turn out than last year but still the least popular venue of the series andContinue reading “Urban Sprint Balgownie Wed 16/9/15”

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2015

Wed 2th Sept¬† ¬†¬† Duthie Park and Ferryhill ¬† :-¬† Results and split times Wed 9th Sept¬† ¬†¬† Westburn and Victoria Parks :- Results and split times Wed 16th Sept ¬†¬†Balgownie¬†¬†¬† Results and Splits Wed 23rd Sept¬† Seaton Park and Hillhead¬† ¬† ¬† Results and Splits Wed 30th Sept¬†¬†Aberdeen Uni Kings Campus¬† Results¬†¬† Splits OverallContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2015”

Urban Sprints Series points

We‚Äôll be awarding points again this year ‚Äď winner gets 50, 2nd gets 47, 3rd gets 44, 4th gets 41 and then decreasing one point for each place thereafter. 1 point even if you mis-punch or don‚Äôt complete the course. Don‚Äôt ask why but that‚Äôs the way it was decided to do it for theContinue reading “Urban Sprints Series points”

Aberdeen Uni Autumn Urban Sprint 1/10/14 Results

Wow! AUOC are really going from strength to strength with 11 runners and Janne busy coaching and encouraging after putting out controls as tonight’s planner. A great wee course making good use of the complex alleyways and extra vertical dimension offered by Aberdeen Uni which foxed many scouting round at the bottom of steps insteadContinue reading “Aberdeen Uni Autumn Urban Sprint 1/10/14 Results”

Seaton Park and Hillhead 24/9/14 Autumn Urban Sprint Results

From famine last week to feast this week as the students are back in town and upping the competition levels considerably as well as the numbers. (I’m told the Vets have now decided to compete in injuries instead: “I’ll see your calf strain and raise you a hamstring! Ha!”) Results  Splits My apologies in advanceContinue reading “Seaton Park and Hillhead 24/9/14 Autumn Urban Sprint Results”

Westburn & Victoria Parks 10/9/14 Autumn Urban Sprint Results

You were warned to expect a dizzying course! Luckily it seems everyone rose to the challenge and enjoyed Pete’s zig-zagging 3km of confusing changes of direction and route choices in such a small area. The printouts we gave you are the raw splits, the times shown on these results include the voided leg (ooer!) betweenContinue reading “Westburn & Victoria Parks 10/9/14 Autumn Urban Sprint Results”

Duthie Park & Ferryhill Results 3-9-14 Autumn Urban Sprint

A big thank you to the Essons’ combined efforts to successfully kick start the 2014 Autumn Urban Series at DP&F last Wednesday. Comments from George: David Kirk had a failed brikke, Norman Liley & Naomi Lang estimated time for first leg as Start control did not register, and our David did it on his bike.Continue reading “Duthie Park & Ferryhill Results 3-9-14 Autumn Urban Sprint”