DNC 2021-22 Final Results

Final resultsThis season’s DNC final event took place at Crathes with award winning courses from Ros who managed to weave everyone between all the wind blow and also scooped First Lady in the Mini DNC in the process. About 30 other Gramps have been out enjoying the dark side on Wednesdays and three have aContinue reading “DNC 2021-22 Final Results”

DNC Dunnottar Wed 8th Dec CANCELLED

Another victim of Storm Arwen unfortunately. While Dunnottar is relatively unscathed from the Storm, there are patches of windblow and quite a few “hanging trees” and with a further storm forecast this week with the wind coming from opposite direction, it would be unwise to go ahead with the event. In addition to this, theContinue reading “DNC Dunnottar Wed 8th Dec CANCELLED”

DNC Tollohill Wed 24th Nov

Results and splitsRouteGadget Thanks to David Esson for planning and Drew Tivendale for assistance in collecting afterwards. Looking at the spiders’ webs seems like the “wee tip” re checking numbers was a good one. Good luck to anyone trying to suss out a training run in the area by looking at Strava traces!!And good luckContinue reading “DNC Tollohill Wed 24th Nov”

DNC 23/12 @ Templars Park ***POSTPONED***

Annoyingly, Templars Park lies just beyond Aberdeen City boundary – only 300m or so but still technically off limits to city dwellers as per Tier 3 guidance on travel for informal exercise vs organised sports and SOA confirmed yesterday that we shouldn’t be encouraging folk to break the rules by accepting entries from anyone fromContinue reading “DNC 23/12 @ Templars Park ***POSTPONED***”

DNC 9/12 @ Foggieton Results

Sorry for the slight delay – a weird side effect of timing we’ve not seen before meant those of us with early starts had negative times before David managed to sort it all out late last night. BTW, thanks David for your help on IT and Starts at all the Gramp DNCs, much appreciated byContinue reading “DNC 9/12 @ Foggieton Results”

DNC 11/11 @ Crathes Results

Short Results SplitsLong Results SplitsRouteGadgetBOF results We parked in the bottom level of the car park initially but swiftly moved up after realising that the heavy rain at ~17:30 was being beautifully backlit by the headlights of cars on the top level and making it look really, really uninviting! We were eventually shamed into gettingContinue reading “DNC 11/11 @ Crathes Results”

DNC Scolty 19/2/20

I hope you all enjoyed tonight’s runs to a different area of Scolty (for DNC). Fortunately the weather gods were kind again! Did the fairy lights/bunting help add to the sense of occasion? Thanks to Gareth for control collecting and David E for computing/results. Thanks too for the offers of control collecting help – notContinue reading “DNC Scolty 19/2/20”

DNC Hazlehead 13/11/19 Results

ResultsSplitsRG (sorry, bit iffy in places as all on an old 1:10,000 map and some of the controls don’t sit quite right but close enough and the Splitsbrowser bit still works fine) Lovely crisp night last night and you could follow footsteps in the frost across the grassy bits. No such easy ride in theContinue reading “DNC Hazlehead 13/11/19 Results”

DNC Glen Dye 6/2/19

Results¬† Splits¬†¬† RG (sorry – georef’d version of the map isn’t playing tonight so you’ll have to adjust your GPS tracks manually) Thanks to Sam for planning and the family for assisting on reg and anyone else who helped collect the controls as that was the final Gramp offering for this year’s DNC. Only 2Continue reading “DNC Glen Dye 6/2/19”

DNC Scolty 23/1/2019

Results¬† Splits¬†¬† RG Was a great night, even with the computer freezing in the cold. David Esson spent a productive hour later on and¬†reuploaded all the brikkes into the computer in the warmth of the house and it all¬†worked perfectly of course. (Need to add¬†a hot water bottle to the Planner’s kit list?) Thanks toContinue reading “DNC Scolty 23/1/2019”

DNC Crathes 9/1/2019

Results and Splits RouteGadget Good to see some different faces there tonight – trying to get in some more practice before the upcoming Scottish Night Champs no doubt. Thanks to Paul Duley for planning, David Esson for computing and David Kirk who helped the other two collect controls afterwards. Two courses (long 5.3km, short 3.1km)Continue reading “DNC Crathes 9/1/2019”

Scolty DNC 2018-02-14 Results

Many thanks to Gareth for braving the worst of the day’s weather to put out the controls for me … must be something to do with the date! Apologies to long course runners for not having full set of timed controls – entirely my fault for not collecting correct controls from the store. Splits belowContinue reading “Scolty DNC 2018-02-14 Results”

Tyrebagger DNC Results – 31st Jan 2018

On the night of the “super-moon” there was possibly enough light to complete the courses without using a headtorch!¬† Joe Wright nearly had an opportunity to try that theory out, as he broke his light (and bashed his knee) before even starting.¬† Fortunately for him, he borrowed a light and his knee didn’t seem toContinue reading “Tyrebagger DNC Results – 31st Jan 2018”

Balmedie DNC – 17th Jan 2018 – Results

Another delightful night for orienteering … clear, moonless (fantastic views of the constellations), little wind … and even the open sand areas were frozen, so were very fast running.¬† If you weren’t there you missed a treat. Here are Results and Split times. Routegadget (with Splitsbrowser) is now loaded up – enter your trails (andContinue reading “Balmedie DNC – 17th Jan 2018 – Results”

Raemoir DNC – 3 Jan 2018 – Results

Taking a look at the weather for the rest of the country, we were pretty lucky with the conditions for the DNC race at Raemoir.¬† We had the most benign evening, with almost no wind, clear skies, a nearly full moon, and temperatures just hovering a degree or so above zero.¬† That didn’t mean thereContinue reading “Raemoir DNC – 3 Jan 2018 – Results”

Hazlehead DNC 8th Nov 2017 – Results

After the clear frosty evening of 7th Nov, when the northern lights coud be seen all over northern Scotland as far south as Edinburgh, we had a cloudy damp evening for Dave Kirk’s courses at Hazlehead – but nevertheless a large entry.¬† It was a bit of a middle distance style race, with many controlsContinue reading “Hazlehead DNC 8th Nov 2017 – Results”

DNC Scolty – 8th Feb 2017 – Results

A slightly damp night, but the drizzle was light and didn’t realy penetrate the trees too badly.¬† The forest was very wet underfoot, however – I’ve never seen the marshes so wet.¬† Fortunately, the event was well over before a sharp snowstorm blew through about 9.45pm!¬† The courses were very nice – thanks to MurrayContinue reading “DNC Scolty – 8th Feb 2017 – Results”

DNC Forvie 11th Jan 2017 – Results

Twas a beautiful night, not a cloud in the sky, with a full moon and a great view of the planet Venus and the stars. (Not that the moonlight helped me much!).¬† There was a bitter wind and it was only 3 degrees, but it didn’t feel too bad when you were running in aContinue reading “DNC Forvie 11th Jan 2017 – Results”

DNC Glen Dye 7/12/16 – Results

As well as a new planner we had some new faces at Glen Dye, enjoying both the good terrain, good weather and the Chillimobile hospitality. Welcome to the DNC “club” guys! Final Results and Split Times Apologies from our newbie planner, Bob Sheridan, for control 7 (131) on the Long being in the wrong depression.Continue reading “DNC Glen Dye 7/12/16 – Results”

DNC Balmedie – 23/11/16 – Results

Starry, starry night!¬† Perfect for star-gazing and not so bad for orinteering, either!¬† Although cold (+1 deg) there was almost no wind, and conditions were excellent for fast running.¬† The ground frost actually hardened up the open sandy areas, and made them faster than ever before. The EMIT equipment worked well despite the cold.¬† AllContinue reading “DNC Balmedie – 23/11/16 – Results”

DNC Cheyne Hill 9/11/16

Results Splits RG¬†¬†¬†¬† Long course results amended 16/11/16 First big apology goes to Alistair for repeatedly calling him Craig. I do know who you are but was suffering brain fade after a long day and hassle over brikkes not starting. Second apology goes to all who had trouble getting brikkes to start – lesson learnedContinue reading “DNC Cheyne Hill 9/11/16”

Forvie Night-O – Results 20/1/2016

Thanks to everyone for participating tonight.¬† Sorry I couldn‚Äôt make the printer work; results are linked below.¬† Such a good evening I couldn‚Äôt resist collecting in the controls.¬† Crossed the moor in the moonlight with my torch off watching a faint aurora just visible against the moonlight.¬† Nearly lost myself at one point when IContinue reading “Forvie Night-O – Results 20/1/2016”

DNC Tyrebagger results 6/1/16

Not such a bad night despite the forecast and oddly the worst wet bits were gigantic puddles on the main tracks and not the stream that bisects the area E-W as expected. There were about four people who complained about location of control 167 (I suspect they were right), most said they found it noContinue reading “DNC Tyrebagger results 6/1/16”

DNC Glen Dye Part 1 25/11/15 Results

Hot off the press – results (revised 26/11/15) and splits. Routegadget now loaded too. Interesting to see how you all coped with Pete’s long legs across those large areas of nothingness in a variety of different ways. Mine was to chicken out completely and refuse to run at all as my bearings are rubbish atContinue reading “DNC Glen Dye Part 1 25/11/15 Results”