Technical info

For competitors:
how to use Emit brikkes
Age Classes explained
Jargon Buster
O map and Controls Description symbols explained plus 2017 update

For Planners:
GRAMP control number availability
master maps – how to access our stash of Ocad maps
planning guidelines and links to BOF advice and rules
planning software – Condes and Purple Pen

For Organisers:
GRAMP Organiser’s Manual and Checklist
Risk Assessment Form and Rescue Plan
post-event report forms
templates for flyers, EOD stubs, non-BOF/SOA insurance form
Early Email Entry and timing software overview
info specific to Summer Series Organisers
(applies to Forest Sprints, Urban Sprints and DNC too)

All GRAMP equipment (apart from laptops) lives with Jonathan Smith. Email him or use this contact form to let him know when you need access to it and he’ll tell you how to get into the shed and lend you a hand fetching things out.

For Controllers:
Controller’s Checklist

For Computing:
SportSoftware OE2010 Timing Software
Early Email Entry system
Emit Backup Card pin layout

Officials’ expenses claim form

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