Cheyne Hill Summer Series 12th July – Results

A sunny warm evening with a swimming opportunity in the hefalump trap taken by a few including myself and Ian while setting out the controls. High bracken and overgrown paths made it especially challenging for those taking ‘short cuts’. A friendly family all the way from OLG Chur (Chur orienteering club) in Switzerland came andContinue reading “Cheyne Hill Summer Series 12th July – Results”

Forest Sprint results from Foggieton 10th May

A pleasant cool and dry evening.  A bit difficult to squeeze a 3 km course into such a small area.  Thanks to Helen Rowlands for helping with registration/download, Dennis, Bob and John for collecting controls and Rob Hickling for help with map corrections. Forest_Sprint_Foggieton_Results Overall Results after Foggieton

Tyrebagger Event (Level C) 14/2/16 – Results

A bright winter’s day in Tyrebagger, with a dusting of snow on the ground but not enough to get in the way, even on the open hillside.  Those who started late were caught in a short but sharp snowstorm, which made the wood very dark all of a sudden! (making it difficult to read theContinue reading “Tyrebagger Event (Level C) 14/2/16 – Results”

Night O at Hazlehead, Wed 28th October – Results

The clocks have gone back and we have the Deeside Night Cup to illuminate your Wednesday evenings.  First event was an introductory event at Hazlehead on Wednesday 28th October on a damp and rather misty evening.  There were three courses: Long Technical – 5.0km Short Technical – 3.1 km Orange – 2.8 km Here areContinue reading “Night O at Hazlehead, Wed 28th October – Results”

Compass Sport Cup 2015 Results

Just over 30 GRAMP members enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at Balnagowan on Sunday. Full results are on the MAROC website In the club competition the result was close but GRAMP came 3rd, just behind much larger teams from FVO and ESOC. Special mention should be made of Jonathan Smith, who inadvertently entered theContinue reading “Compass Sport Cup 2015 Results”