Forest Sprint Series


Check entry fees and times etc on separate posts for each event on respective club’s website.

WED 19/4  Tilquhillie MAROC
WED 26/4  Tollohill, GRAMP
WED 3/5    Bellwood, MAROC
WED 10/5  Dunnottar, GRAMP
WED 17/5  Johnshaven, MAROC
WED 24/5   Crathes, GRAMP
WED 31/5  Corsedarder, MAROC

Registration: 18:00 to 18:50
Starts: 18:30 to 19:15
Fees: £5 Senior, £2.50 Junior/Student

One course TD3 or Orange standard i.e. medium difficulty, about 3km, plus depending on the planner maybe one shorter one of Yellow, easy.

Lots of controls and route choice in a relatively small area so full on concentration required just as much as fleet feet. Great for developing Juniors too if accompanied by a TD3 standard runner. Usually best 4 scores out of 6 will count towards the FSS league result.

Sprint O is great fun – lots of controls in quick succession in a relatively short distance and fast running alone is no use in this discipline if it’s of the headless chicken variety! You really have to look closely at the map, make snap decisions about route choice, execute them quickly and cleanly while all the time trying to read a jiggling map and watch where your feet are going. Give it a go.

Maroc and Gramp usually join forces every Spring to bring you a short series of Forest Sprint events in and around Aberdeen/Deeside. Separate posts will appear on each club’s website confirming parking location and any other last minute oddball details.

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