Scolty – 14 October 2018 – Level C – Results

Results and splits RouteGadget (draw/upload your route and compare with others) BOF results page with Ranking Points Hope you all enjoyed yourselves? Certainly seemed that way as I came back from the finish to find what appeared to be a lively cocktail party in full swing with folk animatedly discussing courses and catching up withContinue reading “Scolty – 14 October 2018 – Level C – Results”

Tollohill Summer Series – 4/7/18 Results

  A beautiful evening to enjoy the view down the Dee and to the new turbines. Lots of takers of Ailsa’s lemonade tonight! Special thanks to for allowing us to use their car park, and thanks to those who used it or came by other means to free up car park space. Thanks alsoContinue reading “Tollohill Summer Series – 4/7/18 Results”

Summer Series – Countesswells – Wed 28/5/18

Thanks to all who came along to Countesswells on Wednesday.  We enjoyed a short break from the recent heat wave and even had a few spots of rain!  This first-time organiser would like to pass on a massive thanks to all of the club members who helped pull this event together, and especially to DavidContinue reading “Summer Series – Countesswells – Wed 28/5/18”

Forest Sprint @ Mulloch 9/5/18

Many thanks to all those who made it to Mulloch tonight, especially considering the not-quite-perfect weather conditions. Thanks also to Gareth, Bob and Zoe for help control collecting. Results Well done to those who recognised the photo locations, may be we should put on some photo-O too! Note on forest rides. Mapped rides are theContinue reading “Forest Sprint @ Mulloch 9/5/18”

Scolty DNC 2018-02-14 Results

Many thanks to Gareth for braving the worst of the day’s weather to put out the controls for me … must be something to do with the date! Apologies to long course runners for not having full set of timed controls – entirely my fault for not collecting correct controls from the store. Splits belowContinue reading “Scolty DNC 2018-02-14 Results”

Seaton Park – 3/12/17

Many thanks to Dave Kirk and everyone who came to lollop along the l0opy longs and other courses. Everybody found the cave, avoided dashing headlong into the river and obviously didn’t spend too long dozing on the sofa. There was a bit of wildlife watching. Some head-to-head battles on the run-ins created a much greaterContinue reading “Seaton Park – 3/12/17”

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2017

One course of TD3 (Orange) standard about 3 – 4km long in streets and parks. Wed 30th Aug  Westburn and Victoria Parks Wed 6th Sept Duthie Park and Ferryhill Wed 13th Sept Westhill Wed 20th Sept  Balgowniel Wed 27th Sept Aberdeen Uni Kings Campus . Congrats to the following folk who either retained or gainedContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2017”

Summer Series 2017

Summer Series Events – fun, friendly events with something for everyone on Wednesday evenings. Events will have an easy (white/yellow standard), medium (orange standard) and two as-hard-as-we-can-make-it courses of different lengths (generally referred to as short and long tech). Starts  6-7pm, courses close 8pm (unless changed for a particular event, please check website for anyContinue reading “Summer Series 2017”

Hogmanay Hangover Handicap – Hazelhead – 02/01/2017

Sudok-O Congratulations to all who came and managed to find their way round the right 9 controls! Great watching the start as everyone ran off in different directions. We had 8 teams running around the slightly icy Hazelhead, and all but one managed to collect all 27 controls, getting caught out collecting two 237’s andContinue reading “Hogmanay Hangover Handicap – Hazelhead – 02/01/2017”

Hazelhead Night O – Wed 26/10/2016 – Results

We had a pleasant starry night for the “come and try it” Night-O at Hazlehead. Some fast times were recorded on Helen’s good courses.  The recent rain has wetted the ground quite a lot.  The grass was pretty squelchy in places (not good for golfers) and the ditches had a lot of water in them.Continue reading “Hazelhead Night O – Wed 26/10/2016 – Results”

Glen Dye – Sunday 21 Aug – Final Results

Here are final results and split times for our level C event at Glen Dye: Results Splits Winsplits BOF results with Rankings points Please enter your routes on Routegadget . Thanks to the officials, and to all our helpers and control collectors. Officials Planner: Richard Oxlade Organiser: Anne Hoy Controller: Andy Tivendale (MAROC) Professional Sleepyhead:Continue reading “Glen Dye – Sunday 21 Aug – Final Results”

Mulloch – 17/8/16 – Results

A beautiful evening with stunning views, hope you had a chance to enjoy both! Many thanks to Chris and Margaret for all their work. You may not have noticed, but it involved a fair bit of gardening too. Results Splits Routegadget Next week at Templars an event with a different format followed by prize givingContinue reading “Mulloch – 17/8/16 – Results”

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2016

One course of TD3 (Orange) standard about 3 – 4km long in streets and parks, using detailed ISSOM standard maps. Wed 31st Aug Westhill    Results , Splits , Routegadget Wed 7th Sept Balgownie    Results , Splits , Routegadget Wed 14th Sept Duthie Park and Ferryhill   Results , Splits , Routegadget Wed 21st Sept WestburnContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2016”

Foggieton – 10/8/16 – Results

Hope you all enjoyed this evening’s courses, including the ‘no-paths’ map challenge. Particularly well done to those of you who are less familiar with the woods too. Thanks Anne for great courses and cakes! I know some of you are anxiously awaiting the latest update on the overall league – it will be coming, butContinue reading “Foggieton – 10/8/16 – Results”

Dunnottar – 20/7/16 – Results

Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening! The day’s storms must have frightened most people off, but those who ventured out had a lovely evening with just enough of a breeze in the car park to keep the midges at bay. It was a little slippy under foot, prize for collecting most mud goes to OliviaContinue reading “Dunnottar – 20/7/16 – Results”

Summer Series Summary

We are over half way through the Summer Series now, time for a look at the league and attendance awards … Overall after 8 events Junior Attendance after 8 Junior Attendance Awards (3= bronze, 6=silver, 9=gold) Silver Awards for Olivia Coman, Josie Gomersall, Alex and Patrick Lang. Well done – keep coming for Gold. BronzeContinue reading “Summer Series Summary”

Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon

Several parent-child* pairings from NE Scotland entered this year’s SLMM in Martindale, it’s becoming a bit of a tradition. Congratulations to the following Gramp and Maroc teams: Lachlan and Dave Kirk, 29th (out of 71 finishers) in Carrock Fell class Keith and Gareth Yardley, 4th (out of 86 finishers) in Harter Fell class Alistair andContinue reading “Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon”

GAC 2016 Final Results

OK it’s official Shearwater have won the much coveted (?) GAC 2016 Bonsai Trophy after a great turnout at Balmedie this week and a misspunch on the Maersk team… GAC 2016 Final Results Sums have all been checked … a quick reminder of the scoring: Top 3 ladies’ and top 3 men’s scores make upContinue reading “GAC 2016 Final Results”

Balmedie 29/06/16 – Results

The dunes were in great form with lots of people running round pretending to be marmots – or at least that’s how it looked from the one human that pretended to be a control. Lots of technical hitches tonight, but I hope you were all able to enjoy Helen’s courses and the BBQ none-the-less. ItContinue reading “Balmedie 29/06/16 – Results”

GAC Results after Crathes

John has shunned his responsibilities as spreadsheet master again this week by remaining stuck offshore…some people will do anything to avoid typing in a few numbers. Anyway in his absence Shearwater have shot into the lead (and managed to get 9 people out last night- good effort!). Victoria and Claire still leading the ladies andContinue reading “GAC Results after Crathes”

Crathes 22/06/16 – Results

An excellent evening, lovely area, courses and weather! Lots of fun had on the easy course by the Torphins Brownies – well done all of you. Provisional results for your perusal: Results Splits Routegadget The five weeks of Summer Series events so far should have you all psyched up for this weekend’s orienteering: Saturday atContinue reading “Crathes 22/06/16 – Results”

Countesswells 01/06/16 – Results

Another lovely evening for running about in the woods, although it got surprisingly chilly by the end. A few boulder controls catching people out – remember to find a good attack point for the trickier controls such as these (and choose the fastest route to the attack point). If only I practiced what I justContinue reading “Countesswells 01/06/16 – Results”

Hazelhead 25/05/16 – Results

An excellent start to this year’s summer series, helped no end by the delicious range of cakes provided by Team Griffin. The results are linked below, and will be included in the main summer series post in the Results column Sometimes it takes a little while to get things sorted … keep checking back forContinue reading “Hazelhead 25/05/16 – Results”

Crathes – Level C Event – 24/04/16

Results Splits BOF ranking points RouteGadget Officials Planner: Paul Duley Organiser: Helen Anderson Controller: Andy Oliver A fly past by a red kite kicked things off well first thing Sunday morning while the team were setting up the Start and for most folk the day continued well too (unless they were unfortunate enough to tryContinue reading “Crathes – Level C Event – 24/04/16”

Countesswells Forest Sprint 13Apr2016 – Results

A great turn out for the first of the Forest Sprint series, thank-you to all who gave up their maps to be used again and apologies for any waiting around at the start. Future organisers take note! Results   Splits     Routegadget Overall points Next week the event is being run by MAROC at Sluie, seeContinue reading “Countesswells Forest Sprint 13Apr2016 – Results”

Forvie Night-O – Results 20/1/2016

Thanks to everyone for participating tonight.  Sorry I couldn’t make the printer work; results are linked below.  Such a good evening I couldn’t resist collecting in the controls.  Crossed the moor in the moonlight with my torch off watching a faint aurora just visible against the moonlight.  Nearly lost myself at one point when IContinue reading “Forvie Night-O – Results 20/1/2016”

Summer Series 2016

Summer Series Events – fun, friendly events with something for everyone on Wednesday evenings. Events will have an easy (white/yellow standard), medium (orange standard) and two as-hard-as-we-can-make-it courses of different lengths (generally referred to as short and long tech). Starts  6-7pm, courses close 8pm (unless changed for a particular event, please check website for anyContinue reading “Summer Series 2016”

Forest Sprint Series 2016 – Weds 13th April to 18th May

Overall results after 6 events. Congrats to Jake Chapman and Sarah Dunn on a Maroc double win this year. Hope you all enjoyed these short courses although I think maybe we need to choose our areas with care for next year as some were not really that sprinty. And Balmedie wasn’t that foresty either IContinue reading “Forest Sprint Series 2016 – Weds 13th April to 18th May”

Tollohill – Post AGM Event – 6th Dec 2015

A lovely bright day for a great dash round Tollohill, thanks to Ali for the great courses. The place was positively peppered with controls. Well done to those who braved the ‘no paths’ option. We hope you enjoyed your runs. Results and Splits and Routegadget! A few takers for the iO – but not aContinue reading “Tollohill – Post AGM Event – 6th Dec 2015”

Templars – 26/08/2015 – Results

Thank-you everyone for coming along and giving Poker-O a go. I know it all sounded a bit daunting at the start “what, no map?!”, but I think all those brave enough to try it enjoyed themselves. Maybe even found a few delicious raspberries en-route? The medium course was very short (long story) – but packedContinue reading “Templars – 26/08/2015 – Results”

Perwinnes Moss – 15/07/15 – Results

Results from the Perwinnes Moss. Those who weren’t there missed a glorious evening of sunshine (and fantastic views from NE corner). The newly updated map was a joy to use … but perhaps mid July is not the best time of year for an event here, given the height of undergrowth! Many thanks to Chris,Continue reading “Perwinnes Moss – 15/07/15 – Results”

Junior Gramps at the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon

Congratulations to Lachlan and Keith for taking their dads for a run round Coniston this weekend in the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon. Tricky control sites (some even missing) and poor visibility on Day1 all adding to the fun. Keith and Dad 3rd in Wansfell class; Lachlan and Dad 13th in Harter Fell class; and congratsContinue reading “Junior Gramps at the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon”

Balmedie Results – 17 June 2015

Congratulations to all brave enough to defy the mind boggling, leg sapping, shoe filling dunes of Balmedie. I am glad to report that all returned and enjoyed a hearty BBQ afterwards. Many thanks to Ailsa for the courses and to Murray for sorting out the electronic gadgetry that was playing up … results HERE. ThisContinue reading “Balmedie Results – 17 June 2015”

CompassPoint SOL4 – Glen Dye – 3rd May

The fabulous Glen Dye area was the setting for CompassPoint SOL4 As you’ll have noticed, there was not much dappled sunshine flowing between the trees (as in the photo) … something was flowing all right, but the wet stuff not the sunshine. Congratulations and thanks to you all for participating and helping in such drenchingContinue reading “CompassPoint SOL4 – Glen Dye – 3rd May”