Autumn Urban Sprint Series, Events/Results

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2017

UrbanBrickWall0544590One course of TD3 (Orange) standard about 3 – 4km long in streets and parks.

Make sure you know what Out of Bounds and uncrossable i.e. “forbidden to cross” walls/fences look like on these ISSOM maps – PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS GUIDE. Uncrossable means forbidden to cross as we don’t have permission for you to do so. If in doubt and the wall/fence/piece of land you’re about to cross looks private then show some respect and don’t do it!

By popular request, here’s a guide to the control descriptions courtesy of the Irish Orienteering Association. Column D shows you what you’re looking for (in urban racing, there’ll be a lot tree, hedge, fence, steps, building, wall, manmade feature) and column G shows you where the flag is on the feature (especially useful when working out which side of an uncrossable fence you need to be for example.)

Reg/starts 18:00 – 18:30ish,  £4 Senior, £2 Junior/Student
Times are a bit earlier than Summer Series to catch the light but you still might want a torch for the last couple if the weather’s gloomy.

Juniors under 16 should be accompanied by an adult (to comply with BOF insurance requirements).

Click on the area name above to link through to a map showing the parking/reg location. Most of these are still TBC so check nearer the time before you set out.

Sprint fanatic?

Regular at our Urban events?

Then please download a copy of this flyer and help spread the word.

Photo was taken during the Scottish 6 Days Rest Day Sprint Race in Ballater by Laurence Johnson Photography.



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