Post-AGM Treas-O-re Hunt 8/12/19 Results

Thanks to Dave Kirk for spending a lot of time tramping round Duthie Park and Ferryhill noting down numbers and details on various objects for us to collect on today’s Treas-O-re Hunt. (Presumably he must have worn his best puffa jacket so as not to look too dodgy as no reports in the P&J about suspect looking characters spotted in the area staring intently at burglar alarms.)

Other than Start and Finish no controls out but instead a list of questions related to controls on the map with multiple choice answers which we had to mark with a pin. Only one injury reported and that was with the non-pointy end apparently. (?!)

Duthie Park and Ferryhill (59 points up for grabs)
Pete 53 points. No penalties. 49.39 mins Total 53
Hugh 45 points. 1 minute penalty. 51.12 mins Total 43
Rachel 40 points. No penalties. 47.45 mins. Total 40
Dennis 41 points. 2 minutes penalty. 52.57 mins. Total 37
Roz 34 points. No penalties. 42.14 mins. Total 34
Kirsty 50 points. 8 minutes penalty. 58.06 mins. Total 34
Oonagh 32 points. No penalties. 47.21 mins Total 32
Morven 44 points. 7 minutes penalty. 57.59 mins Total 30
Helen 29 points. No penalties. 47.16 mins Total 29
Laura 42 points. 8 minutes penalty. 58.19. Total 26
David Did the course quietly while everyone else was in the cafe - result unknown.

Duthie Park only (15 points up for grabs)
Samantha 15 points No penalties 31.18 minutes Total 15
All questions correctly answered so today's ultimate winner!

I have a good number of maps and question sheets if anyone else
fancies having a run round the course at a time that suits them
as a pre-Christmas blast. Let me know and I can post them out
or arrange collection -

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