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Hazlehead Orienteering Sunday 2nd August


Woohoo! We’re back in business with a near-normal event today in the southern part of Hazlehead thanks to David Esson. Looks like post-Lockdown event guineapigs, e-payment gizmo and new SI kit all held up well and you didn’t find the C-19 precautions too bothersome?

If you’re a non-member reading this looking for something different to do over the summer hols, we will be holding some Summer Series events but these will also have to club members only I’m afraid until we get the all clear to open things up to the wider public, but hopefully not too much longer to wait. You could of course get in touch about becoming a member – even though there’s less than half the year left, I’m sure we can do you a deal 😉

Why club members only at the moment? It’s to do with contact tracing and minimising numbers of folk gathered at events. We have other measures in place too – check our Covid 19 page for more info.

Round 9

Round 9 – Something a bit less orienteering – but map required… what year and where were they?

Round 8 – Back from holiday and

Round 8 – Back from holiday and visiting a local place… Clue: A-mazing! – Same as usual Location Year and what event?

Round 7 – “We shall orienteer soon!”

(Fingers crossed, if we remember how?)… What’s the name of the woods, competition name and date!? Good luck…

Round 6 – What was the year!

Round 6 – What was the year!, Location and which day of the event and where are we? Clue: Scotland

Round 5 – Fast turn around

A bit closer to home…..
Clue: Less than 200m from a GRAMP area! 👣

Round 4 – Takes on a “holiday feel”

Round 4 – Takes on a “holiday feel” with two maps – where are we is the 1st question? Courses and date…
Clues – Both “Not in Scotland” and Clue to the lower one “Planner was Mike Edwards” – Good luck !

Round 3 – of where are we? Two maps today

Round 3 – Two maps today – Map 1 with controls 6, 2, 1, 8 – where are we and what event? and map with controls 5, 4, 7, 8 where are we, course and when? – Good luck !

Where are we? Round 2

Round 2 – Where was this course? What was the course colour code? and what date? Scotland…

Where am I?

Where was this course? What was the course colour code? and what date?

Some where in Scotland…

Forest Sprint Series
starting March 30th
Summer Series
starting May 18th
Autumn Sprint Series
starting Aug 10th

May 28th
Scottish Champs Individual @ Glen Dye

May 1st SOUL @Banchory
May 29th
Scottish Relays MAROC
Oct 2nd @Crathes
Dec 11th @Balmedie

You can join the Mobile O revolution  and download the MapRun app and have a go at some local courses using your phone to time yourself and even navigate with. Visit our MapRun page for instructions and a list of maps. Or do one of our Temporary Orienteering Courses if we've got one out at the moment - see the TOC post for info.

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Then try a Permanent Orienteering Course in a local forest or park or try one of our Street O maps for a taste of urban O.

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