Grampian Mountain Challenge 2014 Glenshee 15th/16th Nov

GMC 2014 logoThanks to everyone for risking hell and high water just to get to the event never mind taking on the challenge of some of the longest and toughest GMC courses we’ve served up to date. Judging by the many “thank you”s as you left most of you seemed to relish it all (even if it was in a hair-shirty, glad-it’s-over kind of way!)

Day 1   Results by course   Splits   Winsplits
Day 2* Results by course   Splits   Winsplits
Overall results (updated 19/11)

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*The C course on Day 2 suffered a missing control, swept away by the torrents coming off the hillsides on Friday we think, and after much debate we decided to simply remove that control from the course rather than void the long legs on either side which accounted for about 2/3 of the course.
The Stansfields’ brikke gradually stopped working on Day 2 as well but they started and finished very close to their main rivals, the Galloways, so were awarded an overall time which both parties agreed.

disaster on A course


Our Facebook page has already attracted comments and photos. Feel free to add to that or leave a comment here. Doesn’t have to be enthusiastic thanks (although we do like that!) as we need to know if anything major is bugging you so we can factor that in next time. If you don’t do Facebook you can send photos or links to instead.

Left: Disaster strikes on the A Course as leading pair discover maggots in their hillfood.

Photos from Ian Hamilton here.


Prizes were awarded as follows:
Overall Winners – A Tim Gomersall and Johannes Felter, B Sarah Dunn, C Ben and Dan Standsfield
1st Vet – A Mark Harris, B Grahame Nicoll, C George Patterson
1st Female/Mixed – A Ciara Largey, Sarah ONeil and Andrew Llewellyn, B Harriet Battan and Kirsty Coombs, C Sam Gomersall and Carolyn McLeod

And all Dads and Lads teams got a prize by way of encouraging the younger element of the orienteering and fell running scenes to take part in this kind of event (and maybe something else!) Some winners had already gone – we’ll get them to you somehow.


8 thoughts on “Grampian Mountain Challenge 2014 Glenshee 15th/16th Nov

  1. Thanks to everyone who helped organise another great event. Would it be possible to post the split times in xls format?

      1. Thanks very much – Winsplits is giving me the information I was looking for but no luck with the Bonus Content so far

  2. The picture shows the aftermath of the extra special M&S chocolate covered flap jack bought by Johannes and dropped in a cow pat by Tim. Is it clean enough to eat?

  3. Thanks to all the organisers, helpers, caterers for a great event. You even got the weather sorted just in time. We had a great 2 days….so good in fact we have shed at least 25 years between us and appear to be veterans no more. Maybe the GMC is the key to eternal youth! Sorry don’t do Facebook…. (must be too old….) Marianne and Angela

  4. A big thank you for all the hard work that went into this event….robyn and I thoroughly enjoyed it and may be back for more in 2 years……once the memory fades a bit!!

  5. Thanks for a fantastic Grampian Mountain Challenge! I’m sure the blisters will go away soon…. Thanks to the planner, organiser and everyone who helped put this on!

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