Scolty Score – 18/01/2015

Here are the Results and Splits for today’s event at Scolty:

Score Results    Score Splits

White Results    White Splits

Routegadget has now been loaded up for the Score classes, so please put up your routes!  Just click here.

Congratulations to Mark Stockton who showed us all how it should be done.

Route Mark Stockton

Comments on your punching at the Start and the Finish:

Several of you are not very good at it !

– Quite a few failed to punch the Start.  This would normally disqualify you.  However we have been generous and estimated your start times based on your first control punch time.

– A couple of you failed to punch at the Finish.  This would also normally disqualify you.  However we have been generous and used your download time as your finish time.

If you’re unsure how to use the Emit timing chip provided to you, please ask at Registration.

Today’s Courses:

White – 1.7 km linear course (collect controls in specified order, no route choice) all on paths but unsuitable for buggies.

Short Score
45 minutes time limit. Penalties: 5 points deducted for every minute (or part) over time limit
Controls are all worth 10 points each
Straight line route length to collect all controls approx 3.5km

Long Score
75 minutes time limit. 10 points deducted for every minute (or part) over time limit.
Controls have different point values (10 and 20)
Straight line route length to collect all controls approx 8km but will require navigation at TD5 level to achieve


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