GRAMP successes at Scottish Champs 2022

No Champs this year but some great runs/results including:

Pete Lawrence M55S
Helen Greenwood Yellow

Duncan Grassie M35L
Gary Morrison M55S
Chris Aust M70S
Neil McLean M75L
Gramp3 Mike Greenwood, Gary Morrison, Dennis McDonald Relay Class: 14+ points

Matthew Thomson M35L
Kevin Reynard M55S
Bob Daly M65L
Ros Nicholson W55S

Samantha McDonald W12A

Priceless Class
The willing volunteers who not only ran but also helped out at Glen Dye and then still had energy left over to run round Sluie in the Relays too in some cases.
Did you see you all got a big thank you on Scottish Orienteering’s Facebook? #valueingvolunteers

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