CompassSport Trophy 2023

For those of you not already in the know, CompassSport is a monthly mag dedicated to all things orienteering and the editor kindly sponsors the annual national inter-club competition which comprises the CS Cup for large clubs and the CS Trophy for small clubs.

The rules are too complicated to summarise here so all you need to know is that Gramp falls into the category of small club, as do all the other Scottish clubs bar FVO, so the top 13 scorers across a broad spread of courses by age class count towards the total score. In other words you need a lot of folk in it, running in as many different classes as possible, to win it.
11 Gramps ran this year in the Scottish qualifier at Faskally and between us racked up a very creditable 886 points putting us mid-table:

Congratulations to INT, INVOC and MOR who get the honour of travelling south to the Forest of Dean later in the year to try their luck against the regional finalists from elsewhere in the country. (Watch out for the wild boar, guys.)

Several of Team Gramp made a weekend of it running in Tay’s SOUL 2 the day before – a very entertaining twirl around Muirton – and two were made enough to do Perth ParkRun before that as well.

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