Balmedie summer series (including the final race of the GAC) 29.6.16

Registration for Wednesday is in the Southern car parking area.  Turn right at the mini roundabout near the first parking area and carry on until the road runs out!  Hopefully we will get the BBQ cranked up so bring some food along.  If you have some BBQ tools these will come in handy too. CoursesContinue reading “Balmedie summer series (including the final race of the GAC) 29.6.16”

GAC Results after Crathes

John has shunned his responsibilities as spreadsheet master again this week by remaining stuck offshore…some people will do anything to avoid typing in a few numbers. Anyway in his absence Shearwater have shot into the lead (and managed to get 9 people out last night- good effort!). Victoria and Claire still leading the ladies andContinue reading “GAC Results after Crathes”

GAC results after Tyrebagger

One word: SOGGY It seems that Shearwater don’t do rain, only John turned up! Maersk and Genesis at least managed 4 people each. Full marks to Katrine and Sue of Genesis for perseverance! Many thanks to Jonathan for feeding the Lang family emergency Boost bars whilst we waited for their return. Marianne 2016 GAC resultsContinue reading “GAC results after Tyrebagger”

GAC results after Scolty

Genesis were short of men again this week and surprisingly so were Maersk. Shell/Shearwater were short of ladies…Maybe they should do a deal? Some great performances for many on what was a distinctly harder course than Hazlehead or Countesswells. Here are the overall scores following Scolty  GAC scores Overall Maersk and Shearwater are neck aContinue reading “GAC results after Scolty”

Grampian Adventure Challenge 2015

Maersk successfully defended their winners trophy in 2015. Well done everyone for tackling some tough courses! Final scores. Points are awarded depending on finish position to the 1st three females and males in your team and the best 4 team results out of the 6 will count towards your team total. Trophies for first 3Continue reading “Grampian Adventure Challenge 2015”

Balmedie Summer Series and Grampian Adventure Challenge results

BALMEDIE  Results At last the sun was shining on a Wednesday evening! Some highlights and apologies from Balmedie! – Apologies to those who turned away when they saw all the cars. The beavers, cubs and their parents had turned up for a beach party, but fortunately did not want the BBQ! – Opening the padlockedContinue reading “Balmedie Summer Series and Grampian Adventure Challenge results”

Grampian Adventure Challenge

Well done to all the runners in the three teams who entered the first Grampian Adventure challenge. The winning team were Maersk with Genesis second closely followed by Fugro. For their performance Maersk take home the Grampian Bonsai as a reminder of all those forests they have been running through over the past few weeks.Continue reading “Grampian Adventure Challenge”