GRAMP successes at Scottish Champs 2022

No Champs this year but some great runs/results including: 1st Pete Lawrence M55S Helen Greenwood Yellow 2nd Duncan Grassie M35L Gary Morrison M55S Chris Aust M70S Neil McLean M75L Gramp3 Mike Greenwood, Gary Morrison, Dennis McDonald Relay Class: 14+ points 3rd Matthew Thomson M35L Kevin Reynard M55S Bob Daly M65L Ros Nicholson W55S 4th SamanthaContinue reading “GRAMP successes at Scottish Champs 2022”

Scotland Vets Selection Policy for VHI Oct 2022 Wales

Scotland Vets Selection Policy for VHI 2022, Trawsfynydd, Snowdonia, Mid Wales 1st/2nd October 2022. Day 1 Individual. Day 2 Relays In 2022 the Scottish team for the Veteran Home Internationals will be selected using the results of the following races:British Champs Saturday 26th March LiphookJK Wales Day 2 Saturday 16th AprilJK Wales Day 3 SundayContinue reading “Scotland Vets Selection Policy for VHI Oct 2022 Wales”

Ideas and feedback please

I’m about to try and revamp our website taking into account various points raised in a report by the BOF Newcomer retention Group who reviewed all club websites and ‘marked’ them on various criteria particularly how we signpost beginners towards information, resources and events, clarity, ease of use and things like “Is a sense ofContinue reading “Ideas and feedback please”

Balmedie Training Event Sun 30th


Training @ Balmedie 30/1/22

Following the successful morning spent at Dunnottar Woods our next training day is going to be at Balmedie on Sunday 30th Jan. Change of terrain, change of skills required. Please use the pre-entry form below to register for this and let us know what level you’re at or what you’d like to practice and we’llContinue reading “Training @ Balmedie 30/1/22”

GRAMP and AUOC Training Days

Whether you need to brush up rusty O skills or learn new ones we’d love to see you all at any or all of 3 training days being organised by our club coaches: 16/1/22 Dunnottar Woods, Stonehaven30/1/22 Balmedie 20/2/22 Foggieton Wooods, Cults(Note changes of venue. Was to have been Scolty but that’s stormtrashed. 😦10:30 toContinue reading “GRAMP and AUOC Training Days”

Hogmanay Hangover Handicap 1st Jan 2022 @ Hazlehead

Many thanks to Team Esson for planning/’puting and Rachel, Helen and Pete for Control collecting. Results and splitsRoutegadget Turns out we could have had some sort of social outdoors as it was so warm this morning. Plenty folk spotted picnicking in the park and also bumped into some old ex-Gramp friends, Gordon and Ruth, whoContinue reading “Hogmanay Hangover Handicap 1st Jan 2022 @ Hazlehead”

Events in the very near future

Wed 22nd DNC at Templars Park has an extra Orange course for anyone fancying a shot at Night O in a small safe area or just a short pre-Christmas blast. Details on the Templars Park post. NB You must register your interest via the pre-entry form even for the Orange – no obligation to runContinue reading “Events in the very near future”

Crathes Event 12th December – Cancelled

It is with great sadness that we are having to cancel our colour coded event at Crathes Castle on Sunday 12th December. The Storms that we endured over the weekend has flattened a significant part of the woodland at Crathes Estate. The Estate Office have said that it may well take months to tidy/clear theContinue reading “Crathes Event 12th December – Cancelled”

ELO Orienteering at Vogrie

Vogrie Country Park, Sunday 28th November All are welcome to participate in orienteering in the delightful Vogrie Country Park on a newly extended map with very varied terrain. In addition to the parkland, woodland and the valley of the River Tyne, the map has been extended to include a former golf course, and for theContinue reading “ELO Orienteering at Vogrie”

Nothing to do with orienteering but… (part 2)

Remember the video with Foss and Erik and other members of the Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra summoning up their inner Picts at Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle? Well, the ASO Zoomed with a southern counterpart, Phoenix Saxophone Orchestra based in Market Harborough in Leicestershire, for UK Make Music Day on June 21st and recorded ‘Entry of theContinue reading “Nothing to do with orienteering but… (part 2)”

If you go down to the woods today…

…take your phone/camera and you can take part in this intriguing project Artist Ruth Maclennan is collating video clips of forests by tying them together visually along a horizon, either actual or inferred as a level when panning round a clearing for example. Although commissioned by Forestry England and Film and Video Umbrella itContinue reading “If you go down to the woods today…”

British Middle Champs 2021

Our roving reporter, David Esson, is currently down in the Lakes thoroughly enjoying a wee holiday and some fine orienteering areas for the British Middle Distance Champs. Keep an eye on our Facebook site for maps and mentions. Middle Distance combines shorter classic courses and lots of controls so even the “long” legs still requireContinue reading “British Middle Champs 2021”

Scottish Junior Cup Race 30/5/21

Entries are now open for the first Scottish Junior Cup Race at Auchingarrich, Perthshire, on May 30th. At this stage priority is being given to junior competitors and accompanying adults, but after 19th May entries will be opened to all SOA members until the maximum capacity of 200 is reached. C’mon GJOs – now’s your chanceContinue reading “Scottish Junior Cup Race 30/5/21”

From 26th April we can attend other clubs’ events and City/Shire boundary officially permeable

So starting with Maroc’s Cambus O’May Forest Sprint Wed 28th April, fill yer boots!Still need to be member of SOA/BOF or O club though, pre-entry via forms on websites etc etc. WED 28/4 Cambus O’May (M)WED 5/5   Dunnottar Woods (G)WED 12/5 Denlethen Woods (M) Few more Forest Sprints to go and then GRAMP’s Summer SeriesContinue reading “From 26th April we can attend other clubs’ events and City/Shire boundary officially permeable”

Got a few spare minutes?

Mairi Eades is doing a research project on about why adults in Scotland go orienteering for her uni Sport and Recreation Management degree. Could you spare a few minutes to complete a short questionnaire? Participants must be 18 or over, are living in Scotland (or would normally, if it weren’t for Covid) and currently orContinue reading “Got a few spare minutes?”

Have you peaked yet?

“The slope of these curves varies by task. For example, in sports that rely heavily on physiological fitness—like sprinting 100 meters—the decline of the fitness curve would be steeper than in a sport like alpine climbing or orienteering, where pure fitness matters less and wisdom gained through experience matters more.”(Outside Online An Ode to Aging)Continue reading “Have you peaked yet?”

Crathes 6/12 Results

We misinterpreted the messages about “Guides” and “car parks” and weren’t expecting a very well supported open air market going on full swing in the Guides’ field. Thanks to Sam and Lesley for taking it all in their Organiser/Planner stride and organising some impromptu parking marshalling on top of hanging the last few controls thisContinue reading “Crathes 6/12 Results”

Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week 2020

Have you spotted the articles going up on the SOA site highlighting the achievements and contributions of various individuals? Heidi Ross and Marie Bernards of AUOC were in the spotlight on Tuesday. They’re doing a great job currently coaching via Zoom amongst other things to help keep AUOC fired up about orienteering and it’s obviouslyContinue reading “Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week 2020”

Sam’s in the Squads!

Congratulations to Sam Griffin on his selection for the ScotJOS Squad and the British Orienteering Talent Squad Tier 1. Despite the lack of events this year, Sam’s been keeping fit with lots of running and cycling and we had wondered if he would be able to remember how to orienteer still but any concerns wereContinue reading “Sam’s in the Squads!”

Glen Dye snaps and thoughts

Well, who would have thought all that mud, marsh, bog and assorted wet stuff would have produced so many excited, grinning faces? We’re a weird bunch! It’s been a very strange few weeks as what was supposed to have been a simple little local event firstly attracted folk from far, far further afield than we’dContinue reading “Glen Dye snaps and thoughts”

MapRunF: how to amend your results for missing controls

For the geeky amongst you here’s an advantage to using MapRunF rather than MapRun: you can review, amend and re-submit your splits to include controls that didn’t ping for whatever reason. On the grounds that many folk are self-timing and will be running straight through the control sites rather than waiting for a ping, I’mContinue reading “MapRunF: how to amend your results for missing controls”