Summer Series Scolty 3/7/19


Revised for Yann Newey running his first Short Tech.

Sorry, we ran out of Short Technical maps so some people did a shortened version of the Long Technical course, very similar to Short Technical

Haven’t distinguished between those who did the Map Memory version of Long Tech as seems most had prior knowledge of the area and control sites or admitted to sensibly ‘cheating’ in order to beat the clock and be back by 8pm (much appreciated.)

Balmedie on Sunday!Balmedie on Sunday!Are you enjoying the challenge of the training elements? Do you think it’s making a difference? You’ll find out at Balmedie on Sunday! EEE by Saturday tea time please.

5 thoughts on “Summer Series Scolty 3/7/19

  1. Hi!
    We’d love to have you run at Scolty. We use Emit and will lend you some, no problem. Just come and find us in the Scolty car park at 18:00 and register then.

    See you soon!

  2. Dear Organizers,
    My name is Agoston Ember, and we will spend few days in Scotland, nearby your event (we will have accomodation in Tarland), Is it possible to take part on your orienteering run event the 3rd July? We have own SIAC chips, with numbers, this would be great to run an event in Scotland during our holiday 🙂
    Best regards,

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