Balgownie 29th June Results

Below are the results from tonight’s event at Danestone. Many Thanks to Sam & Lesley for planning and to David for helping collect controls afterwards.

Good luck to Sam Griffin who is off in the next few weeks to Portugal to the Junior World Champs, and to David who is off to Italy for the World Masters Champs.

1Hazel Nicholson w21 GRAMP         16.21
2Magnus Huthwaite +2 m3 GRAMP 28.32
3Margaret Aust w70 GRAMP             39.40

1Olivia Coman w20 GRAMP           29.18
2Ros Nicholson w55 GRAMP          34.26
3Lennon & Neil Atchison m10       59.23                                  GRAMP

1Sam Griffin m18 GRAMP                   21.35
2Matthew Thompson m35 GRAMP  23.46
3Calum McLeod m21 GRAMP            27.08
4Hugh Nicholson m55 GRAMP           27.53
5Tim Griffin m55 GRAMP                    28.14
6Phil Campbell m35 GRAMP               32.19
7Dennis McDonald m55 GRAMP        34.10
8Bob Sheridan m55 MAROC               34.42
9Eddie Coman m55 GRAMP                38.52
10Iain McLeod m60 GRAMP              41.46
11David Esson m40 GRAMP              42.50

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