Urban Sprint @ Westhill 17/8/22

Next up, the Grassies are hosting us at Westhill.

One course 3.4km   Orange/Medium standard
with an option to shorten it to 3.3km
(That’s as the crow flies – actual distance covered in urban is about 1.5 times further and Donald tells me optimum route at Westhill is 5.1km)

MapRun so you’ll need a phone with MapRun 6 app loaded – see below for more info.
Paper maps will be provided, A4, 1:4,000

Registration: 17:30-ish to 18:40
Starts: 18:00 to 18:45
Courses close: 20:15
Fees: £5 Senior, £2.50 Junior/Student – contactless payment preferred
Please note that to comply with British Orienteering insurance requirements juniors under 16 should be accompanied by an adult.

Parking is at Elrick Primary School, Rowan Drive, Westhill.
what3words: verve.coconuts.magpie

Urban maps have some special symbols so make sure you know what’s Out of Bounds (olive green) or can’t be crossed (thick black lines) as it’s private property.
This mock up of an urban map explains Sprint (ISSOM) symbols in more detail.

MapRun 6 info
– download Maprun 6 onto your phone prior to coming if you don’t already have it
– enter your personal details (you will have to do it anyway before you start if you haven’t used the app before)
– under options and settings (select “Line” under event type – it just shows the leg line on the courses

Urban O means you may have to cross roads and although speed limit is 30mph in Westhill there’s still potential for a serious collision so ca’ canny, look both ways and don’t risk it for the sake of a few seconds please. Also take care when running round blind corners so as not to flatten any unsuspecting locals and give dogs a wide berth.
Oh, and try not to grin too much while you’re having fun dashing round the urban ‘maze’ as your face will really ache the next day.

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