Celebrating our 50th with new-look club tops

Click on the image above to enlarge it.
N.B. this is a low res image to avoid clogging up your device with umpteen MB!
The contours will be much sharper on the finished articles so watch out for folk
following you closely at Glen Dye trying to use them to navigate.

Thanks to Ros we have the chance to refresh our orienteering wardrobes with some great new-look kit featuring two lots of contours, taken from Robin Sloan’s original 1972 Blackhall map and the updated 2022 Glen Dye map, plus a new take on our strapline:
“50 years of running on the wild side”.
Choose from tech Ts, O tops or running jacket designs – or all three if you really want to spoil yourself!

To avoid wastage we won’t be holding a large stock as we have done in the past but instead you need to decide, order and pay by 23rd April. If you want more info on the design, styles, prices etc and missed Ros’s email last week then shout out asap to webmaster@grampoc.com.

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