Glen Dye Sun 30/30/23 Results

BOF results/rankings

Many thanks to Planner Bob Daly and Controller Andy Oliver (MAROC) for taking care of the technical challenge provided today and Organiser Laura Farquharson for heading up today’s team of volunteers: Ros, Hugh, Neil, Alasdair, Kirsty, Paul, Judy, Rachel, Helen, David, Gareth, Dennis and Ian.

As promised, the courses cherry picked all the best bits left in Glen Dye and thus gave some of us the chance to visit parts we’d never seen before. Also gave some of us (me!) the chance to realise after a bit of a break from orienteering that although basic O skills never fade, some – like making doubly sure you know which control you’ve got to visit next – definitely need working on in time for the 6 Days!! Chapeau to Bob for catching me out with the old classic ‘controls-in-a-line’ ploy. 😉

Nice to see some familiar faces getting back into the swing of things after a long break from orienteering and equally all the new faces eager to have a go. Some youngsters were so eager in fact that many would have set off without punching the Start if we hadn’t reminded them. And speaking of reminders, make sure you check for ticks – I got a couple just sitting at the Start enjoying the birdsong and a coffee while waiting for you all to arrive.

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