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Scolty – 19/08/2015 – Results

A wonderful evening had by all (thanks Jack), especially the runners who all arrived back just before the rain started for control collection!

Results here



Bennachie – 29/07/2015 – Results

The rain held off, and the hill warmed the tech runners up. Lots of fun had by all!

Results here

Next event in TWO weeks’ time: Countesswells, Wed 12 Aug 2015

Perwinnes Moss – 15/07/15 – Results

Results from the Perwinnes Moss. Those who weren’t there missed a glorious evening of sunshine (and fantastic views from NE corner). The newly updated map was a joy to use … but perhaps mid July is not the best time of year for an event here, given the height of undergrowth! Many thanks to Chris, Margaret, Eilidh (9) and Rhuraidh (6) for setting it all up.

Perwinnes Moss Results 15-07-2015

Next week – Tollohill

Mulloch – 8/7/15 – Results

Thank-you to everyone turning out last night, giving a good show for the Sports Minister, I hope you enjoyed your runs. My apologies to those on the long tech who got caught out by the control number change – as we don’t process the event fully with splits I can’t make any adjustments to times. Extra points to Heather who enjoyed it so much, she did two courses!

Thanks to all who helped out organising the car park, downloading and control collecting, all very much appreciated.


NEXT WEEK – 15 July – at Perwinnes Moss


Junior Gramps at the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon

Congratulations to Lachlan and Keith for taking their dads for a run round Coniston this weekend in the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon. Tricky control sites (some even missing) and poor visibility on Day1 all adding to the fun.

Keith and Dad 3rd in Wansfell class; Lachlan and Dad 13th in Harter Fell class; and congrats also to Jake and Dad (Maroc), 12th in Bedafell class.


Glen Dye Summer Series – Wed 1st July


Results from a great evening eyeing up the blaeberry crop for later in the summer …

Next week’s event is at Mulloch (near Knockburn Loch, SE of Banchory).
BTW Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health is coming along to find out about orienteering ahead of WOC2015.

Balmedie Results – 17 June 2015

Congratulations to all brave enough to defy the mind boggling, leg sapping, shoe filling dunes of Balmedie. I am glad to report that all returned and enjoyed a hearty BBQ afterwards. Many thanks to Ailsa for the courses and to Murray for sorting out the electronic gadgetry that was playing up … results HERE.

This event marked the final of the Grampian Adventure Challenge 2015 with the winners Maersk successfully defending their trophy. Well done everyone for tackling some tough courses! Don’t forget there is an event every Wed through the summer (except 5th August), everyone welcome.

Next event is Cheyne Hill near Stonehaven (tight for parking, so please car share as much as possible).

Foggieton SS 13/5/15 Results

Thanks to Jonathan for a great start to the series with fabulous weather too. Great to see so many new and old faces. Thanks for coming, and spread the word!

Some close results on the easy course – Duncan and Olivia only a few seconds apart they will need to pat close attention in the training sessions to keep that up … Well done also to Mark Stockton for the winning time on long course, even with most the map missing.

Results here (Grampian Activity Challenge results to follow … too complicated for a mere mortal like me)

See you all at Tyrebagger next week.

CompassPoint SOL4 – Glen Dye – 3rd May

mini-glen-dyeThe fabulous Glen Dye area was the setting for CompassPoint SOL4

As you’ll have noticed, there was not much dappled sunshine flowing between the trees (as in the photo) … it was flowing all right, but the wet stuff not the sunshine.  Congratulations and thanks to you all for participating and helping in such drenching conditions.

Results are now finalised:

Results by Courses
Splits by Course
Results by Age Class
Splits by Age Class

Here’s the links to Winsplits, Splitsbrowser and to Routegadget.
And BOF results with Ranking Points


Here are the Pre-O results and course solution sheet.  Well done to the four people who had all four correct answers!

(N.B. On the solution sheet:-  Z controls were those where no kite was correctly placed, and the solution sheet indicates where a correctly-placed kite would have been placed by “Z”).


Final Details

Forest Sprint – Tollohill – 24/04/15 – Results

Thanks to all who came along, hope you enjoyed it, even those who came from Balmy Banchory to the Haberdeen Haar. Congratulations to Janne for a flying run.


Keith Y

Grampian Adventure Challenge 2016

have you got
Shell Shearwater are this year’s well deserved champions. Congratulations!


Final Scores

Top 3 women’s and top 3 men’s scores make up the score for the night. The series result is based on the team’s best 4 events. Individual totals are also based on your best 4 scores.

Contact the Event Safety Workshop Coordinator

Forest Sprint Series 2015 Fridays 10th April to 15th May

Sprint O is great fun – lots of controls in quick succession in a relatively short distance and fast running alone is no use in this discipline if it’s of the headless chicken variety! You really have to look closely at the map, make snap decisions about route choice, execute them quickly and cleanly while all the time trying to read a jiggling map and watch where your feet are going. Give it a go.

April 10th  Countesswells GRAMP  Results  Splits
April 17th   Tilliefourie MAROC
  Results and splits
April 24th  Tollohill GRAMP  
Results  Splits
May 1st      Tilqhuillie MAROC  Results and splits
May 8th     Scolty GRAMP Results
May 15th   Dess MAROC  Results

Overall results

One course TD3 or Orange standard, about 3km, with lots of controls and route choice in a relatively small area so full on concentration required just as much as fleet feet. Great for developing Juniors too if accompanied by a TD3 standard runner. Best 4 scores out of 6 will count towards the FSS league results. Overall results can be found on the MAROC website. Registration: 18:00 to 18:50 Starts: 18:30 to 19:15 Fees: £4 Senior, £2.50 Junior/Student For a poster to display at work or wave under the noses of interested friends and tempt them along click here. .

Summer Series 2015

Summer Series events – fun friendly events with something for everyone on Wed evenings. Events will have an easy (white/yellow standard), medium (orange standard) and two ‘as hard as we can make it’ courses of different lengths.
Starts  6-7pm, courses close 8pm (tbc). Seniors £3, students/juniors £1


13th May     Foggieton*               Results
20th May     Tyrebagger*             Results
27st May      Dunnottar*                Results   
3rd June      Crathes*                   Results
10th June    Hazlehead*              Results 
17th June    Balmedie* + BBQ     Results
24th June    Cheyne Hill              Results 
1st July       Glen Dye                  Results
8th July       Mulloch                         Results               
15th July     Perwinnes Moss       Results
22nd July    Tollo Hill        –CANCELLED —
29th July     Bennachie                Results
5th Aug       No event – all at WOC/Scottish 6 Days
12th Aug     Countesswells          Results
19th Aug     Scolty                            Results
26th Aug     Templars Park + BBQ    Results

…and then on to the Urban Series   Results

Guide to O map symbols and control descriptions

Junior Attendance Awards
The more events you attend, the higher the award you’ll get. 3 for Bronze, 6 for Silver, 10 for Gold.

have you got*This year, the Summer Series incorporates the Grampian Adventure Challenge for teams of 8 at the venues marked by an asterisk.
Check the GAC post for results and comments and contact email.

Please help promote the Summer Series by displaying this poster somewhere and/or talking to your friends about it. It’s the ideal intro to orienteering and a great family thing to do.


Crathes Level C colour coded event – 22 Feb 2015

Crathes 22Feb15 Results   Crathes 22Feb15 Splits    BOF results pages c/w ranking points

Draw your routes at Routegadget2 here.
Analyse your split times at Winsplits here.

Many thanks to all the helpers for their labours in the cold sleety weather.

Brown   7.4 km  – very hard
Blue      5.6 km   – very hard
Green   4.3 km   – very hard
Light Green 3.0 km  – hard
Orange  2.5 km  – medium
Yellow   1.8 km  – easy
White    1.2 km  – very easy

GRAMP CHAMPS and (JD)2C event
Emit timing

Organiser: Gareth Yardley
Planner: Sam Gomersall
Controller: Steve Spencer

Situations Vacant

Gramp events requiring organisers/planners for 2017-18

Last updated 20 Sep 2017

Please contact me if you want to help.

DNC – locations/dates tbc



CompassPoint SOL4 – Glen Dye 03/05/15

Glen Dye

CompassPoint Scottish Orienteering League Race 4, Glen Dye, 3rd May 2015

Start times now on Oentries

A heady mix of fast, open woodland and lower visibility intricate contour detail, Glen Dye has been described as one of the best areas in Britain: Come and experience it for yourself!

Glen Dye, nr Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Lat, Long (WGS84)                          56.992188,-2.578468
OS Grid Reference                          NO649891
Nearest postcode                            AB31 6LS
Google maps


Travel Directions
Event will be signed from B976/B974 junction in Strachan, near Banchory.
If approaching from South on B974 the event is not signed till the forked junction that has a distinctive black and yellow AA phone box. Picture here.
If approaching from West along B976 there is any earlier junction at Feughside in that can be used (in which case please be aware runners may be crossing) otherwise continue to Strachan and follow signs from there.
Nearest public toilets in Bellfield Carpark on B974 in Banchory.

Parking is along forest tracks. Exit is back along same track so we ask for everyone to arrive by 12pm and not to leave before 12.30pm to minimise grid lock.
Maximum distance to assembly about 800m.
Large vehicles and anyone needing to leave before 12.30 pm should use the roadside parking and walk up the track to assembly (approx. 800m).
The track runs through the competition area. All forest areas to either side of the track are out of bounds to competitors, except for an area around assembly. There is a marshalled crossing point on the track near the entrance runners have priority at this crossing. If asked to park at far end of track you will pass assembly and people returning from finish. Please drive with great care.

Event Times
Registration 9.45-am to 12pm. Collect you backup cards and brikkes, white and yellow maps.
Starts 10.30am – 1pm. Start times should be available on Oentries midweek prior to the event.
PreO 10am – 1pm
Courses close – 3pm

Entries via Oentries. Closing date 26th April 2015. Entries on the day subject to map availability (non-league). Please see SOL rules page for more information of class eligibility.
Seniors on TD5 courses £12 (£2 supplement for non-BOF members)
Juniors/students and seniors and non-TD5 courses £5

Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.

Assembly is in a track junction area and will contain event registration, preO registration, download, results, first aid, cake stalls and toilets.
There will be an area of forest nearby available for (small) club tents, spectating etc. The ground is rough and uneven.

Emit timing will be used – no charge to hire a brikke, but lost brikkes will be charged at £40. Brikkes and backup cards with each competitor’s name and start number should be collected from registration. Please insert correct card firmly into your brikkes, or ask if you have any problems.
PDF guide to using Emit
Video guide to using Emit

One start for all courses, 400 m, flat but rather boggy, walk from assembly, with Pre-O on way.
There will be two finishes, both close to assembly.

Courses as per SOL rules. Apologies, but we are unable to offer a string course.
Some longer courses will cross roads, consequently no runners aged under 16 on day of event may run short brown, brown, or black courses (British Orienteering 2014 rules 14.21 & 14.22).

Course Technical Difficulty Class Length (km) Climb (m)
Black 5 M-E 12.3 570
Brown 5 W-E M18 M20 M21 M35 M40 9.5 470
Short Brown 5 W21 M45 M50 M21S 8.0 335
Blue 5 W18 W20 W35 W40
M16 M55 M60 M35S M40S
6.4 330
Short Blue 5 W45 W50 W21S
M18S M20S M65 M45S M50S
5.3 170
Green 5 W16 W55 W60 W35S W40S
M70 M60S M55S
4.6 185
Short Green 5 W18S W20S W65 W70 W75 W80 W50S W55S W60S W45S
M75 M80 M70S M65S
3.5 170
Light Green 4 W14 W16B M14 M16B 3.5 150
Orange 3 W12 W14B M12 M14B 3.2 145
Yellow 2 W10 W12B M10 M12B 2.0 70
White 1 W10B M10B 1.2 40

SHADOWING – parents are reminded they should declare if they are actually helping a junior competitor as opposed to following. Assisted juniors are competitive in their colour course (e.g. White) but not in age class (e.g. W10B). If you are the ‘shadower’ then you must have completed your own race before undertaking any shadowing.

COURSE NOTES – On all courses, except Short Green, Green and Short Blue, there is a compulsory crossing of the track used to access the car parking. The only traffic on this track will be orienteers’ vehicles. This crossing point will be marshalled and runners will be given priority.

The three longest courses, Black, Brown and Short Brown, cross a minor public road. These crossings will not be marshalled and care should be exercised by competitors on these courses.

There are no road crossings on the other courses.

Competitors are not allowed to run along the roads or along the car parking track.

White and Yellow Courses: There are few prominent paths in the forest, so the linear features followed by the White and Yellow courses are mainly rides. These are not very clear in places and can be confused with more recent vehicle ruts. Rides will be marked with red and white tape where not distinct. White and yellow “smiley faces” and “frowning faces” will be used to confirm correct route choices where there is a risk of confusion. Examples will be on display at registration. Parents please ensure that children on these courses are aware.

All competitors must report to download, whether or not they have completed the course.

Blank maps will be on display at assembly and in start boxes. Maps for all courses are at 1:10,000 scale. The map has been revised, for significant changes, in March-April 2015 for this event, including extensive revision of the vegetation mapping. In some areas the vegetation boundaries are indistinct and the density of trees very variable. Vegetation boundaries, unless shown as “distinct vegetation boundary” should not be relied on for detailed navigation. In areas of open mature pine forest an understorey of scattered small spruce trees is growing up. Patches of small spruce trees are only mapped where likely to significantly impede progress. Extensive areas of windblow are shown as dark green. Areas of dense bracken are not shown on the map since, at this time of year, the dead bracken does not impede runnability.

We are pleased to offer some Trail-O style controls between assembly and start. Entry is free and optional, but please remember to allow extra time on way to start.
PreO is a short version of TrailO, giving you the opportunity to warm up your brain as well as your body before you run. Usually there are four or five controls, with a number of kites a short distance into the terrain from the path at each control. The challenge is to identify which kite (if any) is on the correct feature as indicated by the map and control description at that control, but you must remain on the path to view the kites and make your decision. You can enter by collecting a map at assembly, and it’s free. Correct answers and some notes on each control site will be on the web after the event. For more information on TrailO, take a look at

Competitors must wear clothing that fully covers their torso and legs (British Orienteering 2014 rule 10.1, 14.12). Cagoules may be made compulsory if weather is particularly bad. It is recommended that competitors also carry a whistle.

Glen Dye has had problems with Larch tree infections in the past. We do not want to risk introducing any new infections or risk spreading anything from Glen Dye to other areas by transferring spores around.
BEFORE EVENT: All clothing and especially FOOTWARE must be clean and free from mud or vegetation debris from other areas.
AFTER EVENT: Thoroughly clean and dry all clothing and FOOTWARE before using elsewhere.
More information here.

Glen Dye has ticks. Please check yourselves carefully after the event and remove any ticks promptly. More information here.

First Aid
The British Red Cross is providing first aid cover for the event. They will be located in the assembly area.

Organiser – Helen Rowlands and John Lang (GRAMP)
Planner – Ian Hamilton (GRAMP)
Controller – Brian Bullen (FVO)

Naomi Lang (Gramp) is raising money for her World Challenge trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in Summer 2016 and will be selling fresh lemonade, scrumptious smoothies and an assortment of cakes …
Also there will be a donation box for contributions to the Nepal Disaster Emergency Committee fundraising and the Langs will match the money made from the cakes etc and add it to the DEC fundraising pot, so the more cake and lemonade consumed the more we will raise for DEC/Nepal.
WORLD SCHOOLS ORIENTEERING CHAMPIONS, Banchory Academy, will be providing hot drinks and cakes in order to raise funds to defend their title …
Look out for the stalls somewhere near download and come and get fueled up after your run!

Many thanks to Fasque and Glen Dye Estates for permission to use the area.

Must be kept under close control at all times. Lambing fields border the forest and it is imperative that the animals are not disturbed.

Portaloos near assembly. Nearest public toilets in Banchory.

In line with the recommendation in the British Orienteering Child Welfare Policy and Procedures, any person wishing to take video, zoom or close range photography should register their details with the organiser before carrying out any such photography. The organisers reserve the right to decline entry to any person unable to meet or abide by the organiser’s conditions.

In the event of cancellation of the event for whatever reason, the organisers reserve the right to retain all or part of entry fees paid to cover expenses incurred or committed up to the point of cancellation.

GRAMP Data Privacy Policy

Scolty Score – 18/01/2015

Here are the Results and Splits for today’s event at Scolty:

Score Results    Score Splits

White Results    White Splits

Routegadget has now been loaded up for the Score classes, so please put up your routes!  Just click here.

Congratulations to Mark Stockton who showed us all how it should be done.

Route Mark Stockton

Comments on your punching at the Start and the Finish:

Several of you are not very good at it !

– Quite a few failed to punch the Start.  This would normally disqualify you.  However we have been generous and estimated your start times based on your first control punch time.

– A couple of you failed to punch at the Finish.  This would also normally disqualify you.  However we have been generous and used your download time as your finish time.

If you’re unsure how to use the Emit timing chip provided to you, please ask at Registration.

Today’s Courses:

White – 1.7 km linear course (collect controls in specified order, no route choice) all on paths but unsuitable for buggies.

Short Score
45 minutes time limit. Penalties: 5 points deducted for every minute (or part) over time limit
Controls are all worth 10 points each
Straight line route length to collect all controls approx 3.5km

Long Score
75 minutes time limit. 10 points deducted for every minute (or part) over time limit.
Controls have different point values (10 and 20)
Straight line route length to collect all controls approx 8km but will require navigation at TD5 level to achieve

Raemoir DNC 17/12/2014

Many thanks to all those who turned up for event at Raemoir, to Gareth for the challenging courses, and the hosptality of the Raemoir Hotel (including a heater!).

Raemoir Results

Raemoir Splits


Templars Park – Wed 27th – Results

photo 4Results

We can’t claim sole credit for the idea – I remember a similar version (without the Linear part) being put on by our Pres some years ago.

With any new format, it’s tricky to know how people will pick up the idea. Unfortunately some people thought that the Invisible Score controls could be picked up along the way, whilst doing the Linear part. As long as people completed the Linear part, no one is marked as DNF, but extra controls they got during the Linear Part were not counted. We enjoyed putting it on. I’m going to do a very normal Sprint Course for my Hillhead & Seaton event! Dave
There are some photos taken at Templars over on our Flickr site – last 5 come courtesy of David Esson’s phone and this is one of them. (My camera has a dial on the side for different modes and I nudged it onto something that made them all very dark. Managed to salvage enough to make it worth publishing but some of them have had a bit of artistic licence applied.)

Want to know where all 28 controls where?
Read ’em and weep…. All Controls Map

Junior Attendance Awards were duly awarded although it was difficult to get some of the “Juniors” to stop toasting marshmallows long enough to accept their chocs and certs.

As we haven’t been counting points at all this year, we decided to give out prizes for various more lighthearted categories.

Most amazing thing found/heard/seen while out on your course:
Bil Caffyn found a legible map in the heather at Cheyne Hill for last year’s course
Most easily distracted: Helen Rowlands for playing on the aerial runway at Haddo
Earliest Bird Award: Phil Campbell – always first to arrive and run
Muddiest: Joel Gooch at Scolty
Most dedicated and determined (aka Value For Money): Sheena Farqhar
Best dressed picnic table: Lynsey and George Esson
Most improved: Paul Caffyn
Most SS 2014 events attended: David Esson

(If your name’s on the list and you weren’t there to collect then ask at the next event you go to and we’ll make arrangements to get it to you.)

Don’t forget that next Wednesday sees the start of the Autumn Urban Sprints

Bennachie SS 20/08/14 Results

Despite the midges and light rain coming and going ,I have rarely seen so many smiling faces at the end of a tough orienteering event. It makes the job of planning so much more pleasant. Thanks to Helen A for her condes skills and to David Kirk, Lachlan and Paul ,and Helen R and Keith for help in taking in the controls. I ran out of Short Tech maps and David K ran a curtailed Long in a good time. Thanks for coming.


Neil McLean

Perwinnes SS 13/8/14 Results

Many thanks to Ian H for stepping in to run the Perwinnes Moss event, especially on such a soggy day. Well done to all those that made it.


Two more Summer Series events – Bennachie and Templars (with BBQ) – last chances for juniors to upgrade their attendance award and for everyone to get some training in before the big weekend of Balgownie Urban SOUL7 and Glen Dye colour coded on 30 and 31 August. Get you entries in and please consider if you can offer the organisers/planners any support running the events, just an hour or so manning a post before or after you run makes a huge difference to the overall work load. No previous experience necessary. All sort of jobs going: helping set up (signs, tents etc), registration, meet and greet, download, road marshalls, parking marshalls, packing up, collecting controls … and more!

Other Gramp events coming up soon (that also require volunteers!):
Autumn Urban League 3 September – 1st October
Tyrebagger level C on Sunday 21 September
Street O round 2 – 8th October to 12 November
‘Race the sand castles’ at Forvie on Sunday 19th October
… and onto the Deeside Night Cup with Maroc
Don’t forget the AGM on Saturday 6th Dec and Xmas Novelty event on the Sunday.


Two Gramp Juniors get their first taste of a mountain marathon

Lachlan Kirk and Keith Yardley spent their weekend having a go at a mountain marathon, generally the preserve of adults. The Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon has a class called ‘Bedafell’ specifically  for parent and child, where the child is aged 14-18. Lachlan did it with his dad and got a fantastic third place. Keith and his mum came 17th (28 in class).

For those who know the Lakes, the event was in the Helvellyn area. A tough Day 1 course took them up Deepdale, over a 700m col, all the way back down Grisedale almost to Ullswater before going across Glenridding, up and over Raise to Helvellyn and then descending to Thirlmere. Day 2 started with steep ascent up Fairfield, over Hart Crag, into Deepdale, back up the first col, along St Sunday Crag before descending back into Deepdale for a very well deserved Cumberland Sausage dinner.

Well done guys!

The course was the same as a ‘normal class’ called Wansfell, where Lachlan and dad would have beaten the winners and Keith and mum would have come 28th (ish) of about 100 entries. Really well done guys!

At the other end of the courses, Gareth Yardley and Dave Thompson entered the elite solo class called ‘Klets’ and came 4th and 14th respectively (or 2nd and 6th Vets if you prefer). Great work all round.

Dunnottar 11/6/14 – Results

I hope everyone enjoyed Dunnottar last week, not too muddy or slippy and the nettles weren’t so bad if you thought about all the Peacock butterflies they are supporting. Did anybody stop for a bit of bodging? I liked their smoky-wood-shavings-midge-repellent idea (is that what it was for?).

Here are the finalised results (thanks for your patience), with 2 or 3 small changes and one corrected time (for Craig C.)
Dunnottar Results 11June2014.

How will they impact the Grampian Adventure Challenge results? Although most of the weekend’s LAMM particpants were out zooming round, one Maersk member that has been getting them a few points at previous events was absent (tired legs? scared of nettles?).

Gramps at the LAMM

Congratulations to all those Gramps recovering from the weekend’s exertions at the LAMM in Strathcarron … LAMM Team Gomersall

A class: Tim Gomersall & Ryan McHenry 3rd
C class: Jack Gomersall & Anna Wells 2nd
D class: Sam & Lesley Gomersall 2nd
Elite class: Dave Thomson & Gareth Yardley 1st Vets (of those that didn’t podium)

And other names spotted in the lists… Ian Hamilton, Dave and Liz Kirk (any others? No club filter to help the search so leave a comment).

Tempted at having a go at a mountain marathon? How about Gramp’s own GMC in November? If you need a lightweight rucsac perhaps ask the Gomersalls, they may have some going spare …LAMM Vets


Foggieton Summer Series – 4/6/2014 Results

Well done to all those who braved the wild wet woods of Foggieton last Wednesday. Hands up who knew how big that hidden quarry was before hand!


Next event at Dunnottar Woods, Stonehaven

Hazelhead Summer Series 28/5/14 Results


Well, that was a blast of fun thanks to Iain McLeod’s cunning use of two maps at different scales to keep us on our toes. What’s the verdict on Doug’s new map? Makes the old campsite area feel quite different at that scale?

And hands up who got tricked into running across that nice open field on the way to number 2 on ST and LT courses only to find themselves trapped by high fences and gate?
At least one Junior squeezed under the gate pretty easily…  and one Senior was game enough to admit trying to follow suit and getting stuck. They must have been having visions of having to wait a few days with no food like Winnie the Pooh when he got stuck in Rabbit’s front door.

“So daily and nightly
The Pooh’s been shrinking slightly
And mind over matter
Will make the Pooh unfatter.”

Lyrics from ‘Songs from Walt Disney’s Winnie the Pooh and other children’s favourites’ Vinyl LP 1966
I’ll lend it to you if you want to hear the whole thing (and still have the technology to play it). They don’t write ’em like that anymore.


Crathes Level C – Sun 18th May Results

Final Results              BOF results incl ranking points
Final Splits                 Winsplits
Routegadget  (all roads lead to RG2 these days – see Nopesport for tips on getting this to work or how to alter the url to get back to RG1)

A big apology to all those who thought they’d EEEed via the form here on the website only to be told that the message hadn’t come through. I’ve discovered your entries quarantined in a spam trap on the website server but can’t figure out why the system should have taken against your particular messages as they contain nothing different from those that did get through.

Anyway, thanks for patiently filling in an EOD stub instead and thanks also to everyone for your patience and understanding when your download was delayed slightly while we tried to catch up with the stub entries. Thanks also to those Juniors who readily donated their Orange maps so that everyone could get a run, much appreciated.

What wasn’t appreciated was the arrogant tosser of a brikke in the general direction of download while stomping past in a huff due to his bad run. Many other folk mispunched or DNFed too but still took the time to wait and tell us and hand in their brikke in a civilised fashion. (Rant over!)

We had 127 entries in the end including some very keen Juniors who went round two courses and would have done more if Registration hadn’t closed. Well done guys! In case you’re wondering, your second runs are shown as nc or non-competitive as you had already been out into the competition area.


Mulloch Forest Sprint – Friday 25th April

Hope you all enjoyed your run, the haar adding that bit of special Grampian atmosphere (seemed particulary keen on hanging round people’s glasses).

Results      Splits

Balmedie Middle Distance Event – 13 April 2014 Results

Lovely day out at Balmedie with a very good turnout.

I hope the dog enjoyed nicking Paul’s sandwiches!  … hard luck Paul, but some consolation in winning the Green!



Planner : Neil McLean
Day Planner : Alex MacLachlan
Controller : Chris Lowe (Maroc)
Organiser : Helen Anderson


2014 Forest Sprint Series Fridays

Sprint O is great fun – lots of controls in quick succession in a relatively short distance and fast running alone is no use in this discipline if it’s of the headless chicken variety! You really have to look closely at the map, make snap decisions about route choice, execute them quickly and cleanly while all the time trying to read a jiggling map and watch where your feet are going. Give it a go.

11th Tollohill GRAMP  Results Splits
18th No event – too busy eating Hot Cross Buns
25th Mulloch  GRAMP  Results Splits

2nd Bogendriep  MAROC  Results
9th Scolty  GRAMP    Results   Splits
16th Sluie  MAROC    Results Splits
23rd Glen O’Dee MAROC  Results

Overall scores post-Glen O’Dee now on the Maroc website.
Big congratulations to wor Alex Maclachlan for taking top spot from many keen and nippy Marocs!



Forvie DNC – 29 Jan 2014

A good, dry, night had by all. Everybody who went out came back (always a relief). Results linked below, routegadget to follow …


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WED 21/4  Tollohill (Shire)
WED 5/5   Dunnottar Woods  (Shire)

18/4 Perwinnes Moss

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Or do one of our Temporary Orienteering Courses if we’ve got one out at the moment – see the TOC post for info.

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