Forvie Night-O – Results 20/1/2016

Thanks to everyone for participating tonight.  Sorry I couldn’t make the printer work; results are linked below.  Such a good evening I couldn’t resist collecting in the controls.  Crossed the moor in the moonlight with my torch off watching a faint aurora just visible against the moonlight.  Nearly lost myself at one point when IContinue reading “Forvie Night-O – Results 20/1/2016”

DNC Tyrebagger results 6/1/16

Not such a bad night despite the forecast and oddly the worst wet bits were gigantic puddles on the main tracks and not the stream that bisects the area E-W as expected. There were about four people who complained about location of control 167 (I suspect they were right), most said they found it noContinue reading “DNC Tyrebagger results 6/1/16”

DNC Glen Dye Part 2 9/12/15 Results

A very wet but thankfully warm (OK – tepid) night and most folk got a real drooking half way round. It was still raining so much by the time Helen finished that she drove 20m to the Chillimobile rather than get her spare dry clothes wet! ***UPDATE***     Amended Results  Splits Control 172 was incorrectly placedContinue reading “DNC Glen Dye Part 2 9/12/15 Results”

DNC Glen Dye Part 1 25/11/15 Results

Hot off the press – results (revised 26/11/15) and splits. Routegadget now loaded too. Interesting to see how you all coped with Pete’s long legs across those large areas of nothingness in a variety of different ways. Mine was to chicken out completely and refuse to run at all as my bearings are rubbish atContinue reading “DNC Glen Dye Part 1 25/11/15 Results”

Night O at Hazlehead, Wed 28th October – Results

The clocks have gone back and we have the Deeside Night Cup to illuminate your Wednesday evenings.  First event was an introductory event at Hazlehead on Wednesday 28th October on a damp and rather misty evening.  There were three courses: Long Technical – 5.0km Short Technical – 3.1 km Orange – 2.8 km Here areContinue reading “Night O at Hazlehead, Wed 28th October – Results”

Scolty DNC 25/2/15 Results

Here are the provisional results from tonight. Thanks to David for some very fast almost sprint-style courses in the northern part of the forest which tempted you to overshoot while enjoying the runnable terrain. 2015-2-25-ScoltyDNC Splits.pdf 2015-2-25-ScoltyDNCResults.pdf  Revised to void the legs on either side of No 4 Apologies from the planner for placing NoContinue reading “Scolty DNC 25/2/15 Results”

Glen Dye DNC 11th Feb results

A beautiful clear, cold evening, about -2 degrees, no wind, no moon, wonderful star-gazing weather! A good entry enjoyed some of the faster terrain in Glen Dye.  The long course descended down through the heather slopes of the western semi-open/rough open moorland.  First time it’s been used at night we think. Results are on theContinue reading “Glen Dye DNC 11th Feb results”

Crathes DNC – 26th Feb 2014 – Results

Here are the Results and Splits for the last DNC event of 2013/14 season.  Click here for Routegadget. Congratulations to all those who took part and braved the damp dark forests and heaths (not much if any snow this year, thankfully). 36 of us enjoyed the post-series curry and prize-giving at Derbar’s in Banchory. SeeContinue reading “Crathes DNC – 26th Feb 2014 – Results”

Glen Dye DNC – 12 Feb 2014 – revised results

The weather turned wild and wet about 3pm, and it was raining as we left Aberdeen to drive up the valley. The rain held off for a little while about 6pm but returned an hour or so later, so we all got rather damp… But Glen Dye is such a cracking area and wonderful toContinue reading “Glen Dye DNC – 12 Feb 2014 – revised results”

Balmedie DNC 15 Jan 2014 – Results

Well, the weather was mild (9°C) but there was wetness in the air which dampened the outsides (but not the spirits) of the 40 people who ran at Balmedie.  Tricky courses on a moonless night…  No 154 in particular was hard, and the prizes go to those who persevered (eh, Ali?). Many thanks to DennisContinue reading “Balmedie DNC 15 Jan 2014 – Results”

Scolty DNC 4th Dec 2013 – Results

Hi to all night-O’ers.  Here are the results for the Scolty DNC event tonight. Scolty Results   Scolty Splits Routegadget is set up here – please add your routes. The event theme was “check your codes”.  There were controls on boulders (over 60m apart – all kosher!) and several people didn’t notice that they punched atContinue reading “Scolty DNC 4th Dec 2013 – Results”

Snow Shoes in the Dunes (Balmedie DNC 5/12/12)

Here are the results and splits for the unusual night-O in the sn-O-w at Balmedie.  It must have felt very strange running the open dunes, with light reflections off the white stuff, and tracks going everywhere. Why not blog your stories on the DNCchat blog? Congratulations to Peter L for winning (comprehensively) his last raceContinue reading “Snow Shoes in the Dunes (Balmedie DNC 5/12/12)”