Tollohill Woods Wed 21st April Results

Yellow Results, Forest Sprint Results Splits Shire’s turn to experience that weird feeling of sort of knowing what you were doing but also knowing you don’t really know at the same time. Took most of us until a couple of controls in before it became second nature again. Thanks to David for providing us withContinue reading “Tollohill Woods Wed 21st April Results”

Hazlehead Wed 7th April Results

Real O Events!!!! YES, they are finally happening! Here are results from Hazlehead – big thanks to David Esson for cranking the SI controls into BST-mode and persuading them they wanted to go and sit in a wood again after their cushty number sitting in his flat all this time and to Gareth Yardley forContinue reading “Hazlehead Wed 7th April Results”

Crathes 6/12 Results

We misinterpreted the messages about “Guides” and “car parks” and weren’t expecting a very well supported open air market going on full swing in the Guides’ field. Thanks to Sam and Lesley for taking it all in their Organiser/Planner stride and organising some impromptu parking marshalling on top of hanging the last few controls thisContinue reading “Crathes 6/12 Results”

DNC 11/11 @ Crathes Results

Short Results SplitsLong Results SplitsRouteGadgetBOF results We parked in the bottom level of the car park initially but swiftly moved up after realising that the heavy rain at ~17:30 was being beautifully backlit by the headlights of cars on the top level and making it look really, really uninviting! We were eventually shamed into gettingContinue reading “DNC 11/11 @ Crathes Results”

Glen Dye snaps and thoughts

Well, who would have thought all that mud, marsh, bog and assorted wet stuff would have produced so many excited, grinning faces? We’re a weird bunch! It’s been a very strange few weeks as what was supposed to have been a simple little local event firstly attracted folk from far, far further afield than we’dContinue reading “Glen Dye snaps and thoughts”

Aberdeen University Urban MapRun 30th Sept 2020 Results

Here’s the results from tonight’s MapRun Event. Great to see so many folk turn up on such after such a wet day, although it did stop raining in the end. Shortest distance covered was 3.1km (I think I measured the shortest route would be 3km) whilst others got more km for their money, some runningContinue reading “Aberdeen University Urban MapRun 30th Sept 2020 Results”

Urban Sprint Danestone 9th Sept Results

Results MapRun results pageClick on anyone’s “Track” link next to their name to get through to the MR RouteGadget and you can replay the race. If you’re wanting back into the MapRun event to adjust your pings (now there’s a phrase you don’t hear very often?) in MapRunF HITMO function the code is 9183. TheContinue reading “Urban Sprint Danestone 9th Sept Results”

Urban Sprint Cove 2nd Sept Results

ResultsMapRun results/RouteGadget I’ve tried to adjust the times for those who were affected by number 8 being in the wrong position by looking at the traces on RouteGadget to see who obviously spent minutes wandering back and forth. Later starters were tipped off and self-timers would have been blissfully unaware anyway so rather than tryContinue reading “Urban Sprint Cove 2nd Sept Results”

Hazlehead Orienteering Sunday 2nd August

Results Woohoo! We’re back in business with a near-normal event today in the southern part of Hazlehead thanks to David Esson. Looks like post-Lockdown event guineapigs, e-payment gizmo and new SI kit all held up well and you didn’t find the C-19 precautions too bothersome? If you’re a non-member reading this looking for something differentContinue reading “Hazlehead Orienteering Sunday 2nd August”

Hogmany Hangover Handicap 2/1/2020 @ Hazlehead Park

Great to see so many enthusiastic juniors charging round the Yellow (with more than a touch of sibling rivalry going on) and some old regulars coming out of the woodwork for some fresh air and a different challenge on the Score. First time I’ve been thanked for making someone’s brain ache – because “it tookContinue reading “Hogmany Hangover Handicap 2/1/2020 @ Hazlehead Park”

Post-AGM Treas-O-re Hunt 8/12/19 Results

Thanks to Dave Kirk for spending a lot of time tramping round Duthie Park and Ferryhill noting down numbers and details on various objects for us to collect on today’s Treas-O-re Hunt. (Presumably he must have worn his best puffa jacket so as not to look too dodgy as no reports in the P&J aboutContinue reading “Post-AGM Treas-O-re Hunt 8/12/19 Results”

Student and Junior Relays Scolty 9/11/19

We hope everyone enjoyed the relays today, it was great to see so many enthusiaistic runners out and about. Thank-you all for joining in. Scolty Relays Overall Results Scolty Relays Splits The winners of the Girls Relay on Katja Neumann’s inspired woodland podium. And here are a couple of shots of the grand procession thatContinue reading “Student and Junior Relays Scolty 9/11/19”

DNC Hazlehead 13/11/19 Results

ResultsSplitsRG (sorry, bit iffy in places as all on an old 1:10,000 map and some of the controls don’t sit quite right but close enough and the Splitsbrowser bit still works fine) Lovely crisp night last night and you could follow footsteps in the frost across the grassy bits. No such easy ride in theContinue reading “DNC Hazlehead 13/11/19 Results”

Forvie 6/10/19 Regional Results

Final ResultsSplitsRouteGadget BOF points (calculated overnight) Any mis-spellings or other errors please contact Apologies for the lack of results display screen today – a slight oversight in the extension cable department. Good to see some tourists from quite far intrigued to give Forvie a go for the first time and seems like you relishedContinue reading “Forvie 6/10/19 Regional Results”

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2019 Final Results

Final points and here by category     Big thanks to all our organisers and everyone who came and ran too. Need both to make a series! . CONGRATULATIONS TO CATEGORY CHAMPS FOR 2019: Samantha McDonald    JU16 (Under 16 and shadowed) Olivia Coman and Sam Griffin           J  (16 – 20) James BallContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2019 Final Results”

Urban Sprints 2/10/19 Aberdeen Uni

Final points and here by category Results and SplitsThese are the right set of results and splits not the Cove ones which I somehow managed to copy across last week. Oops! But nobody said anything so maybe I should have just kept quiet? Thanks to Dennis for leading us round some of the trickier cornersContinue reading “Urban Sprints 2/10/19 Aberdeen Uni”

Urban Sprints 18/9/19 Duthie Park and Ferryhill

Results and Splits Urban Series points after 3 eventsGood to see so many AUOC runners earlier in the series again this year so you can get 3 counting events. Welcome to Aberdeen!  I’ve lumped you all into the Men/Women Open categories but technically you might be in the Junior categories if still under 21? If you spot any mistakesContinue reading “Urban Sprints 18/9/19 Duthie Park and Ferryhill”

Urban Sprints 4/9/19 Westburn and Victoria Parks

Results and Splits Looks like a good turnout, hopefully the rain held off for you all or maybe you like the water cooling while sprinting flat out?  Resident (in every sense of the word) Sprint Champ, Sam Griffin, is off to a flying start in this year’s competition with Katrina McLeod now back in town leadingContinue reading “Urban Sprints 4/9/19 Westburn and Victoria Parks”

Summer Series 28/8/19 Templars Park

Results Thanks to Stuart Anderson for rounding off this year’s Summer Series with a trip down memory lane hurriedly trying to glean just enough info from the master map to get us round. Next time you pick up a pre-printed map and just go you’ll be much more appreciative! Eddy Coman was handing out JuniorContinue reading “Summer Series 28/8/19 Templars Park”

Summer Series 21/8/19 Raemoir

Results The feedback was that the area is pretty rough underfoot so probably not the best for careering downhill, but no injuries and everyone managed to get back to the start. Apologies to Amber Graham who was the only one the end who I didn’t manage to get a time for as the Brikke readerContinue reading “Summer Series 21/8/19 Raemoir”

Summer Series 14/8/19 Mulloch

Results I haven’t distinguished between map memory and the regular course, partly because I think there was some peeking going on, partly because a few people seem to know the area very well*. That said, my hat goes off to the handful of brave souls who went out there without a map for backup!  Apologies toContinue reading “Summer Series 14/8/19 Mulloch”

Summer Series 7/8/19 Perwinnes Moss

Results Many thanks to Zoe and Tim (Maitre de Loops) for a fresh take on Perwinnes Moss in its newly denuded form in the old quarry. Both Technical courses had an option to complete up to 4 memory map mini loops of 2 controls each which went down well with everyone who tried them. Much discussion over tea andContinue reading “Summer Series 7/8/19 Perwinnes Moss”

Summer Series Glen Dye 24/7/19

Results From comments at download and earwigging conversations it seems most folk who took on the contour only map challenge for Long and Short Tech enjoyed the novelty factor and surprised themselves by managing to get their head around all the squiggles more easily than they thought they would and Katrina said she actually enjoyedContinue reading “Summer Series Glen Dye 24/7/19”

Summer Series Dunnottar Woods 17/7/19

ResultsĀ Ā Ā  Apologies for the delay. Work getting in the way as usual. “Wow! That was fun! Just think – some folk pay Ā£50 for the Banchory Beast when they could come to Dunnottar for Ā£4!!” One family said they wanted to give orienteering a try after seeing the Adventure Show coverage of the JOK ChasingContinue reading “Summer Series Dunnottar Woods 17/7/19”

Summer Series Tyrebagger 10/7/19

Results Apologies for the control in the wrong place. Clearly those who read the warning note on the board were less likely to waste time but that is no excuse for my mistake, sorry. Thanks to David, Hugh, Jeremy and Bob for taking in controls as well as to Matthew Thompson an ex-Grampian Junior whoContinue reading “Summer Series Tyrebagger 10/7/19”

Summer Series Scolty 3/7/19

ResultsRevised for Yann Newey running his first Short Tech. Sorry, we ran out of Short Technical maps so some people did a shortened version of the Long Technical course, very similar to Short Technical Haven’tĀ distinguished between those who did the Map Memory version of Long Tech asĀ seems most had prior knowledge of the area andContinue reading “Summer Series Scolty 3/7/19”