Jon Duncan Junior Deeside Cup – rankings after Forvie

Rankings Good to see several of the GJOs taking on the contour challenge at Forvie. Most of you made it out alive and kicking at the other end and even if you didn’t we hope you enjoyed the day anyway. . Only Scolty left to go now to round off this year’s (JD)2C on SundayContinue reading “Jon Duncan Junior Deeside Cup – rankings after Forvie”

GMC 2018: Braemar 10th/11th November

Grampian Mountain Challenge  –  Scotland’s Friendly Sociable Winter Mountain Marathon We hope you all had a wonderful weekend in and around Braemar, we certainly enjoyed hosting our fifth GMC with a fantastic group of competitors, please come back int two years’ time! Here are some provisional results. If you notice any discrepancies please get in touchContinue reading “GMC 2018: Braemar 10th/11th November”

Aberdeen Uni Urban Sprint 27/9/17 Results

Results   Splits A great lesson in reading your control descriptions carefully tonight (Team JFF had photographic evidence of number 5 skulking on the wrong side of the fence to where they were) and if that didn’t catch you out then the straight line belt from 11 to 13 missing out 12 did. Thanks to DavidContinue reading “Aberdeen Uni Urban Sprint 27/9/17 Results”

Porto City Race Night Podium for Pete

2nd M Supervet* in the Night Race on Friday in the build up to the Porto City Race finale on Sunday. When interviewed by our roving reporter, Pete commented “Finally all those freezing cold nights in Deeside have paid off. Cheers!” as he cracked open his prize, a bottle of Poças Tawny Port**, and crankedContinue reading “Porto City Race Night Podium for Pete”

Balgownie Urban Sprint 20/9/17 Results

Results   Splits Couple of folk got caught out by the loop from 10-11-12-13 and  forgot one of the controls. Oops! The rest of us just caught out not reading the map properly around that area and at least two of us realised afterwards that we used key alleyways once but then promptly ignored them a secondContinue reading “Balgownie Urban Sprint 20/9/17 Results”

Westhill Urban Sprint 13/9/17 Results

Results  Splits As always, any spelling mistakes or other corrections please email asap. OK, hands up all those who got caught on the wrong side of the fence between 9 and 10? Thanks to Mark Stockton for another great wee course with some interesting route choices all the way to the end. (And thanksContinue reading “Westhill Urban Sprint 13/9/17 Results”

Duthie Park and Ferryhill Urban Sprint 6/9/17 Results

Results     Sorry, no Splits this week as the laptop was playing up. Hopefully business as usual next week. Thanks to John Lang for several interesting route choices tonight leading to differences of over 500m recorded on different folks’ GPS. Do you take the time to eyeball the differences accurately before committing or do you justContinue reading “Duthie Park and Ferryhill Urban Sprint 6/9/17 Results”

Westburn & Victoria Parks Urban Sprint 30/8/17 Results

Results  Splits (If I’ve mispelled a name or mis-guessed an age group let me know Age groups are used for trophies at the end of the series, best 3 results from 5 count towards your total. I’ll post more on that after a couple of events when I’ve calculated points to date.) Thank youContinue reading “Westburn & Victoria Parks Urban Sprint 30/8/17 Results”

Templars Park Summer Series Grand Finale 16/8/17

Thanks to David Kirk for a brain-bending finale to the Summer Series using some new additions to the fringes of the Templars map to give us a guided tour of part of the hotel grounds next door and some particularly vicious patches of nettles we’ve not visited before. (Top Tip: don’t lose your footing andContinue reading “Templars Park Summer Series Grand Finale 16/8/17”

Scolty Summer Series Results 9/8/17

“Of all the control sites in all the features in all of Scolty Woods, he had to pick mine.” Pete Lawrence, Planner for Scolty Level C in Sept on parts of Calum McLeod’s courses last night A gorgeous sunny evening saw us scampering round the lower levels of Scolty on Middle Distance style courses muchContinue reading “Scolty Summer Series Results 9/8/17”

Scottish 6 Days 2017 Royal Deeside

Back home now after a great holiday in deepest, darkest Deeside and it’s good to see the sea again after a whole week of heathery hillsides, silvery birch and bouldery… bouldery… um… bignesses? (Sorry, been a long and energetic week.) Congratulations to the following successful Gramps: 1st Sam Griffin M14B and Oonagh Grassie W60L 2ndContinue reading “Scottish 6 Days 2017 Royal Deeside”

Sasha running really well at JWOC

SOA website has a post with regular updates on how Scottish athletes are helping Team GB rack up some great results at this year’s JWOC with Sasha playing a big part. In the Middle Sasha comfortably made it through the heats to the A Finals finishing 7th, missing a podium place by only 1 second. In theContinue reading “Sasha running really well at JWOC”

Crathes Summer Series 21/6/17 Results

Results Squelch, squelch, drip, drip, splish, splash, sploooosh… Thanks go to Bob Sheridan for having faith in the hard core bunch of nutters that we all are and still thinking it was worth setting out controls and sitting patiently in the rain waiting for us last night. So many hard core nutters in fact that lateContinue reading “Crathes Summer Series 21/6/17 Results”

Foggieton Summer Series 14/6/17 Results

Results Well done to all those who braved the no paths version of the map, especially the Short Tech runners moving up from Medium or who said they were just getting back into orienteering after a long break. No handrails can be a bit daunting at first but makes you feel very smug when youContinue reading “Foggieton Summer Series 14/6/17 Results”

Team Gomersall wins the LAMM D Class

Congratulations to Sam and Lesley who won the D Class in this year’s LAMM in a stunning and very physical area comprising An Teallach, Fisherfield and Fannichs (and still had energy to peg it on the uphill finish at Dunnottar Woods – very impressive.) As course leaders they got the honour of providing a quickContinue reading “Team Gomersall wins the LAMM D Class”

Tyrebagger results uploaded to BOF

It was a bit of a tag team event in terms of admin and officials but we’ve finally managed to get the right combo in Aberdeen this weekend to upload the results to BOF for the rankings. Sadly only the Brown course had sufficient qualifying finishers so only they get any points. For newcomers: theContinue reading “Tyrebagger results uploaded to BOF”

8/6/17 Dunnottar Woods Summer Series Results

Despite the 48 hours of rain beforehand, the weather was lovely and I think the evening went well, as evidenced by the number of people coming back covered in mud! I’d like to pass on my thanks to Olivia, Bob Daly, Rachel and Pete for doing most of the control collection. Eddy Coman Results AndContinue reading “8/6/17 Dunnottar Woods Summer Series Results”

24/5/17 Hazlehead Summer Series starts and WOD

Beautifully hot evening to kick off the Summer Series and to coincide with World Orienteering Day! The planner did a runner (John – I hope you had a lovely time down in London), leaving the rest of the Lang team in charge.  It all mostly went  according to plan though a few controls went walkaboutContinue reading “24/5/17 Hazlehead Summer Series starts and WOD”

Tyrebagger Middle Distance – Sunday 28/5/17 – Results

A cold wind if you were hanging about at the registration tent, but otherwise fine dry conditions for a quick dash around Tyrebagger.  Several positive comments were heard about the courses, and the forest was in good shape as the bracken is still low.  Many thanks to our event team and all the helpers. ClickContinue reading “Tyrebagger Middle Distance – Sunday 28/5/17 – Results”

Dunnottar Forest Sprint 26/4/17 Results

The midges weren’t actually biting, the notorious mudslides of Dunnottar weren’t anywhere near as bad as previous years, Jon beat Ewan by 2 seconds, the injury wasn’t a broken ankle as feared and Rachel and Pete had their chips. I’d call that an evening full of results. Dunnottar FS 26-4-17.pdf Many thanks to Mark HammondsContinue reading “Dunnottar Forest Sprint 26/4/17 Results”

Crathes – Level C Event – 9/4/17 – Results

Crathes Event Results A pleasant mild day at Crathes, perfect conditions and dry underfoot, so some fast times seen especially by the leaders on the Brown (and all the more impressive considering the fastest 4 legs had already done the Clachnaben Hill Race on Sat!) And at the other end of the spectrum, it wasContinue reading “Crathes – Level C Event – 9/4/17 – Results”

Compass Sport Cup 2017 – 3rd place for Gramp in the Trophy class!

=-O How did that happen?! As a club with no clear strategy or captain (although we did have a banner which was more than many) we somehow managed to rack up enough points at Tentsmuir to come 3rd in the Trophy class (small clubs) and a mere 6 points behind arch-rivals Maroc. Result! It’s aContinue reading “Compass Sport Cup 2017 – 3rd place for Gramp in the Trophy class!”

Double win for Lesley Gomersall at Scottish Night and Sprint Champs 2017!

Woohoo! Congratulations to Lesley for sweeping up two trophies a couple of weekends ago (and apologies for not spotting this and posting sooner :-[) And she wasn’t the only Champ as Gramp mopped up several of the other Night Trophies too… congrats to Helen, Carolyn, Keith and Neil too. Scottish Night Champs W45L 1st HelenContinue reading “Double win for Lesley Gomersall at Scottish Night and Sprint Champs 2017!”

Forest Sprint Series 2017 – Wednesdays

Sprint O is great fun – lots of controls in quick succession in a relatively short distance and fast running alone is no use in this discipline if it’s of the headless chicken variety! You really have to look closely at the map, make snap decisions about route choice, execute them quickly and cleanly whileContinue reading “Forest Sprint Series 2017 – Wednesdays”

North Area Junior Training day on 18th February Culbin

In an exciting new development for 2017, we will be introducing North Area Junior Orienteering training days! Main aims: *To provide coached training opportunities outwith club orienteeringfor TD3 (Orange) and above juniors. *To provide fun and motivational opportunities for juniors in the North of Scotland. *To provide a stepping stone between club and national squadContinue reading “North Area Junior Training day on 18th February Culbin”

2016 AGM roundup and Roll of Honour

Quick summary of you for those of you who didn’t go to the AGM: Busy year: Forest Sprints, Summer Series, Level C events, Urban etc. Scottish Champs in May – run jointly with MAROC JIRCS in Sept – very successful, Ian coordinated whole w/e GMC – Dave plus 2 Ians – no issues – mightContinue reading “2016 AGM roundup and Roll of Honour”

GRAMP Champs 2016

2016 GRAMP Champs by age class.pdf 2016 GRAMP Champs by category (for trophies).pdf Congratulations to all our trophy winners! Juniors: Naomi Lang & Paul Caffyn* Seniors: Kate Robertson & Mark Stockton* Veterans: Lesley Gomersall* & Gareth Yardley Super Veterans: Oonagh Grassie & Rob Hickling* *these folk retained their 2015 titles but Mark cut it a bitContinue reading “GRAMP Champs 2016”

Post-AGM Novelty Event @ Countesswells 11/12/16

Results             Map Pondering over the top words: 2 Juniors came up with “sunshine” compared to the adults’ “rampage” and “dental” – what does that tell you about the different perspective a few extra age classes gives you?! Prepare to be boggled! This was a score event like no other… Instead of controls having a pointsContinue reading “Post-AGM Novelty Event @ Countesswells 11/12/16”

DNC Glen Dye 7/12/16 – Results

As well as a new planner we had some new faces at Glen Dye, enjoying both the good terrain, good weather and the Chillimobile hospitality. Welcome to the DNC “club” guys! Final Results and Split Times Apologies from our newbie planner, Bob Sheridan, for control 7 (131) on the Long being in the wrong depression.Continue reading “DNC Glen Dye 7/12/16 – Results”

Duthie Park Permanent Course back up and in business

Following the restoration project at Duthie Park, Aberdeen City Council and Gramp have pooled resources to reinstate the Permanent Orienteering Course there with two versions of the map and a Mobo orienteering course too for those with smartphones and a sense of technological adventure. Read the ACC press release here and take a look atContinue reading “Duthie Park Permanent Course back up and in business”

GMC 2016: Morven 12th/13th November

Day 1  Results  Splits  RouteGadget Day 2  Results  Splits  Routegadget Overall results    Organiser’s Report A big thank you to all who came to pit themselves against the Grampian terrain and each other. We were lucky with the weather in the end after the previous weekend’s foul conditions – sunshine and superb visibility on Saturday andContinue reading “GMC 2016: Morven 12th/13th November”

DNC Cheyne Hill 9/11/16

Results Splits RG     Long course results amended 16/11/16 First big apology goes to Alistair for repeatedly calling him Craig. I do know who you are but was suffering brain fade after a long day and hassle over brikkes not starting. Second apology goes to all who had trouble getting brikkes to start – lesson learnedContinue reading “DNC Cheyne Hill 9/11/16”

Jon Duncan Junior Deeside Cup 2016 Final Results

Final results Maybe some of the GJOs would like to leave a comment about taking part in the (JD)2C this year? We’d love to find out the good, bad and the amazing bits from a GJO perspective. The dates and rules for the (JD)2C competition 2016 are linked below. This competition is for juniors fromContinue reading “Jon Duncan Junior Deeside Cup 2016 Final Results”

Scolty 23/10/16 Level C – Results

We hope you enjoyed our event at Scolty – with some tough courses. Here are Results,   and Split Times. Routegadget is loaded (click here) – Please enter your routes and compare them with others. Winsplits (split time analysis website) is loaded – click here BOF results with Rankings points  Added 30/10/16 Thanks to our eventContinue reading “Scolty 23/10/16 Level C – Results”

Urban Sprint Aberdeen Uni 28/9/16 – Results

Last in the series using a newly refurbished map courtesy of Janne Heikkinen of AUOC.  Thanks to the Gomersall family for planning and running the event. Here are the Results ,  and Split Times Please enter your routes on Routegadget   so we can see the answer to the most asked question last ight, “Which way didContinue reading “Urban Sprint Aberdeen Uni 28/9/16 – Results”

Junior Inter Regional Championships 2016 – Results for Relays + public races

Individual – Cambus O’May – Sat 24th September Relay – Forvie – Sun 25th September Gramp are proud to be joint hosts with Maroc for this year’s JIRCs which saw squads from all over the UK jetting in to compete and socialise with old friends and rivals alike. Competitors stayed at Cults Academy and busesContinue reading “Junior Inter Regional Championships 2016 – Results for Relays + public races”

Urban Sprint Westburn & Victoria Parks 21/9/16

Here are the results for the 4th in the urban sprint series: Results    Splits   Routegadget The split between 12 and 13 (crossing Westburn Road) has been removed when calculating the Results. Congrats to the joint winners Angel and William. W & V Parks are very flat and direct line running was possible for many legsContinue reading “Urban Sprint Westburn & Victoria Parks 21/9/16”

Urban Sprint Duthie Park and Ferryhill 14/9/16

Results  Splits     Routegadget  Overall points The Jury decided we should void the leg from 4 to 5 as he control description for 5 didn’t include the vital bit of info as to which side of the uncrossable fence the control was placed and was therefore unfair. The results have therefore had that leg deducted fromContinue reading “Urban Sprint Duthie Park and Ferryhill 14/9/16”

Autumn Urban Sprint Balgownie 7th Sept

Thank you Gordon for a much appreciated course judging by the buzz of conversation comparing routes at download and a few “DOH!” head slaps too as folk realised they’d missed a trick. Quite a few mispunches not least punching 6 instead of 16 in the mad rush to get to the finish although the twoContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Balgownie 7th Sept”

One to watch @ Rio 2016 – Karen Darke

Karen Darke, para-cycling medal winner and one of our patrons of Scottish Orienteering, will be competing in the Paralympics in Rio next week. Silver 2012 London Paralympic Games H1-2 time-trial Silver 2014 UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships, USA H3 time-trial Bronze 2014 UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships, USA H3 road race ….to name a fewContinue reading “One to watch @ Rio 2016 – Karen Darke”