Countesswells SS Results 13/8/15

Bit of a thin turn out again for Countesswells – folk still on hols? not recovered yet from 6 Days? We did host a training session for the Junior regional Orienteering Squad though who traveled over from Templars Park, where they are having a training camp, to go round the Long Tech with a trainingContinue reading “Countesswells SS Results 13/8/15”

S6D Highland 2015

Ali Robertson leaping over one of Strathfarrar’s finest boggy bits. (Photo by ActivNorth) This may look impressive but is as nothing compared to the hoops Richard Oxlade and Anne Hickling have been jumping through on our behalf over the last two years in their respective roles as Highland 2015 Co-ordinator and Scottish Orienteering 6-Day EventContinue reading “S6D Highland 2015”

Back O’Bennachie 7th June 15 Results

. Here are the results and splits for today’s race at Back O’ Bennachie: Results.   Splits. Winsplits   Routegadget Splitsbrowser will be loaded up shortly. Thanks very much to all the helpers, and well done to those who conquered the hill. New area, new map – pics attached for a flavour come courtesy of planner, David Esson,Continue reading “Back O’Bennachie 7th June 15 Results”

Dunnottar Woods Summer Series 27/5/15 Results

Knees and shins stopped tingling yet from the stingers? I’m told nettles are good for osteo arthritis but don’t think it works in a preventative way unfortunately so unless you’re unlucky enough to already be suffering then last night’s exposure won’t have counted for anything – apart from hard-earned GAC points of course. Results TheContinue reading “Dunnottar Woods Summer Series 27/5/15 Results”

Scottish Championships 2015

A small but determined contingent of Gramps travelled across to EckoLand for the Scottish Championships 23rd/24th May and gained several podium finishes between them: 1st 17+ Points Relay Class: Gramp One aka Carolyn and Iain McLeod and Bob Daly (Woohoo!) W21S Individual: Heather Hale (Woohoo too!) 2nd W50L Carolyn McLeod W55S Anne Hoy M50S RichardContinue reading “Scottish Championships 2015”

Tyrebagger Summer Series 20/5/15 Results

Round 2 of the GAC posed a bit more of a challenge with much rougher terrain and more intricate navigation required for some controls (“that tree!”) but, hey, that’s the whole point of the Challenge! Well done to all who got round and thanks to the walking wounded who helped collect controls, Bob Daly andContinue reading “Tyrebagger Summer Series 20/5/15 Results”

O map symbols and control descriptions explained

Prompted by a good bit of feedback from a beginner regarding the lack of a legend on the Tyrebagger map (sorry about that) here is a useful link to a page explaining map symbols and control descriptions side-by-side put together by Backwoods Orienteering Club (Australian – just to prove how international the system is): MapContinue reading “O map symbols and control descriptions explained”

Tollohill Forest Sprint Fri 24-4-15 Results

Results Overall results after 3 events Congratulations to Keith Yardley for taking on a Sprint as his first go at planning – plenty of controls and twists and turns saw us all stopping dead at one point or another asking “Which path am I on? Where was I going?” Lost property – pair of trainers leftContinue reading “Tollohill Forest Sprint Fri 24-4-15 Results”

Grampian Orienteers help CNR to victory in the ActivityMix CD Urban Navigation

Rachel Scott and Kate Robertson helped Team CNR to victory today in the ActivityMix Corporate Decathlon Urban Navigation event. Although as it all took place within a very small and well-known area of central Aberdeen there was very little navigation involved unless you count the navigation through Google and Yahoo pages to find the answersContinue reading “Grampian Orienteers help CNR to victory in the ActivityMix CD Urban Navigation”

Forest Sprint Countesswells 10/4/15 Results

Thanks to Team Esson headed up by David for tonight’s dash round Countesswells. Good to see lots of new faces – hope you enjoyed your intro to the sport and we’ll see you at Tillifourie next Friday. Roger Coombs of Maroc will be doing the Forest Sprint League points again this year. Your best 4Continue reading “Forest Sprint Countesswells 10/4/15 Results”

JK2015 – 2 GRAMPs on the podium

Congrats to Pete Lawrence and Anne Hickling for their 3rd places overall on M50S and W60S respectively after 2 days of tough and intricate orienteering in the Lake District. Steep, rocky, muddy hillsides really sorted the sheep from the mountain goats. It was all too tempting to follow the muddy trods along the path ofContinue reading “JK2015 – 2 GRAMPs on the podium”

Jon Duncan Junior Deeside Cup 2015

Final rankings Rules and events list below.  Any questions? Contact Trevor Ricketts of MAROC or Marianne Lang of GRAMP or ask at an event. You’re automatically entered into the competition if you’re a GRAMP or MAROC Junior, all you need do now is make sure you get along to as many events as you canContinue reading “Jon Duncan Junior Deeside Cup 2015”

Grampian Adventure Challenge 2015

Maersk successfully defended their winners trophy in 2015. Well done everyone for tackling some tough courses! Final scores. Points are awarded depending on finish position to the 1st three females and males in your team and the best 4 team results out of the 6 will count towards your team total. Trophies for first 3Continue reading “Grampian Adventure Challenge 2015”

DNC Mini Night Cup 14/15 successes

(It’s not often I get to put my own name up in lights so I’m going to enjoy this while it lasts….!) Congrats to Helen Rowlands and Rachel Scott for winning 1st and 2nd Female in this year’s Mini Deeside Night Cup (aka the Short course). Chocolatey prizes featured largely and also vouchers from FieldContinue reading “DNC Mini Night Cup 14/15 successes”

Scolty DNC 25/2/15 Results

Here are the provisional results from tonight. Thanks to David for some very fast almost sprint-style courses in the northern part of the forest which tempted you to overshoot while enjoying the runnable terrain. 2015-2-25-ScoltyDNC Splits.pdf 2015-2-25-ScoltyDNCResults.pdf  Revised to void the legs on either side of No 4 Apologies from the planner for placing NoContinue reading “Scolty DNC 25/2/15 Results”

GRAMPOCALYPSE @ Dunnottar Woods HHH 2015 Results

Thanks to everyone who turned out to help disinfect Dunnottar Woods – due to your heroic efforts the woods are now officially clear of Mank-O and the good citizens of Stoney can walk their dogs safely again. Thanks to Pete and Ian S for control wrangling for me, Ali and Kate for hosting the socialContinue reading “GRAMPOCALYPSE @ Dunnottar Woods HHH 2015 Results”

2014 Chairman’s Report and Roll of Honour

For those of you who didn’t make it to the AGM, here’s a copy of the Chairman’s Report and the 2014 Roll of Honour and other awards. Don’t forget that Ian H is still waiting for your contributions to the 2014 Yearbook to add a little colour to this list of achievements so get scribbling!!Continue reading “2014 Chairman’s Report and Roll of Honour”

GRAMP Champs 2014

Congratulations to all our trophy winners! Juniors: Naomi Lang & Sasha Chepelin Seniors: Jen Hickling & Mark Stockton Veterans: Helen Rowlands & Sam Gomersall Super Veterans: Oonagh Grassie & Rob Hickling The trophies were presented at the AGM when Iain McLeod unveiled the new category of Super Vets (55+) to reflect our membership age rangeContinue reading “GRAMP Champs 2014”

Jon Duncan Junior Deeside Cup 2014

It’s all over for this year – Final Results and Trophy/Medal Winners. Congratulations to Maya Reynard on winning W10 and Hannah Will, Morvern Farquharson, Isobel Anderson, Naomi Lang, Daniel Smith, Paul Caffyn and Lachlan Kirk on winning medals too. Shadowing is shown in the results tables by the number being in italics.  If you noticeContinue reading “Jon Duncan Junior Deeside Cup 2014”

GRAMP SOL Champions 2014 and SEDS call ups for 2015

Congratulations to these GRAMPs who have been crowned SOL Class Winners for 2014: W10B Morvern Farqhuarson W40L Carolyn McLeod W55S Oonagh Grassie M18 Sasha Chepelin M21L Gordon Hale M35S David Esson M60L Rob Hickling M70L Neil McLean And congratulations too to Tim Gomersall, Katrina McLeod and Calum McLeod on receiving their call up papers forContinue reading “GRAMP SOL Champions 2014 and SEDS call ups for 2015”

GMC 2014 – a keek behind the scenes both ways….

Non-runners – to see what the runners got up to, take a look at Routegadget (too difficult and time consuming to get a more accurate bit for the O section but it was really the hill section that had the big route choices so we’ve chosen to get that bit as good as poss.) RunnersContinue reading “GMC 2014 – a keek behind the scenes both ways….”

Forvie 19/10/14 – Race the Castles, SHI Relays and Northern Lights

Race the Castles and SHI Relays Full results can be found on the RtC website. Congrats to Carolyn McLeod on second in W40 (Queen of the Castle-in-waiting?) and to our Organiser Jayne MacGregor and Planner Ian Searle for all their hard work at Forvie. I’m told that you can barely see the run-in track aContinue reading “Forvie 19/10/14 – Race the Castles, SHI Relays and Northern Lights”

SOA win JIRCs – Sasha mentioned in despatches

    Well done to the SOA Team who travelled down to the Lake District to compete in the Junior Inter Regional Champs and won by a very close 5 points over NWOA. Nopesport reports that Sasha and another competitor stopped to help someone with a dislocated shoulder but that Sasha still went on toContinue reading “SOA win JIRCs – Sasha mentioned in despatches”

Aberdeen Uni Autumn Urban Sprint 1/10/14 Results

Wow! AUOC are really going from strength to strength with 11 runners and Janne busy coaching and encouraging after putting out controls as tonight’s planner. A great wee course making good use of the complex alleyways and extra vertical dimension offered by Aberdeen Uni which foxed many scouting round at the bottom of steps insteadContinue reading “Aberdeen Uni Autumn Urban Sprint 1/10/14 Results”

Seaton Park and Hillhead 24/9/14 Autumn Urban Sprint Results

From famine last week to feast this week as the students are back in town and upping the competition levels considerably as well as the numbers. (I’m told the Vets have now decided to compete in injuries instead: “I’ll see your calf strain and raise you a hamstring! Ha!”) Results  Splits My apologies in advanceContinue reading “Seaton Park and Hillhead 24/9/14 Autumn Urban Sprint Results”

Tyrebagger Level C 21/9/14 Results

Well, I was fully expecting a very quiet, slow day as loads of folk were away taking advantage of the long Aberdeen weekend but we had 75 competitors in the end to save my day. Thanks to my team of helpers for making things run very smoothly – David E, Anne Hickling, Oonagh, Jayne, HelenContinue reading “Tyrebagger Level C 21/9/14 Results”

JIAR and Interclub Relay 2014

Congratulations to the North Team, including GJOs Naomi Lang, Patrick Lang, Ailsa Anderson, Keith Yardley & Alex Lang, on their comprehensive victory at this year’s Junior Inter-Area Relays held on a complicated little area close to the Falkirk Wheel. North won with 145 points, West 117, East 76. I’m told that Stirling YH survived aContinue reading “JIAR and Interclub Relay 2014”

VHI 2014 – Scotland come second with Rob’s help

Gamekeeper turned poacher? Something like that – what I’m trying to say is that hopefully Rob H enjoyed the VHIs as a competitor rather than team manager for a change having handed over the reins last year. This year’s competition was hosted by NGOC at their Caddihoe Chase event. Rob won M60 on the firstContinue reading “VHI 2014 – Scotland come second with Rob’s help”

Westburn & Victoria Parks 10/9/14 Autumn Urban Sprint Results

You were warned to expect a dizzying course! Luckily it seems everyone rose to the challenge and enjoyed Pete’s zig-zagging 3km of confusing changes of direction and route choices in such a small area. The printouts we gave you are the raw splits, the times shown on these results include the voided leg (ooer!) betweenContinue reading “Westburn & Victoria Parks 10/9/14 Autumn Urban Sprint Results”

Duthie Park & Ferryhill Results 3-9-14 Autumn Urban Sprint

A big thank you to the Essons’ combined efforts to successfully kick start the 2014 Autumn Urban Series at DP&F last Wednesday. Comments from George: David Kirk had a failed brikke, Norman Liley & Naomi Lang estimated time for first leg as Start control did not register, and our David did it on his bike.Continue reading “Duthie Park & Ferryhill Results 3-9-14 Autumn Urban Sprint”

ScotJos triumphant in the Ward Junior Home Internationals 2014!! I like the description of Sasha’s contribution in the relays … “Sasha then showed just why he is British no. 1 by coming home in the lead a full 15 minutes clear of his nearest rival.” Helen R

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2014

Wed 3rd Sept   –  Duthie Park and Ferryhill  Results   Splits Wed 10th Sept –  Westburn Park   Results   Splits Wed 17th Sept –  Balgownie  Results   Splits Wed 24th Sept –  Seaton Park and Hillhead  Results Splits Wed 1st Oct     –   Aberdeen Uni Kings Campus   Results  Splits Bbest 3 scores out of the series of 5 count for your total.Continue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2014”

Scolty SS 30/7/14 Results

Better late than never…  Results (I enjoyed my run round Scolty but couldn’t help feeling there was something missing from Paul’s courses…..? Something to cool the feet and keep the midges off if applied liberally….? Boggy bits, that’s it, boggy bits!) Summer Series Junior Attendance Awards The more events you attend, the higher the awardContinue reading “Scolty SS 30/7/14 Results”

Successful debut for Sasha representing GBR at JWOC 2014

Yes, this is a bit late after the event but we’d hoped that maybe ScotJOS had been secretly engaging in some media training and if we hung on we might have heard all about it from Sasha himself. He’s obviously still recovering though judging by the lack of a willowy figure flitting round Scolty last nightContinue reading “Successful debut for Sasha representing GBR at JWOC 2014”

Tollohill SS 23/7/14 Results

George tells me it was a pleasant evening, without the oppressive heat some people had suffered. Sunshine would have been nice but you can’t have everything! Results attached with an explanation of the Score-like twist. Did it focus the mind and make folk run a bit faster than normal I wonder? Congrats to those whippetsContinue reading “Tollohill SS 23/7/14 Results”