More admissions than UCAS?

One person admitted to oversleeping and not getting to Glen Dye when expected to set up the all important time-keeping system and having to be chased from their bed by a phone call from the Planner at 10-ish. He claimed: “Mo Farah made me do it!” One person admitted to having inadvertently embezzled club assetsContinue reading “More admissions than UCAS?”

Croeso 2016 – they think it’s all over

And it is now. A veritable mud bath to finish off today, getting stuck down deep slippery sided gullies and skiting down even steeper slopes desperately hoping the folk at the bottom would get out of the way as we certainly weren’t stopping even if we’d wanted too. Sadly no podium finishes for the GrampsContinue reading “Croeso 2016 – they think it’s all over”

Croeso 2016 update

Couple of photos for you, courtesy of Lindsey Esson, showing the mixed bag of orienteering/weather we’ve been sampling. First was taken on the training area at  Merthyr Mawr sand dunes and the second was taken at today’s start at Mynydd Llangynidr, limestone moorland dotted with monster depressions, sinkholes and pits and visibility down to a few hundred metresContinue reading “Croeso 2016 update”

Scottish Vets call up for Bob Daly

If you see Bob Daly going about at one of the Summer Series over the next few weeks congratulate him on his call up to the Scottish Vets Squad for the VHIs in Northern Ireland 3rd/4th September. (If you don’t know him, he’s the one who always runs late and always offers to collect controls.)Continue reading “Scottish Vets call up for Bob Daly”

GAC results after Tyrebagger

One word: SOGGY It seems that Shearwater don’t do rain, only John turned up! Maersk and Genesis at least managed 4 people each. Full marks to Katrine and Sue of Genesis for perseverance! Many thanks to Jonathan for feeding the Lang family emergency Boost bars whilst we waited for their return. Marianne 2016 GAC resultsContinue reading “GAC results after Tyrebagger”

GAC results after Scolty

Genesis were short of men again this week and surprisingly so were Maersk. Shell/Shearwater were short of ladies…Maybe they should do a deal? Some great performances for many on what was a distinctly harder course than Hazlehead or Countesswells. Here are the overall scores following Scolty  GAC scores Overall Maersk and Shearwater are neck aContinue reading “GAC results after Scolty”

Scolty 08/06/16 – Results

*** Update 13-Jun-2016: Results and Splits (but not routegadget) updated with Callum and Liz’s runs (long tech and easy courses)*** Thank you Kevin for picking out the better bits of Scolty for tonight and also Gordon and Dennis for helping collect controls (although I suspect it may have been an excuse to keep moving andContinue reading “Scolty 08/06/16 – Results”

10th (and last) Highlander 2016

The fell-runners of the club were out and about over the weekend taking part in the last Highlander Mountain Marathon in Glen Cannich. “A great event and amazing weather conditions, with some really tough courses. Didn’t expect the B to be quite the test it was for me, or my right shoe (which had halfContinue reading “10th (and last) Highlander 2016”

President’s Medal 2016 goes to Richard Oxlade

  In recognition of his invaluable contribution to the success of Highland 2015, this year the SOA President’s Medal will be going to Richard Oxlade. Read all about it here.   Congratulations and thanks once again from the rest of the club to Richard for stepping up to that very challenging role on our behalf. (Just hopeContinue reading “President’s Medal 2016 goes to Richard Oxlade”

Forest Sprint Series 2016 Final Results

Overall results after 6 events. Congrats to Jake Chapman and Sarah Dunn on a Maroc double win this year. Hope you all enjoyed these short courses although I think maybe we need to choose our areas with care for next year as some were not really that sprinty. And Balmedie wasn’t that foresty either IContinue reading “Forest Sprint Series 2016 Final Results”

Forest Sprint Dunnottar Woods 27/4/16 – Results

Thanks to all who came along tonight. The sleet, snow and hail held off for the evening so apart from being a tad slippy underfoot all was well (pity same can’t be said for the afternoon!). Some pretty fast times recorded and some more mature members keeping the young ones off the top slots forContinue reading “Forest Sprint Dunnottar Woods 27/4/16 – Results”

Who are all these skinny/hirsute people?

To celebrate GRAMP’s 40th birthday, I thought we might run a wee competition for some of our long-standing members. Click on the photo to get a better view if needed, then drop an email to with the answers to these questions: Who are all these skinny/hirsute people? What year was the photo taken? WhatContinue reading “Who are all these skinny/hirsute people?”

AUOCup Scolty and Final Results

AUOCup finished with two technical courses in Scolty. The long course was 5.3km, but had only 5 controls – a great long distance control practice! Evgueni was the brave one tackling the course as the only Gramp (to secure his win in the long, non-student category) and beat the course in great time! Here areContinue reading “AUOCup Scolty and Final Results”

AUOCup Crathes results and overall scores

The 5th AUOCup event was held yesterday at Crathes. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and maybe because of that, we were not expecting such a great turnout. Hence, we ran out of maps for a few runners, but with a bit of improvisation and drawing out the courses from memory, everyone got out to attackContinue reading “AUOCup Crathes results and overall scores”

AUOCup @ Glen Dye Saturday 13th Feb – Results

It was a beautiful, white forest waiting for the 3rd AUOCup event to begin in Glen Dye. All four categories had runners, which means that each category is now fully open, but it is still anyone’s cup to win! Some tight battles for seconds in some categories, and in some the first forest orienteering sinceContinue reading “AUOCup @ Glen Dye Saturday 13th Feb – Results”

DNC Tyrebagger results 6/1/16

Not such a bad night despite the forecast and oddly the worst wet bits were gigantic puddles on the main tracks and not the stream that bisects the area E-W as expected. There were about four people who complained about location of control 167 (I suspect they were right), most said they found it noContinue reading “DNC Tyrebagger results 6/1/16”

Hogmany Hangover Handicap 2nd Jan – Snooker O

Venue: Hazlehead Park NE click here to see the course map. Format: 45 minute score event, with “snooker-like” colour rules. I hope you all enjoyed a splosh round Hazlehead at the HHH.  Here are the results. Congratulations to Adrian who was he only one to achieve the maximum score, with  Katrina and Jeremy only oneContinue reading “Hogmany Hangover Handicap 2nd Jan – Snooker O”

GRAMP Champs 2015

Congratulations to all our trophy winners! Juniors: Josie Gomersall & Paul Caffyn Seniors: Ewelina Szczeblewska & Mark Stockton Veterans: Lesley Gomersall & Evgueni Chepelin Super Veterans: Sonia Armitage & Rob Hickling The trophies were presented at the AGM, although some recipients queried the results (Lesley G, “Are you sure?!”)  If you weren’t there and think nobody else mightContinue reading “GRAMP Champs 2015”

DNC Glen Dye Part 2 9/12/15 Results

A very wet but thankfully warm (OK – tepid) night and most folk got a real drooking half way round. It was still raining so much by the time Helen finished that she drove 20m to the Chillimobile rather than get her spare dry clothes wet! ***UPDATE***     Amended Results  Splits Control 172 was incorrectly placedContinue reading “DNC Glen Dye Part 2 9/12/15 Results”

DNC Glen Dye Part 1 25/11/15 Results

Hot off the press – results (revised 26/11/15) and splits. Routegadget now loaded too. Interesting to see how you all coped with Pete’s long legs across those large areas of nothingness in a variety of different ways. Mine was to chicken out completely and refuse to run at all as my bearings are rubbish atContinue reading “DNC Glen Dye Part 1 25/11/15 Results”

Pete’s turn on the podium @ Trofeo Sevilla O-Meeting

Having “done” Venice, Barcelona and Rome in previous years, we looked at either Antwerp or Sevilla for our autumn City O Break this year and the lure of tapas, beautiful medieval streets and the chance to practice our Spanish again swung it. (Sorry, Antwerp!) 3 very different O races to help justify all that tapasContinue reading “Pete’s turn on the podium @ Trofeo Sevilla O-Meeting”

VHIs 2015 – Scotland gain 2nd place

Our very own Rob Hickling helped Scotland to second place down in Wales over the weekend. I haven’t had a chance to read the results in detail but did spot him doing very well in the individual M60 competition on Saturday chasing down fellow Scot and big rival Eddie Harwood to score 7 and 8Continue reading “VHIs 2015 – Scotland gain 2nd place”

North Clubs Junior Competition 2015

Well done to GJOs Dara Tivendale, Morven Farquharson, Isobel Anderson, Kirsty Farquharson, Duncan Will, Douglas Walmsley, Mairi Walmsley and Alex Lang for holding it together at Wood of Easter Clune over the weekend and not being phased by stiff competition from Maroc and MOR. They ran in courses varying from White to Light Green andContinue reading “North Clubs Junior Competition 2015”

Aberdeen Uni Urban Sprint 30/9/15

Wow! That was a blast! Never-ending route choices and plenty of twists and turns not to mention furkling in bushes and round the back of buildings in the dark towards the end. A big thank you to our guest planner, Janne, for cramming so much fun onto a piece of A4 paper. Funny how manyContinue reading “Aberdeen Uni Urban Sprint 30/9/15”