Westburn & Victoria Parks 10/9/14 Autumn Urban Sprint Results

You were warned to expect a dizzying course! Luckily it seems everyone rose to the challenge and enjoyed Pete’s zig-zagging 3km of confusing changes of direction and route choices in such a small area. The printouts we gave you are the raw splits, the times shown on these results include the voided leg (ooer!) betweenContinue reading “Westburn & Victoria Parks 10/9/14 Autumn Urban Sprint Results”

Duthie Park & Ferryhill Results 3-9-14 Autumn Urban Sprint

A big thank you to the Essons’ combined efforts to successfully kick start the 2014 Autumn Urban Series at DP&F last Wednesday. Comments from George: David Kirk had a failed brikke, Norman Liley & Naomi Lang estimated time for first leg as Start control did not register, and our David did it on his bike.Continue reading “Duthie Park & Ferryhill Results 3-9-14 Autumn Urban Sprint”

ScotJos triumphant in the Ward Junior Home Internationals 2014!!

http://www.scottish-orienteering.org/scotjos/ward-junior-home-internationals-2014 I like the description of Sasha’s contribution in the relays … “Sasha then showed just why he is British no. 1 by coming home in the lead a full 15 minutes clear of his nearest rival.” Helen R

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2014

Wed 3rd Sept   –  Duthie Park and Ferryhill  Results   Splits Wed 10th Sept –  Westburn Park   Results   Splits Wed 17th Sept –  Balgownie  Results   Splits Wed 24th Sept –  Seaton Park and Hillhead  Results Splits Wed 1st Oct     –   Aberdeen Uni Kings Campus   Results  Splits Bbest 3 scores out of the series of 5 count for your total.Continue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2014”

Scolty SS 30/7/14 Results

Better late than never…  Results (I enjoyed my run round Scolty but couldn’t help feeling there was something missing from Paul’s courses…..? Something to cool the feet and keep the midges off if applied liberally….? Boggy bits, that’s it, boggy bits!) Summer Series Junior Attendance Awards The more events you attend, the higher the awardContinue reading “Scolty SS 30/7/14 Results”

Successful debut for Sasha representing GBR at JWOC 2014

Yes, this is a bit late after the event but we’d hoped that maybe ScotJOS had been secretly engaging in some media training and if we hung on we might have heard all about it from Sasha himself. He’s obviously still recovering though judging by the lack of a willowy figure flitting round Scolty last nightContinue reading “Successful debut for Sasha representing GBR at JWOC 2014”

Tollohill SS 23/7/14 Results

George tells me it was a pleasant evening, without the oppressive heat some people had suffered. Sunshine would have been nice but you can’t have everything! Results attached with an explanation of the Score-like twist. Did it focus the mind and make folk run a bit faster than normal I wonder? Congrats to those whippetsContinue reading “Tollohill SS 23/7/14 Results”

A real sockwringer @ Haddo House 16/7/14 – Results

Thanks to the 20 brave souls who raced around the grounds of Haddo Country Park during an electrical storm.  Calum McLeod was so quick he didn’t get wet, everyone else was drookit.  George was pleased that a well-timed lightning flash illuminated his map in gloomy conditions! Typically it was bright sun by the time weContinue reading “A real sockwringer @ Haddo House 16/7/14 – Results”

Glen Dye SS 9/7/14 Results

Results from last night hot off the press for you. If you weren’t there you missed a beautiful evening, scampering up and down blaeberry studded slopes and paddling through crystal clear burns, trying to spot the next control silhouetted in the shafts of sunlight streaming between the pines. It really was idyllic – just wishContinue reading “Glen Dye SS 9/7/14 Results”

First aiders practising their TLC

Five club members have just completed a first aid for sport course. Here’s an action shot from the training day just begging for a caption competition – leave us a comment if you have any ideas! But seriously, thanks to Laura, Helen, Carolyn, Ewen and Adrian for putting themselves forward for this important but unsungContinue reading “First aiders practising their TLC”

Balmedie Summer Series and Grampian Adventure Challenge results

BALMEDIE  Results At last the sun was shining on a Wednesday evening! Some highlights and apologies from Balmedie! – Apologies to those who turned away when they saw all the cars. The beavers, cubs and their parents had turned up for a beach party, but fortunately did not want the BBQ! – Opening the padlockedContinue reading “Balmedie Summer Series and Grampian Adventure Challenge results”

Grampian Mountain Challenge 2014 Glenshee 15th/16th Nov

Thanks to everyone for risking hell and high water just to get to the event never mind taking on the challenge of some of the longest and toughest GMC courses we’ve served up to date. Judging by the many “thank you”s as you left most of you seemed to relish it all (even if itContinue reading “Grampian Mountain Challenge 2014 Glenshee 15th/16th Nov”

Summer Series 2014

  7th May      Countesswells*          Results 14th May      Tyrebagger*               Results  21st May      Cheyne Hill                 Results    28th May      Hazlehead*                 Results   4th June     Foggieton*                  Results  11th June     Dunnottar*                  Results 18th June     Crathes*                     Results  25th June     Balmedie* + BBQ     Results   2nd July     Continue reading “Summer Series 2014”

Cheyne Hill Summer Series 21-5-14 Results

Results   If you spot any spelling mistakes then tell webmaster@grampoc.com please. Congratulations to those who bit the bullet and tried out ‘The Technical Twist’ – a section of the course was printed without any background map so they had to rely on bearings and pacing to get to the next control. Although many pulled wryContinue reading “Cheyne Hill Summer Series 21-5-14 Results”

Tyrebagger 14/5/14 Summer Series Results

Well done to all the brave souls who had a go at the Map Memory. It was quite testing, especially the long leg across the valley, and would have been made easier if you were familiar with the area but most of you were not! We had 66 entries – a few more competitors thanContinue reading “Tyrebagger 14/5/14 Summer Series Results”

Scolty Forest Sprint 9/5/14 Results

Plan a bog standard TD3 course I was told. So I did. And quite successfully judging by the state of many of you but the prize for overall coverage and gloopiness has to go to poor wee Joel Gooch who looked like a giant had picked him up and dunked him in chocolate custard upContinue reading “Scolty Forest Sprint 9/5/14 Results”

Grampian Adventure Challenge

Well done to all the runners in the three teams who entered the first Grampian Adventure challenge. The winning team were Maersk with Genesis second closely followed by Fugro. For their performance Maersk take home the Grampian Bonsai as a reminder of all those forests they have been running through over the past few weeks.Continue reading “Grampian Adventure Challenge”

A few Gramps spotted at Run Balmoral

As they will no doubt be too modest to tell you themselves and in case you don’t scrutinise the P&J… Carolyn McLeod won the Women’s 10k race at Balmoral yesterday (21st overall) and Naomi won the Secondary Schools race and broke the course record by 15 seconds. Woohoo! Well done girls! Sasha was the secondContinue reading “A few Gramps spotted at Run Balmoral”

3 GRAMPS in podium places at JK2014

Putting her money (feet?) where her coaching mouth is, Anne came 3rd overall W55S at the JK down in Wales over the Easter W/e. Looks like she and Rob were also having a private Pre-O battle which resulted in a draw with one better result apiece. (There’s a rumour that Anne will be signing autographsContinue reading “3 GRAMPS in podium places at JK2014”

Scolty Level C Results 23/2/14

You were all obviously thinking it was time to get some spring exercise today, as we had 116 runners at Scolty.  Despite the less than perfect weather late morning….!  Those of you who took a long time on their runs, like me, saw the sun come out later on. Here are Results  and  Splits  andContinue reading “Scolty Level C Results 23/2/14”

Jon Duncan Junior Deeside Cup 2013

Final standings for (JD)2C 2013 Well done to Morvern Farquharson who held on to her lead to win the W8 Trophy! Maroc pipped us at the post for all the other trophies this year but we also had loads of good performances and the following also deserve congratulations for gaining 2nd or 3rd place overall:Continue reading “Jon Duncan Junior Deeside Cup 2013”

Forvie Level C 24/11/13 – Results

Here are the provisional results and splits for Grampian Orienteers event at Forvie Sands by Newburgh on Sunday 24th November :- Forvie 24Nov13 Results  Forvie 24Nov13 Splits Routegadget and Splitalyzer etc are loaded up on GRAMP’s Routegadget page.  Here is Winsplits. Our apologies to David Kirk and Jon Musgrave, who had brikkes that didn’t show anyContinue reading “Forvie Level C 24/11/13 – Results”

Sasha and other selected ScotJOSers at EYOC

Sasha, along with 5 other ScotJOS colleagues, was rubbing shoulders with future champions at the European Youth O Champs in Portugal recently. Dominated by Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Russia and Czech Republic these champs certainly gave our homegrown talent a run for their money but it looks like they relished the challenge – take aContinue reading “Sasha and other selected ScotJOSers at EYOC”

Tyrebagger Level C 27/10/13

Here are the results from a breezy Tyrebagger on Sunday. Foot-O: Tyrebagger 27Oct13 Results Tyrebagger 27Oct13 Splits Winsplits Online Routegadget Congratulations to Ali for pipping big Jon! Shame there weren’t a few more Broons tho’ as no ranking points this time – BOF results incl ranking points. Trail-O: PreO results The correct answers were:  1:B  Continue reading “Tyrebagger Level C 27/10/13”

JIAR Scolty 5/10/13

Never has that little triangle of wood in Scolty been sooooooooooo noisy! The enthusiastic cheering was deafening at times especially when Daniel Stansfield and Jennifer Ricketts came storming down the final track to clinch first place for their teams West 1 and North 1G in the Open and Girls classes respectively! Congratulations to the winnersContinue reading “JIAR Scolty 5/10/13”

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2013 Final Results

Thanks to all who came out on such a foul night for the last of the Urban Sprints, especially members of the newly reformed AUOC who are probably still wondering what hit them both meterologically, physically and mentally. Please believe us when we tell you it’s not always like that! I did promise to beContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2013 Final Results”

GRAMP contingent at the JIRCs weekend PLUS SHIs

Well done guys – Scotland won all 5 trophies again this year and Sasha, Karen and Calum were there to help the team to victory, putting ScotJOS up at the top of the regional squads!! There’ll be a report on the SOA website soon but in the meantime feast your eyes on these photos fromContinue reading “GRAMP contingent at the JIRCs weekend PLUS SHIs”

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2013

4th Sep    Duthie Park/Ferryhill     Results   Splits 11th Sep   Westburn and Victoria Parks    Results   Splits 18th Sep  Balgownie    Results   Splits      ( Individual Splits Printouts ) 25th Sep  Seaton and Hillhead     Results   Splits 2nd Oct    Aberdeen University    Results   Splits Overall Points* best 3 of 5 scores *As the 5th event at AbzContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2013”

Crathes Level C 22/09/13

GRAMP CHAMPS and (JD)2C event A wonderful warm autumn day (24 degC) meant that most of us were feeling faily drained after running Big Kev’s testing courses.  Results and splits (now final) are below, plus link to Routegadget. Results Splits Routegadget and Splits analysers Helen A would like to say thanks to all helpers (aContinue reading “Crathes Level C 22/09/13”

Standing on the shoulders of (future) giants

Despite the tough tussocky terrain on the first half of the courses, Team HalfGramp managed 6th place in the 8 Person category of this year’s Interclub Relay but we have to come clean and admit that this was only achieved by cunningly taking up organiser Jess’ offer to hire us some SEDS members to makeContinue reading “Standing on the shoulders of (future) giants”

JHI 2013 – 2nd place for ScotJOS

Sasha and Calum ran for Scotland in this year’s Junior Home International which took place in South Wales, near Merthyr Tidfil over the weekend of 14/15 September. Results were a win for England, with Scotland 2nd helped a lot by Sasha’s 3rd place in M16 no doubt, then Wales 3rd and Ireland 4th. Well doneContinue reading “JHI 2013 – 2nd place for ScotJOS”

2013 Summer Series Awards and final overall points

Final overall points now posted. Congratulations to the winners  – we’ll probably be awarding prizes at the AGM. Congratulations to all the Award winners from this year’s summer series: Gold: Paul Caffyn, Josh Dudley, Josie Gomersall, Lachlan Kirk, Naomi Lang, Patrick Lang, Calum McLeod, Katrina McLeod, Maya Reynard,   Keith Yardley Silver: Ailsa Anderson, IsobelContinue reading “2013 Summer Series Awards and final overall points”

GRAMP come 6th in Jamie Stevenson Trophy

Katrina McLeod and Sasha Chepelin led the GRAMP challenge by winning their Green courses and there were some good backup performances by many others to contribute to GRAMPs total of 572: Katrina Mcleod Green Girls 100 Sasha Chepelin Green Boys 100 Calum Mcleod Green Boys 96 Alex Lang Yellow Boys 93 Jack Gomersall Green BoysContinue reading “GRAMP come 6th in Jamie Stevenson Trophy”

Team McGramp take BOC 2013 Mixed Adhoc Relay prize

Team McGramp – aka Carolyn, Calum and Iain McLeod – fought off the opposition down south to romp home to victory in the British Orienteering Relay Mixed Adhoc class by some 2.5 minutes. Probably sweetest of all was beating Maroc 7 (who should surely have been disq’d as there are only 3 runners to aContinue reading “Team McGramp take BOC 2013 Mixed Adhoc Relay prize”

Fantastic result for Sasha at the World Schools

3rd in the Middle Distance Race Well done, Sasha! Here he is in the traditional medal winners’ pose along with Dane Blomquist of the England team. Take a look at the results and pics on the WSC2013 website – if you think it looks hot and sunny in this photo then imagine that run-in alongContinue reading “Fantastic result for Sasha at the World Schools”

2013 Forest Sprint Series Fridays

 April 19th Dunnottar Woods  GRAMP  Results 26th Shooting Greens  MAROC   Results May 3rd Scolty  GRAMP   Results   Splits 10th Dess  MAROC    Results 17th Mulloch  GRAMP    Results   Splits 24th Potarch  MAROC   Results Final results (best 4 of 6 scores count) Ta muchly to all the planners – another nice wee series of diverse areas and approaches toContinue reading “2013 Forest Sprint Series Fridays”