Urban Sprint Aberdeen Uni 28/9/16 – Results

Last in the series using a newly refurbished map courtesy of Janne Heikkinen of AUOC.  Thanks to the Gomersall family for planning and running the event. Here are the Results ,  and Split Times Please enter your routes on Routegadget   so we can see the answer to the most asked question last ight, “Which way didContinue reading “Urban Sprint Aberdeen Uni 28/9/16 – Results”

Junior Inter Regional Championships 2016 – Results for Relays + public races

Individual – Cambus O’May – Sat 24th September Relay – Forvie – Sun 25th September Gramp are proud to be joint hosts with Maroc for this year’s JIRCs which saw squads from all over the UK jetting in to compete and socialise with old friends and rivals alike. Competitors stayed at Cults Academy and busesContinue reading “Junior Inter Regional Championships 2016 – Results for Relays + public races”

Urban Sprint Westburn & Victoria Parks 21/9/16

Here are the results for the 4th in the urban sprint series: Results    Splits   Routegadget The split between 12 and 13 (crossing Westburn Road) has been removed when calculating the Results. Congrats to the joint winners Angel and William. W & V Parks are very flat and direct line running was possible for many legsContinue reading “Urban Sprint Westburn & Victoria Parks 21/9/16”

Urban Sprint Duthie Park and Ferryhill 14/9/16

Results  Splits     Routegadget  Overall points The Jury decided we should void the leg from 4 to 5 as he control description for 5 didn’t include the vital bit of info as to which side of the uncrossable fence the control was placed and was therefore unfair. The results have therefore had that leg deducted fromContinue reading “Urban Sprint Duthie Park and Ferryhill 14/9/16”

Autumn Urban Sprint Balgownie 7th Sept

Thank you Gordon for a much appreciated course judging by the buzz of conversation comparing routes at download and a few “DOH!” head slaps too as folk realised they’d missed a trick. Quite a few mispunches not least punching 6 instead of 16 in the mad rush to get to the finish although the twoContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Balgownie 7th Sept”

2016 Summer Series Finale Templars Park, BBQ and prize giving

A “slight twist” was promised and turned out to be a retrO twist so thanks to Stuart for all his hard work checking punch patterns and calculating times and winners the hard way – far more work for him than us playing spot-the-difference copying courses from master maps. He spoiled us though: – a table to doContinue reading “2016 Summer Series Finale Templars Park, BBQ and prize giving”

Glen Dye – Sunday 21 Aug – Final Results

Here are final results and split times for our level C event at Glen Dye: Results Splits Winsplits BOF results with Rankings points Please enter your routes on Routegadget . Thanks to the officials, and to all our helpers and control collectors. Officials Planner: Richard Oxlade Organiser: Anne Hoy Controller: Andy Tivendale (MAROC) Professional Sleepyhead:Continue reading “Glen Dye – Sunday 21 Aug – Final Results”

Mulloch – 17/8/16 – Results

A beautiful evening with stunning views, hope you had a chance to enjoy both! Many thanks to Chris and Margaret for all their work. You may not have noticed, but it involved a fair bit of gardening too. Results Splits Routegadget Next week at Templars an event with a different format followed by prize givingContinue reading “Mulloch – 17/8/16 – Results”

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2016

One course of TD3 (Orange) standard about 3 – 4km long in streets and parks, using detailed ISSOM standard maps. Wed 31st Aug Westhill    Results , Splits , Routegadget Wed 7th Sept Balgownie    Results , Splits , Routegadget Wed 14th Sept Duthie Park and Ferryhill   Results , Splits , Routegadget Wed 21st Sept WestburnContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2016”

Foggieton – 10/8/16 – Results

Hope you all enjoyed this evening’s courses, including the ‘no-paths’ map challenge. Particularly well done to those of you who are less familiar with the woods too. Thanks Anne for great courses and cakes! I know some of you are anxiously awaiting the latest update on the overall league – it will be coming, butContinue reading “Foggieton – 10/8/16 – Results”

Dunnottar – 20/7/16 – Results

Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening! The day’s storms must have frightened most people off, but those who ventured out had a lovely evening with just enough of a breeze in the car park to keep the midges at bay. It was a little slippy under foot, prize for collecting most mud goes to OliviaContinue reading “Dunnottar – 20/7/16 – Results”

GAC 2016 Final Results

OK it’s official Shearwater have won the much coveted (?) GAC 2016 Bonsai Trophy after a great turnout at Balmedie this week and a misspunch on the Maersk team… GAC 2016 Final Results Sums have all been checked … a quick reminder of the scoring: Top 3 ladies’ and top 3 men’s scores make upContinue reading “GAC 2016 Final Results”

Balmedie 29/06/16 – Results

The dunes were in great form with lots of people running round pretending to be marmots – or at least that’s how it looked from the one human that pretended to be a control. Lots of technical hitches tonight, but I hope you were all able to enjoy Helen’s courses and the BBQ none-the-less. ItContinue reading “Balmedie 29/06/16 – Results”

Balmedie summer series (including the final race of the GAC) 29.6.16

Registration for Wednesday is in the Southern car parking area.  Turn right at the mini roundabout near the first parking area and carry on until the road runs out!  Hopefully we will get the BBQ cranked up so bring some food along.  If you have some BBQ tools these will come in handy too. CoursesContinue reading “Balmedie summer series (including the final race of the GAC) 29.6.16”

Crathes 22/06/16 – Results

An excellent evening, lovely area, courses and weather! Lots of fun had on the easy course by the Torphins Brownies – well done all of you. Provisional results for your perusal: Results Splits Routegadget The five weeks of Summer Series events so far should have you all psyched up for this weekend’s orienteering: Saturday atContinue reading “Crathes 22/06/16 – Results”

Scolty 08/06/16 – Results

*** Update 13-Jun-2016: Results and Splits (but not routegadget) updated with Callum and Liz’s runs (long tech and easy courses)*** Thank you Kevin for picking out the better bits of Scolty for tonight and also Gordon and Dennis for helping collect controls (although I suspect it may have been an excuse to keep moving andContinue reading “Scolty 08/06/16 – Results”

Countesswells 01/06/16 – Results

Another lovely evening for running about in the woods, although it got surprisingly chilly by the end. A few boulder controls catching people out – remember to find a good attack point for the trickier controls such as these (and choose the fastest route to the attack point). If only I practiced what I justContinue reading “Countesswells 01/06/16 – Results”

Hazelhead 25/05/16 – Results

An excellent start to this year’s summer series, helped no end by the delicious range of cakes provided by Team Griffin. The results are linked below, and will be included in the main summer series post in the Results column Sometimes it takes a little while to get things sorted … keep checking back forContinue reading “Hazelhead 25/05/16 – Results”

Forest Sprint Series 2016 Final Results

Overall results after 6 events. Congrats to Jake Chapman and Sarah Dunn on a Maroc double win this year. Hope you all enjoyed these short courses although I think maybe we need to choose our areas with care for next year as some were not really that sprinty. And Balmedie wasn’t that foresty either IContinue reading “Forest Sprint Series 2016 Final Results”

Forest Sprint Dunnottar Woods 27/4/16 – Results

Thanks to all who came along tonight. The sleet, snow and hail held off for the evening so apart from being a tad slippy underfoot all was well (pity same can’t be said for the afternoon!). Some pretty fast times recorded and some more mature members keeping the young ones off the top slots forContinue reading “Forest Sprint Dunnottar Woods 27/4/16 – Results”

Crathes – Level C Event – 24/04/16

Results Splits BOF ranking points RouteGadget Officials Planner: Paul Duley Organiser: Helen Anderson Controller: Andy Oliver A fly past by a red kite kicked things off well first thing Sunday morning while the team were setting up the Start and for most folk the day continued well too (unless they were unfortunate enough to tryContinue reading “Crathes – Level C Event – 24/04/16”

AUOCup Scolty and Final Results

AUOCup finished with two technical courses in Scolty. The long course was 5.3km, but had only 5 controls – a great long distance control practice! Evgueni was the brave one tackling the course as the only Gramp (to secure his win in the long, non-student category) and beat the course in great time! Here areContinue reading “AUOCup Scolty and Final Results”

AUOCup Crathes results and overall scores

The 5th AUOCup event was held yesterday at Crathes. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and maybe because of that, we were not expecting such a great turnout. Hence, we ran out of maps for a few runners, but with a bit of improvisation and drawing out the courses from memory, everyone got out to attackContinue reading “AUOCup Crathes results and overall scores”

AUOCup @ Glen Dye Saturday 13th Feb – Results

It was a beautiful, white forest waiting for the 3rd AUOCup event to begin in Glen Dye. All four categories had runners, which means that each category is now fully open, but it is still anyone’s cup to win! Some tight battles for seconds in some categories, and in some the first forest orienteering sinceContinue reading “AUOCup @ Glen Dye Saturday 13th Feb – Results”

Tyrebagger Event (Level C) 14/2/16 – Results

A bright winter’s day in Tyrebagger, with a dusting of snow on the ground but not enough to get in the way, even on the open hillside.  Those who started late were caught in a short but sharp snowstorm, which made the wood very dark all of a sudden! (making it difficult to read theContinue reading “Tyrebagger Event (Level C) 14/2/16 – Results”

Forvie Night-O – Results 20/1/2016

Thanks to everyone for participating tonight.  Sorry I couldn’t make the printer work; results are linked below.  Such a good evening I couldn’t resist collecting in the controls.  Crossed the moor in the moonlight with my torch off watching a faint aurora just visible against the moonlight.  Nearly lost myself at one point when IContinue reading “Forvie Night-O – Results 20/1/2016”

DNC Tyrebagger results 6/1/16

Not such a bad night despite the forecast and oddly the worst wet bits were gigantic puddles on the main tracks and not the stream that bisects the area E-W as expected. There were about four people who complained about location of control 167 (I suspect they were right), most said they found it noContinue reading “DNC Tyrebagger results 6/1/16”

Summer Series 2016

Summer Series Events – fun, friendly events with something for everyone on Wednesday evenings. Events will have an easy (white/yellow standard), medium (orange standard) and two as-hard-as-we-can-make-it courses of different lengths (generally referred to as short and long tech). Starts  6-7pm, courses close 8pm (unless changed for a particular event, please check website for anyContinue reading “Summer Series 2016”

Forest Sprint Series 2016 – Weds 13th April to 18th May

Overall results after 6 events. Congrats to Jake Chapman and Sarah Dunn on a Maroc double win this year. Hope you all enjoyed these short courses although I think maybe we need to choose our areas with care for next year as some were not really that sprinty. And Balmedie wasn’t that foresty either IContinue reading “Forest Sprint Series 2016 – Weds 13th April to 18th May”

Hogmany Hangover Handicap 2nd Jan – Snooker O

Venue: Hazlehead Park NE click here to see the course map. Format: 45 minute score event, with “snooker-like” colour rules. I hope you all enjoyed a splosh round Hazlehead at the HHH.  Here are the results. Congratulations to Adrian who was he only one to achieve the maximum score, with  Katrina and Jeremy only oneContinue reading “Hogmany Hangover Handicap 2nd Jan – Snooker O”

DNC Glen Dye Part 2 9/12/15 Results

A very wet but thankfully warm (OK – tepid) night and most folk got a real drooking half way round. It was still raining so much by the time Helen finished that she drove 20m to the Chillimobile rather than get her spare dry clothes wet! ***UPDATE***     Amended Results  Splits Control 172 was incorrectly placedContinue reading “DNC Glen Dye Part 2 9/12/15 Results”

Tollohill – Post AGM Event – 6th Dec 2015

A lovely bright day for a great dash round Tollohill, thanks to Ali for the great courses. The place was positively peppered with controls. Well done to those who braved the ‘no paths’ option. We hope you enjoyed your runs. Results and Splits and Routegadget! A few takers for the iO – but not aContinue reading “Tollohill – Post AGM Event – 6th Dec 2015”

DNC Glen Dye Part 1 25/11/15 Results

Hot off the press – results (revised 26/11/15) and splits. Routegadget now loaded too. Interesting to see how you all coped with Pete’s long legs across those large areas of nothingness in a variety of different ways. Mine was to chicken out completely and refuse to run at all as my bearings are rubbish atContinue reading “DNC Glen Dye Part 1 25/11/15 Results”

Shooting Greens Event, Sunday 15th November

Here are the Results and Split Times for the local event held on Sunday 15th November, at Shooting Greens, near Feughside. Enter your routes at our Routegadget2 website. I’m afraid it was all rather “mizzly” – misty and drizzly … orienteering in the clouds!  But fortunately it didn’t really rain and the complete lack ofContinue reading “Shooting Greens Event, Sunday 15th November”