AGM 2019 roundup, Gramp Champs and other successes

The hot news from the AGM is the unanimous decision to swap from Emit to SI Air. Our old Emit kit has served us well over the years but is getting tired and outdated and needing more and more TLC (see above) so time for an upgrade. The future is definitely contactless punching and althoughContinue reading “AGM 2019 roundup, Gramp Champs and other successes”

Scottish Junior Inter Areas 2019

North Area were the overall winners of this years Junior Inter-Area Champs and Sam Griffin looks very pleased with the trophy and remarkably relaxed unlike the poor frozen runner photobombing in the background! It was a very crisp couple of days at Scolty and Cambus O’May for Relays and Individuals where over 100 Juniors competedContinue reading “Scottish Junior Inter Areas 2019”

Rachel ha ganado tercero W50 en El Trofeo de Las Pueblos Blancos

Three events of very different natures, in or close to 3 of the typical Pueblos Blancos in Andalucia, go to make up the competition. Typical Spanish organisation which means very relaxed but it all comes together in the nick of time even if it means some nifty improvisation like using oranges straight off a treeContinue reading “Rachel ha ganado tercero W50 en El Trofeo de Las Pueblos Blancos”

GJO news and congrats

Firstly, congratulations to three GJOs who have just achieved milestone awards (or should that be kilometrestone in Ospeak?): Olivia Coman – 50 events Lachlan Kirk – 25 events Isobel Anderson – 10 events And congratulations to Jeremy and Pamela who have a new born son, Magnus. “Not long before he’ll be running in events! TimeContinue reading “GJO news and congrats”

SiEntries now provide enhanced event searching.

SiEntries and SPORTident have been working on an enhanced orienteering events list. They have combined the search functions available from the SiEntries website with the events list published by British Orienteering. The new list can be used to see all orienteering events in the UK and to filter the list by club, association, event date,Continue reading “SiEntries now provide enhanced event searching.”

Strathearn 2019 Scottish 6 Days

Good morning, Grandtully! This was the peaceful, misty scene snapped by Pete as he was waking controls up at 7 on Saturday morning for Gramp’s big day. A few hours later there were heffalump tracks everywhere and folk milling about all over trying to keep track of subtle vegetation changes while helter-skeltering downhill, gravity assisted.Continue reading “Strathearn 2019 Scottish 6 Days”

Gramp Junior success at the Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival 2019

Three GRAMP juniors attended the Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival held at Hopetoun House. All three represented Aberdeen Grammar school and ran really well to get second place S3 boys team . Sam continued his good form of the last few weeks to win overall and retain his title from last year. Patrick came 4th andContinue reading “Gramp Junior success at the Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival 2019”

Scottish Orienteering Champs 2019

Solway Orienteers hosted this year’s Champs way down in the southwest corner if Scotland and several GRAMPs made the long trek down to compete. We have three podium places – congratulations to Neil, Sam and David! Neil McLean M75L 1stKatrina McLeod W21E 10thLindsey Esson Yellow 7thSam Griffin M16A 1stDavid Esson M40S 3rdTim Griffin M50L 13thBobContinue reading “Scottish Orienteering Champs 2019”

Proof of the Pudding – WSOC 2019

Remember all those cakes we’ve been eating recently? Here’s photographic evidence from the World Schools Orienteering Champs of Sam Griffin during the warm up day. Long race Wed 1st – starts from 11am Estonia time – that’s 9am our time. More happening throughout the week and no doubt Zoe will keep us posted via comments below.Continue reading “Proof of the Pudding – WSOC 2019”

Junior Sprint Selection – Go for it Sam!

GJO Sprint Maestro Sam Griffin is going down to Lancaster University this weekend for the BOF Junior Sprint Selection Race where M/W 16 – 20s from all over the UK will be competing. It’s a fantastic location to test aspiring squad members, with multiple complex route choices on a very busy map so full onContinue reading “Junior Sprint Selection – Go for it Sam!”

Think Fast | Run Hard | Go Orienteering – coaching videos

Even if you can’t manage the Run Hard bit it’s definitely worth taking a look at this suite of 8 coaching videos funded by Sport England and produced by SLOW Orienteers along with GB Team members explaining and demonstrating various techniques to help you plan your routes between controls and nail them more accurately thusContinue reading “Think Fast | Run Hard | Go Orienteering – coaching videos”

SRUC tick research project has recommenced for 2019

The idea is to build up a database to help estimate the risk of exposure of humans to ticks and tick bites in Scotland and many of you helped this citizen science project by Scotland’s Rural College last year by reporting the presence, or absence, of ticks after you’d been orienteering or doing other outdoorContinue reading “SRUC tick research project has recommenced for 2019”

British Night Champs 2019

Well done to assorted Gramps for braving a looooooooong walk in and out as well as the technicalities of Dinnet to contest the British Night Champs over the weekend.  Congratulations to the medal winners and commiserations to those who ran out of steam/brainpower especially after helping at the SOUL at Cove earlier in the day. W21L KatrinaContinue reading “British Night Champs 2019”

2019 Scottish Night and Sprint Champs

We can’t claim any champions this year but we can claim some near misses. Pete, Rachel, David and Katrina ran at the Night Champs held at the John Muir Country Park just outside Dunbar 2/2/19 – very flat and fast compared to most DNC fare but good fun and an amazingly clear and starry nightContinue reading “2019 Scottish Night and Sprint Champs”

GRAMP Champs 2018

2018 GRAMP Champs by category (for trophies).pdf Congratulations to all our trophy winners! Juniors: Morven Farquharson & Sam Griffin Seniors: Katrina McLeod & Mark Stockton Veterans: Rachel Scott* & Tim Griffin Super Veterans: Lesley Gomersall* & Bob Daley* *these folk retained their 2017 titles The trophies were presented at the AGM. If you weren’t thereContinue reading “GRAMP Champs 2018”

GJO success @ World School Orienteering Championships 2018

Three Gramp juniors had an enjoyable day at the Scottish Schools selection races for the World Schools Orienteering Championships which were held on Sunday at Faskally, near Pitlochry. Patrick Lang, Rory Halliday and Sam Griffin were representing Aberdeen Grammar and came a close second to George Watsons School in the team competition placing 9th, 8thContinue reading “GJO success @ World School Orienteering Championships 2018”

So how do they orienteer?

According to Space Weather News for Sept. 6, 2018 JUPITER HAS AN EXTRA MAGNETIC POLE: NASA’s Juno spacecraft has discovered something extraordinary about Jupiter. There is an extra magnetic pole near the giant planet’s equator, dubbed “The Great Blue Spot” by researchers who identified it. Jupiter’s unexpected magnetic morphology is a sign that strange thingsContinue reading “So how do they orienteer?”

World Masters Orienteering Championships 6th – 13th July 2018

We have 3 Gramps running at WMOC 2018 over in Denmark – Oonagh Grassie W60, Rob Hickling M60 and Peter Bellarby M80. Following the opening ceremony complete with flags, steel band and Indoor Sprint event amongst other things, they got down to business on Saturday with Sprint Qualifiers followed by Sprint Finals today. Tomorrow seesContinue reading “World Masters Orienteering Championships 6th – 13th July 2018”

GJO news: Sam Griffin selected for Regional Squads’ summer camp

Good news for one of our junior members… Sam Griffin got an email on Friday…. ‘Congratulations on your selection for the Regional Squads’ summer coaching camp at Lagganlia’ He wasn’t on the original list but was top of the reserve list after some strong peformances over the last months and gaining a Championship time atContinue reading “GJO news: Sam Griffin selected for Regional Squads’ summer camp”

JST event summary

Congratulations to all the Gramp junior competitors at the Jamie Stevenson Trophy event at Braemar on Sunday. Amidst strong competition, especially from Maroc and Moravian, Gramp juniors made a great effort, gaining four top-ten places including a podium place for Sam Griffin on the boy’s Light Green course. Many thanks to everyone, especially Zoe, TimContinue reading “JST event summary”

Jamie Stevenson Trophy 2018

Big congratulations all round to the Gramp Team who ran at the JS Trophy today at Morrone Birkwood, Braemar: Mia and Olivia Coman, Morven and Kirsty Farqhuarson, Noah and Sam Griffin, Oli Robertson, Reuben Cole and Connor Whitelaw. Between them they scored 558 points coming 6th overall which is a great result for such aContinue reading “Jamie Stevenson Trophy 2018”

Great Schools Orienteering Festival success for Gramps (aka Aberdeen Grammar)

Three junior Gramp members (two ‘old’ hands and one very recent one) competed in the Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival at Pollock Park representing Aberdeen Grammar recently and came away with a first and team Silver in S2 Boys…. can we get more next year?! Read the P&J report here. Congratulations guys!!

GRAMP Junior Participation awards

Congratulations to our Gramp Juniors on their achievements in the SOA/Gramp Participation and Colour awards. Awards are granted as follows for the period 01 Jan 2017 to 30 Apr 2018: Ailsa Anderson (5, Green) Paul Caffyn (Green) Olivia Coman (10, Orange) Josie Gomersall (Green) Noah Griffin (5, Yellow) Sam Griffin (5, Orange, Light Green) PatrickContinue reading “GRAMP Junior Participation awards”

British Orienteering Championships 18th/19th May 2018

Well done to everyone who came, ran, won or just had fun and helped out over the weekend. Photo links for many of us caught in action (or mid-lick of an icecream) can be found on the SOA website post dedicated to BOC 2018. It was a mighty big ask of Gramp to be lead clubContinue reading “British Orienteering Championships 18th/19th May 2018”

2017 AGM roundup and Roll of Honour

Quick summary of you for those of you who didn’t go to the AGM – and it’s very quick as it was a long time ago and I can’t remember much now. Sorry – should have posted much sooner. Busy year: Forest Sprints, Summer Series, Level C events, Urban etc. Scottish 6 Days – anotherContinue reading “2017 AGM roundup and Roll of Honour”

GRAMP Champs 2017

2017 GRAMP Champs by age class.pdf 2017 GRAMP Champs by category (for trophies).pdf Congratulations to all our trophy winners! Juniors: Josie Gomersall & Paul Caffyn* Seniors: Sarah Wallace & Jack Gomersall Veterans: Rachel Scott & Gareth Yardley* Super Veterans: Lesley Gomersall & Bob Daley *these folk retained their 2016 titles – Lesley retained her winning streakContinue reading “GRAMP Champs 2017”

Scottish Sprint Championships 2018

Sprint is one of the many different flavours of orienteering that seems to be getting more and more popular. It can be done in forest* or urban settings but in either case involves very short courses with lots of controls and twists and turns to keep your brain, lungs and legs at max capacity forContinue reading “Scottish Sprint Championships 2018”

CompassSport Cup Qualifier 2018

Thanks to Tim Griffin, Oonagh Grassie and Anne Hickling for flying the Gramp flag at this year’s CSC qualifier at Beecraigs 11/3/18. Between them they scored 280 points – just enough to keep us off the bottom of the table for the small clubs’ CompassSport Trophy. I know there were several others who entered, orContinue reading “CompassSport Cup Qualifier 2018”

Bennachie under threat?

Some of you will be aware of ongoing discussions/plans for the dualling of the A96 from Aberdeen to Elgin and that some of the alternative routes under consideration would encroach upon Bennachie and its surroundings. From a purely selfish orienteering point of view, or from a wider ranging appreciation of the other benefits that BennachieContinue reading “Bennachie under threat?”

And now for something completely different…

Here’s the map from EUOC’s Big Weekend Indoor O laid on by Prof Graeme Ackland of INT in “his” offices (JCMB Building in Uni Kings Campus). Indoor O map – EUOC Big Weekend 2018 The staircases are all given letters so you can spot where they come out on successive floors, green lines across corridorsContinue reading “And now for something completely different…”

Sasha’s in the GBR Senior Squad for 2018

British Orienteering has announced the GBR Senior Squad for 2018, and there are a good number of Scottish and Scotland-based athletes included in the squad not least ex-Gramp Sasha Chepelin. Congratulations! (And next year I promise to try and keep better tabs on his international apearances and results as this year it was all alContinue reading “Sasha’s in the GBR Senior Squad for 2018”

Scottish Score Championships 2017

A good day for Gramp today. Congratulations to these guys who swept ~20% of the podium places between them: Champions M21 Jack Gomersall M40 Pete Lawrence M55 Sam Gomersall M60 Bob Daly W50 Carolyn McLeod Plenty of 2nd places too – W60 Oonagh Grassie, M60 Rob Hickling, M14 Sam Griffin, M35 David Esson (robbed byContinue reading “Scottish Score Championships 2017”

Porto City Race Night Podium for Pete

2nd M Supervet* in the Night Race on Friday in the build up to the Porto City Race finale on Sunday. When interviewed by our roving reporter, Pete commented “Finally all those freezing cold nights in Deeside have paid off. Cheers!” as he cracked open his prize, a bottle of Poças Tawny Port**, and crankedContinue reading “Porto City Race Night Podium for Pete”

Orienteers win races in the presence of royalty

At the 202nd Braemar Gathering last Saturday, the long distance races had great showings from orienteers: – Hill Race (Ladies) – 1st Naomi Lang (GRAMP), 2nd Tessa Hill (EUOC) – Hill Race (Open) – 1st Peter Hodkinson (NOC), 2nd Graham Gristwood (FVO), 3rd Sasha Chepelin (EUOC), 5th Alex Carcas (EUOC) – Hill Race (Ladies Veterans)Continue reading “Orienteers win races in the presence of royalty”

Scottish 6 Days 2017 Royal Deeside

Back home now after a great holiday in deepest, darkest Deeside and it’s good to see the sea again after a whole week of heathery hillsides, silvery birch and bouldery… bouldery… um… bignesses? (Sorry, been a long and energetic week.) Congratulations to the following successful Gramps: 1st Sam Griffin M14B and Oonagh Grassie W60L 2ndContinue reading “Scottish 6 Days 2017 Royal Deeside”

Sasha running really well at JWOC

SOA website has a post with regular updates on how Scottish athletes are helping Team GB rack up some great results at this year’s JWOC with Sasha playing a big part. In the Middle Sasha comfortably made it through the heats to the A Finals finishing 7th, missing a podium place by only 1 second. In theContinue reading “Sasha running really well at JWOC”

Team Gomersall wins the LAMM D Class

Congratulations to Sam and Lesley who won the D Class in this year’s LAMM in a stunning and very physical area comprising An Teallach, Fisherfield and Fannichs (and still had energy to peg it on the uphill finish at Dunnottar Woods – very impressive.) As course leaders they got the honour of providing a quickContinue reading “Team Gomersall wins the LAMM D Class”