Forest Sprint 5 @ Scolty 8/5/19

Series points Results  Splits  RouteGadget If you haven’t used RouteGadget before then take a look at these guides on drawing or uploading your GPS route. Check the built in Splitsbrowser too to see where you lost time. Series points after 4 events Thanks to Helen and Gareth for braving the weather and doing the honours tonight.Continue reading “Forest Sprint 5 @ Scolty 8/5/19”

Forest Sprint 3 @ Hazlehead 24/4/19

Results    Splits    Routegadget     Cumulative scores so far A two-hander tonight brought to you by Jonathan Smith who planned and David Esson who ran the event on the ground with a little help from some friends. An interesting finish gave us the chance to rerun or rethink 242 to 172 – did you swap tactics theContinue reading “Forest Sprint 3 @ Hazlehead 24/4/19”

Forest Sprint 1 @ Tollohill 10/4/19

Results  Splits RouteGadget (sorry, can’t quite get all controls correctly centred on features but close enough) Many thanks to David Esson for planning at relatively short notice and hope you all enjoyed your scamper around Tollohill. It’s easy to get confused with all those paths criss-crossing as well as the loopy nature of the courseContinue reading “Forest Sprint 1 @ Tollohill 10/4/19”

Glen Dye 24/3/19 Regional results

. Final Results and Splits RouteGadget (including Splitsbrowser lite) BOF ranking points   (will be calculated overnight 26/27th March) Very close 1-2-3 on the Brown course: all within 40 seconds of each other! Hope you all enjoyed the sprint style section in the complex morraine area at the north end of the map – good to revisitContinue reading “Glen Dye 24/3/19 Regional results”

SAT 23/2/19 BTO SOUL 3 @ Cove, Aberdeen

Results  To show splits, go into your class page and look for the orange “Show Splits” button at the top or bottom of the page RouteGadget show us your wiggles Apologies to those trying to draw routes manually as it’s not letting you save at the moment – working on it but not getting veryContinue reading “SAT 23/2/19 BTO SOUL 3 @ Cove, Aberdeen”

DNC Glen Dye 6/2/19

Results  Splits   RG (sorry – georef’d version of the map isn’t playing tonight so you’ll have to adjust your GPS tracks manually) Thanks to Sam for planning and the family for assisting on reg and anyone else who helped collect the controls as that was the final Gramp offering for this year’s DNC. Only 2Continue reading “DNC Glen Dye 6/2/19”

DNC Scolty 23/1/2019

Results  Splits   RG Was a great night, even with the computer freezing in the cold. David Esson spent a productive hour later on and reuploaded all the brikkes into the computer in the warmth of the house and it all worked perfectly of course. (Need to add a hot water bottle to the Planner’s kit list?) Thanks toContinue reading “DNC Scolty 23/1/2019”

DNC Crathes 9/1/2019

Results and Splits RouteGadget Good to see some different faces there tonight – trying to get in some more practice before the upcoming Scottish Night Champs no doubt. Thanks to Paul Duley for planning, David Esson for computing and David Kirk who helped the other two collect controls afterwards. Two courses (long 5.3km, short 3.1km)Continue reading “DNC Crathes 9/1/2019”

Scottish Score Champs 2018

Four GRAMPs made the trip down south to Roxburgh Reiver’s event at Elibank in the Borders (to get in a bit of Score practice priot to the post-AGM event next weekend?) and did very well! Congratulations to Pete Lawrence and Neil McLean who are this year’s champions for M55 and M75 respectively. Bob Daly cameContinue reading “Scottish Score Champs 2018”

GMC Braemar 2018 photos

If you spotted Struan Kirk out and about with his camera then there’s a fair chance he spotted you and you’re in the GMC Braemar 2018 gallery. If you want a high res copy (anywhere between 3 to 8MB) of any of these then email with the photo number(s). More photos here too fromContinue reading “GMC Braemar 2018 photos”

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2018

Apologies for the delay (folk working abroad or otherwise engaged) final rankings now calculated: Rankings incl 5 Wed eve events + SOUL      Big thanks to all our organisers and everyone who came and ran too. Need both to make a series! Many folk commented on the friendly nature of our series, despite the intenseContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2018”

Scolty – 14 October 2018 – Level C – Results

Results and splits RouteGadget (draw/upload your route and compare with others) BOF results page with Ranking Points Hope you all enjoyed yourselves? Certainly seemed that way as I came back from the finish to find what appeared to be a lively cocktail party in full swing with folk animatedly discussing courses and catching up withContinue reading “Scolty – 14 October 2018 – Level C – Results”

bto SOUL 8 Danestone 15/9/18 Results

. Results by Class Results by Course            Splits by Course RouteGadget bto SOUL points BOF Ranking Points (will be calculated overnight 17th/18th))   Lovely day to belt round Danestone and we didn’t really need the hall although it made a great spongey football pitch at the end. Good to seeContinue reading “bto SOUL 8 Danestone 15/9/18 Results”

Urban Series Abz University 19/9/18

Great sprinty course from Sam which kept everyone concentrating right to the end and a fitting finale to this year’s series. Perhaps only to be expected from one of our juniors who is proving to be rather nifty at Urban Sprint races recently coming 2nd at the British Sprint Championships in Bath. Sam says “ThankContinue reading “Urban Series Abz University 19/9/18”

Urban Series Westburn and Victoria Parks 5/9/18 Results

In’t technology brilliant?! Helps us to “void” leg 10 – 11 or in other words, subtract the time it took you to cross the road but throws a real spanner in the works when it decides to die on us mid-event. I’ve guesstimated a split time for all of us affected by 248 keeling overContinue reading “Urban Series Westburn and Victoria Parks 5/9/18 Results”

Urban Series Seaton Park 29/8/18 Results

Results Everything went well apart from the control on the Tower going for a bit of a walkabout. Do you get tungsten tie wraps? And as the sun was setting on Seaton Park the feedback was….Urban hmmm…… hills, mud and nettles!Thanks to all who turned up and special thanks to Ian McLeod for collecting controls. Dennis ThanksContinue reading “Urban Series Seaton Park 29/8/18 Results”

Come and Try It @ MBC Festival – Saturday 1/9/18

Gramp are hosting a come-and-try–it session at Foggieton Woods on Saturday 1st September as part of the Milltimber, Bieldside and Cults (MBC) festival. Everybody welcome from young to old, fit to not-so-fit, individuals or groups – all you need is a bit of curiosity and a pair of trainers/trail shoes, we’ll provide the rest. StartsContinue reading “Come and Try It @ MBC Festival – Saturday 1/9/18”

Templars Park Summer Series Grand Finale 15/8/18

Results   (BBQ without rain – RESULT!! ) Thanks to Tim for squeezing everything into that poor little car and squeezing some fun courses into Templars’ bijou area. Map memory definitely favours the regulars so well done to those relative newcomers brave enough to take it on. Thanks to all our 11* organisers during the series – chocs were handedContinue reading “Templars Park Summer Series Grand Finale 15/8/18”

Glen Dye Summer Series 8/8/18

Results What more can you ask than a lovely sunlit forest with some reasonable technicality? Grateful thanks to Fasque Estates for allowing us to use a different car park from the usual on a Wednesday night which gave the Short course a more pleasant run than is possible from the usual car park, and allowedContinue reading “Glen Dye Summer Series 8/8/18”

Crathes Summer Series 18/7/18

  Results Nice to see Michaela and Lucie from AUOC, a Belgian family and a few other well-kent runners and occasional visitors to our Summer Series helping to boost the numbers to a very respectable 48 given it’s peak holiday season. Although not wall-to-wall sunshine it was a fine, warm evening but amazingly no midges to bug us –Continue reading “Crathes Summer Series 18/7/18”

World Masters Orienteering Championships 6th – 13th July 2018

We have 3 Gramps running at WMOC 2018 over in Denmark – Oonagh Grassie W60, Rob Hickling M60 and Peter Bellarby M80. Following the opening ceremony complete with flags, steel band and Indoor Sprint event amongst other things, they got down to business on Saturday with Sprint Qualifiers followed by Sprint Finals today. Tomorrow seesContinue reading “World Masters Orienteering Championships 6th – 13th July 2018”

Tollohill Summer Series – 4/7/18 Results

  A beautiful evening to enjoy the view down the Dee and to the new turbines. Lots of takers of Ailsa’s lemonade tonight! Special thanks to for allowing us to use their car park, and thanks to those who used it or came by other means to free up car park space. Thanks alsoContinue reading “Tollohill Summer Series – 4/7/18 Results”

Summer Series 27/6/18 Balmedie + BBQ Results

OK – the weather did its other usual trick. By the time I got there (delayed in the infamous A90 roadworks enlivened by Lesley G hanging out of her car window miming “can I have a cuppa?” at me in the campervan as we trundled slowly along) the haar was rapidly developing into a real peaContinue reading “Summer Series 27/6/18 Balmedie + BBQ Results”

Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2018

One course of TD3 (Orange) standard about 3 – 4km long in streets and parks. Rankings incl 5 Wed eve events + SOUL      Big thanks to all our organisers and everyone who came and ran too. (Need both to make a series!) Final rankings have now been calculated and posted above. CONGRATULATIONS TO CATEGORYContinue reading “Autumn Urban Sprint Series 2018”

Crathes – Level C Event – Sun 24 June 2018 Results

Final results and splits Routegadget – this is where you can see where everyone else went and where the big mistakes were made – if you haven’t played with RG before then there are guides and videos found here Results with BOF ranking points (will be calculated overnight Tues and incorporated into overall rankings Thursday)Continue reading “Crathes – Level C Event – Sun 24 June 2018 Results”

Summer Series Perwinnes Moss 20/6/18 Results

Results Thanks to those who braved the weather and came along tonight – lots of comments about the undergrowth but that’s Perwinnes Moss for you. It’s hard to plan ‘interesting’ courses without having to take you into ‘interesting’ places so my philosophy was to embrace the nettles and gorse and jump in with both feet.Continue reading “Summer Series Perwinnes Moss 20/6/18 Results”

Summer Series Dunnottar Woods 13/6/18 Results

Results Despite the slightly inclement weather, it was an enjoyable event at Dunnottar, which was improved significantly by the availability of delicious cake and homemade lemonade from Ailsa who is fundraising for a trip to Nepal with Operation Raleigh. Hopefully more to come in the following weeks! After such a dry spell, it was aContinue reading “Summer Series Dunnottar Woods 13/6/18 Results”

Summer Series – Countesswells – Wed 28/5/18

Thanks to all who came along to Countesswells on Wednesday.  We enjoyed a short break from the recent heat wave and even had a few spots of rain!  This first-time organiser would like to pass on a massive thanks to all of the club members who helped pull this event together, and especially to DavidContinue reading “Summer Series – Countesswells – Wed 28/5/18”

Scottish Championships 2018

We have more champions in our midst – and some double champions too! Building on last weekend’s successes Ros Evans, Oonagh Grassie and Kevin Reynard all won this weekend and some excellent personal results all round so congrats to all and as with the BOC I’ve listed all results as a measure of how weContinue reading “Scottish Championships 2018”

Summer Series Hazlehead Wed 23/5/18 Results

Thak you to Jonathan Smith for planning/organising the Summer Series kick off in his ‘back garden’ (and also for agreeing to take over looking after the club kit very soon I’m told.)  As predicted, the Long Tech “got what they deserved” by dint of the bracken starting to really spring up in the last week or so inContinue reading “Summer Series Hazlehead Wed 23/5/18 Results”

British Orienteering Championships 18th/19th May 2018

Well done to everyone who came, ran, won or just had fun and helped out over the weekend. Photo links for many of us caught in action (or mid-lick of an icecream) can be found on the SOA website post dedicated to BOC 2018. It was a mighty big ask of Gramp to be lead clubContinue reading “British Orienteering Championships 18th/19th May 2018”

Forest Sprint @ Mulloch 9/5/18

Many thanks to all those who made it to Mulloch tonight, especially considering the not-quite-perfect weather conditions. Thanks also to Gareth, Bob and Zoe for help control collecting. Results Well done to those who recognised the photo locations, may be we should put on some photo-O too! Note on forest rides. Mapped rides are theContinue reading “Forest Sprint @ Mulloch 9/5/18”

Glen Dye – Level C Event – 6th May 2018 Results

Final results and splits RouteGadget – uses previous version of the map for expediency but not a lot has changed BOF Ranking Points (will be added to Rankings on Thursday) Looks like several people didn’t start their brikkes properly, hence the problems with control 1 not registering. You need to watch for the LED flashingContinue reading “Glen Dye – Level C Event – 6th May 2018 Results”

Summer Series 2018 – Weds 23rd May to 15th Aug

Summer Series Events Fun, friendly events with something for everyone on Wednesday evenings. All events will have 4 courses making them suitable for beginners and experienced alike: easy (all on paths – white/yellow standard – upto 2km) medium (partly on paths – orange standard – upto 3km) two as-hard-as-we-can-make-it courses of different lengths (generally referredContinue reading “Summer Series 2018 – Weds 23rd May to 15th Aug”

Forest Sprint Series 2018 – Weds 11th April to 16th May

Sprint O is great fun – lots of controls in quick succession in a relatively short distance and fast running alone is no use in this discipline if it’s of the headless chicken variety! You really have to look closely at the map, make snap decisions about route choice, execute them quickly and cleanly whileContinue reading “Forest Sprint Series 2018 – Weds 11th April to 16th May”